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Clara Hughes

Clara Hughes

Canmore, Alberta, Canada
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Getting ready for an EPIC ride around Canada for mental health awareness

Monthly Activity Distance

  • 0 km
  • 500
  • 1000
  • 1500
  • 2000
  • 2500
Apr 2013
Jan 2014

Current Month

  • 2,258.8km
  • 81h 55m
  • 15,732m

Recent Achievements

  • QOM on Newfoundland And Labrador 490 Climb
  • QOM on Indian Head xing
  • QOM on Barneys River Rd on 104 to Browns Mountain Rd
  • QOM on Waverley drag


Distance 6,768.8km
Time 251h 22m
Elevation Gain 51,751m
Rides 63


Total Distance 27,546.9km
Total Time 1091h 12m
Total Elev Gain 261,002m
Total Rides 354

Recent Photos

  • Our 6th Province on the Big Ride!!
  • Oh beautiful Newfoundland and soon Labrador!!
  • Day 38 here we are in Newfoundland and it feels so different...stark and beautiful. Absolutely loving it with Peter and Mark Walters.
  • Our last piece of road real estate in New Brunswick we're just heading over bridge to PEI!
  • One of many covered bridges in New Brunswick's been a fantastic ride with a sweet tailwind...50km to Moncton with 104km already done!
  • We're lucky to have the best ever support crew...Dave Bolch is our #1 guy who not only keeps the bikes rolling he makes us smile all the time.
  • Pit stop on the road to stuff our faces #ClarasBigRide
  • You know you've made it when you've signed an arm...nice to meet some guys on road today!!
  • The amazing little Marrionette fr Chicoutimi!! #ClarasBigRide #GrandTourClara
  • What a special morning with the Scouts in Sherbrooke...I am now an honorary Scout!! Gaetan...he has to wait for his initiation :))
  • At approximately 1247pm today we entered Spring. This photo was taken of us at about that time. Day 7 of the Big Ride. 102kms. London to Kitchener. EPIC!!
  • Best friends a girl could wish to ride with...Burke and Pete rocked the house today on our epic ride!!
  • Me and Pete on the Big Day 5 of the Big Ride..175.5km done!!
  • Peter and Burke choking done on our lunch break in the pimped out bus...115km down 50km to go...can't wait to get to Sarnia and Lambton College where there's been a spinathon going all day...students given'er and raising funds for the Jack Project!!