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Clara Hughes

Clara Hughes

Canmore, Alberta, Canada
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Hiking the Appalachian downloads but really I'm hiking it!

Monthly Activity Distance

  • 0 km
  • 60
  • 120
  • 180
  • 240
  • 300
Oct 2014
Jan 2015

Current Month

  • 3.9km
  • 0h 27m
  • 121m


Distance 187.4km
Time 10h 49m
Elevation Gain 2,782m
Rides 6


Total Distance 34,845.7km
Total Time 1378h 49m
Total Elev Gain 313,538m
Total Rides 427

Recent Photos

  • With less than a day in Utah i was lucky to see my friends the elk out in the ridge while hiking down the canyon. Beautiful!
  • With only less than a day to fly from Vancouver to Utah....hitch a ride from my lovely neighbors on their ATV's to our house up high in the Wasatch backcountry...gwt my hikiklng gear i was missing for my return to the Appalachian Trail  on friday...then fly to Toronto tomorrow am i had to stop and take a moment to breah in our glorious view....#tired #travel #springstorm
  • Gonna miss my old buddies the elk when im back on the Appalachian Trail again next week...seeing these amazing creatures made the afternoon walk so worth it!
  • I think its the year of the elk not the year of the sheep! Check out the 2 guys on the right seeing whos da man ;-)
  • Just another day in Canmore...
  • Does it get any better than this?? Autumn hiking with some doggie friends is kinda fun :)
  • Beautiful day to walk around Toronto!
  • I had two VERY gung-ho trail running partners today...thx Snoop and Frosty for the run!
  • Half moon hike....came home in the dark with enough moonlight to see. Beautiful being out there with the sun setting.
  • Yes that's right, it's snowing! When in Utah and little pieces of Styrofoam fall from the sky u can hear the skiers cheer :)
  • Well I have to admit our backyard backcountry in Utah kinds rocks. So nice getting out for a morning hike with my man Pete. Movement is medicine!
  • Massive grouse in tree
  • Aspens
  • A great afternoon with a great woman...yhx
  • Jonathan and me
  • William and me
  • Hiking up to Mount Sophie with the youth in prep for the Torngat hike
  • Day hike up Mount Sophie that's in the background
  • Kids were awesome
  • Little technical section up to Mount Sophie everyone did awesome
  • William Keelan who makes everything look easy even with a smoke hanging fr his mouth!
  • Jonathan giving Saladie a helping hand.
  • We.dint ever have to ask the youth to help each other or watch out for each other. They do this naturally.
  • Hanging out up high
  • More helping hands
  • Nunatsiavut landscape on top of Mount Sophie.
  • Inuksuk and us on top of Mount Sophie
  • William Keelan on his perch
  • William on his next perch
  • Peter and Ocean Lane and all the bugs
  • Duru walking in the caribou moss
  • Saladie and Jonathan sitting in the caribou moss so spongy
  • Bushwhacking
  • Back to Nain
  • Peter got some roadside love today!!!
  • Absolutely loving Northern Ontario...Lake Superior is a glorious place. We saw a cool little black bear today before he ran into the forest. Must come back here with more time!
  • Half way there into our headwind slowly but surely. We even got sure cheers and a present along the way from the EMS Team in Ignace! 112kms done 100kms to go!!!
  • Canadian Shield country yes we're back in Ontario...long hard day with headwinds and fatigue. Yesterday 210kms today 143kms tomorrow 212kms. All book ended with mental health awareness events. As Ina says 'we get us here' and we will.
  • We had a hitchhiker today on day 95 of the 211kms Winnipeg to Kenora...Little Red is loving this Big Ride.
  • Thank you Saskatchewan you were so good to us on this Big Ride...I am really going to miss you!!!
  • Day 91 brought us into my home province of Manitoba!!! So stoked to be on home soil...only took 8750kms to get here haha...long day today second longest of my life 211kms!
  • My teammate and friend and just plain awesome girl Ina Yoko Teutenberg showing us how to ride a bike today with the little chunk of prairie tailwind we had. Yes that's right she's incredible.
  • Some rain but still a sweet tailwind. Moose Jaw we're 120kms in with another 100km to go!
  • Photo bombed by Little Red. All the attentions going to her head. @littleredride #ClarasBigRide @davebolch
  • Little Red is having a good day in the follow  car with papa bolch :)
  • Ok this was a long day....but we did it!! Hello Moose Jaw!!
  • Another day another prairie tailwind...128kms in 3hr45min not bad!! Hello Saskatoon :)
  • Oh Saskatchewan you've shown us some prairie love in the form of a sweet tailwind today!!
  • Long flat prairie road on the way to lloydminster today...kinda feel at home here being a Winnipeg girl!!
  • We're getting some pretty incredible support from the RCMP in Alberta! Long live the sweet tailwind to Edmonton today. 153kms is a breeze!!
  • Serious athlete food for serious athletes #ClarasBigRide @davebolch # homemadecookiesrule
  • Amazing High River AB along the way....Calgary here we come!
  • High River hello!! Amazing welcome through the entire town....
  • Random and beautiful greeting on the road today from Crowsnest Pass to Clara's Holm!!
  • Welcome to Alberta the mountains said to us today!! Can't believe we are now in province #7 + 3 Territories.....Day 76 was a beauty ay 165kms to Crowsnest Pass!
  • That's right life is pretty good after and Ina on the Big Ride living the dream!
  • Riding through the fog to St.John's and loving this last ride in Newfoundland....gonna miss The Rock!!
  • 80kms into 145km Day 43 Big can tell who's pulling and who's sitting on look how filthy I am! We're loving this ride....dirt rain wind and all!!
  • 112 kms into Day 40 Big Ride have to say with 70 km to go on our lunch stop that the bike is the best way to see a pkace! Thanks to all the drivers for having patience and showing us honking love on the roads!!
  • Day 38 here we are in Newfoundland and it feels so different...stark and beautiful. Absolutely loving it with Peter and Mark Walters.
  • Oh beautiful Newfoundland and soon Labrador!!
  • Our 6th Province on the Big Ride!!
  • Our last piece of road real estate in New Brunswick we're just heading over bridge to PEI!
  • One of many covered bridges in New Brunswick's been a fantastic ride with a sweet tailwind...50km to Moncton with 104km already done!
  • We're lucky to have the best ever support crew...Dave Bolch is our #1 guy who not only keeps the bikes rolling he makes us smile all the time.
  • The amazing little Marrionette fr Chicoutimi!! #ClarasBigRide #GrandTourClara
  • You know you've made it when you've signed an arm...nice to meet some guys on road today!!
  • Pit stop on the road to stuff our faces #ClarasBigRide
  • What a special morning with the Scouts in Sherbrooke...I am now an honorary Scout!! Gaetan...he has to wait for his initiation :))
  • At approximately 1247pm today we entered Spring. This photo was taken of us at about that time. Day 7 of the Big Ride. 102kms. London to Kitchener. EPIC!!
  • Peter and Burke choking done on our lunch break in the pimped out bus...115km down 50km to go...can't wait to get to Sarnia and Lambton College where there's been a spinathon going all day...students given'er and raising funds for the Jack Project!!
  • Me and Pete on the Big Day 5 of the Big Ride..175.5km done!!
  • Best friends a girl could wish to ride with...Burke and Pete rocked the house today on our epic ride!!
  • This seriously feels like counting down the days to a big race...only it's a Big Ride!! Thankfully one of the last indoor 'keep the legs turning' rides before we start Friday March 14th at NOON at Maple Leaf Square in Toronto!! Can't wait.
  • Shoe testing day with three different new pairs...we rode about 155km changing shoes a few times. Last pair to try were these INTENSE winter boots...I had these massive wool socks on inside...these will be good for next wk in Ontario I think!
  • Found some new roads our second last day in Tucson, AZ...we even found a tunnel to ride thru. What a great place to ride a bike..
  • This was funny...Peter.getting interviewed today...i think it's the 3rd interview in the 18 years we've been together! I was trying to make him laugh :)
  • No ride is complete without the requisite coffee stop...80 degrees in Tucson meant iced americanos all in prep for the Big Ride...I're thinking how hard can it be...someone's gotta do it!
  • Well it was a good week 2 b sick w Oly's and all..Soooo happy 2 b back on bike 2day! @Bell_LetsTalk
  • Back in the s-works saddle tired after media work in Sochi I feel out of the shape...had to stop for coffee after only an hour and a half! Sublime to be in the warm sunshine...getting ready for the Big Ride for Bell Let's Talk that's gonna be beyond EPIC and starts in less than a month!!
  • Sorry everyone up in the polar vortex it's +28c in Tucson AZ today..working on the tan!
  • Oh does it ever look cold...good morning Montréal I think I'll jog inside today instead of going out to Toronto for @Bell_LetsTalk media hits all day Monday then Tuesday is the big day where we all make Bell Canada pay more into mental health each time we tweet, re image on FB, call and text.  Last year 4.8m more was raised let's bring it closer to the double digits in 2014!
  • Not quite 9-5 but I think 930am - 445pm counts though training for the Big Ride next spring for @BellLetsTalk #tired
  • Froze my ass off and almost got blown off the road on the descent but was this ride ever worth it....Mirror Lake Road in Utah (Hwy 150) is a real gem!
  • Movin' on up in the world....we got a bike rack on the quad....makes the commute after a 5 hr ride a whole lot easier!!
  • Road ride anyone?? Should be epic!! Write a note if u rode in the snow today!!
  • Leaving the house for a ride...thinking should be snow shoeing instead?!? Hopefully less snow 3000ft below in the salt lake valley.  What a difference a day makes!!
  • Awesome trail running in the snow right now in Canmore. ...Snow no ice + trails= fun!  Could've stayed out for hours but have a houseguest (my Mom!!) so came home after an hour and a half.  Soooo glad I got out to play!
  • In Corvallis,Oregon with my husband who is a fraternity alumni...anyone who knows Peter will say 'what!?!' imagining him shot gunning beers and such inside a house like this.  But it's true.  Peter's an animal!! I yelled out 'go Beav's' a few times haha...
  • Had to try....
  • Thwarted at 7000ft. ..
  • I think this is called 'bike packing'...we're heading out in an overnighter epic ride...should be fun!!
  • First day riding in he new kit for my Big Ride across Canada next Spring for Bell Let's Talk!!!! Pearl Izumi did am amazing job with this....#loveit!!