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Kurt Wolfgang

Kurt Wolfgang

San Francisco, CA
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Doing my best to live the life I share on Instagram...

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Monthly Activity Distance

  • 0 mi
  • 170
  • 340
  • 510
  • 680
  • 850
Sep 2014
Jan 2015

Current Month

  • 685.3mi
  • 53h 9m
  • 56,596ft

Recent Achievements

  • PR on Jump Jump Jump Jump
  • 2nd fastest time on Pioneer Ridge Road to Little Mountain Summit
  • 2nd fastest time on Emigration Canyon Climb
  • 2nd fastest time on Ruth's Diner to Sun & Moon Cafe


Distance 4,452.6mi
Time 326h 45m
Elevation Gain 400,771ft
Rides 180


Total Distance 22,450.9mi
Total Time 1486h 29m
Total Elev Gain 1,828,117ft
Total Rides 686

Recent Photos

  • So here's how the b-RAD shred went down: @marcmarino threw down a skid clinic on the wrong bike, while @ornotbike filmed and Ariel made off-color jokes. #soMETA Oh, and then @bradhandel and @daryl_argh dusted me so I put my phone away. For real though, that was fun. Thanks all!
  • Breaking the "no bikes pictures" rule real quick. This whip works great for shredding and for getting around town.
  • Because once in awhile you get through lots of #vanstrife and end up here.
  • Mr. B The Singing Bard. West Oakland Bart. #shredding
  • Just gratuitous filtration. #hellafilters
  • Sorry Chris, these guys were throwing down some wheelies when I came by, so I had to let them try the Stelvio.
  • The old 6-pack thank you. Ornot. #donotleavepackages
  • Living to be 80 and having a community board named after you. #awesome
  • Fuel in the tank.
  • Robbie trying his best to look professional on this AM's San Bruno lap. #doesitcountasworkwhenyourbossmakesyouajersey?
  • T-minus 3 days till the first race. #sfcomposite #dontgetdefrosted #morekidsonbikes @norcalleague @nationalmtb
  • @yhauswald throwing down. #bantamclassic #funneverhurtsomuch
  • 1:30 AM arrival into SLC, coffee this morning with Joebot, and up up up to thin air. Time to preride. #fatnatz #goingcommando #ritcheyrides
  • There they goooo! Wolfie racing the Lung and other fast dudes. Thin air will make for an interesting race. #fatnatz #ritcheyrides #goingcommando
  • EJ in his natural habitat: prepping for a 9 AM meeting with a sunrise appreciation bicycle session. #worklifeintegration #caughtgrammin
  • Two years later, Matt still needs a nap after See Canyon. #squadrasfyr4
  • Mornin' ya'll. Like a regular bike ride only a little longer. #everesting #wishmeluckplease #toptubetally @marinbikes
  • Morning from Sausalito.
  • @peterkoch laying it down during the #sfcomposite skills clinic this am. Sessions on sessions. #morekidsonbikes @nationalmtb @norcalleague
  • Morning from Dogpatch.
  • When the Mercury drops, so does the zipper on Robbie's jersey.
  • HP in the sunshine and on the dirt at Candlestick. #freshairhunter
  • Good crew out there today.
  • Just turn your phone over.
  • Smiles for days, as they say. HP can't get enough of this new bike or fresh rain. @freshairhunter #huntercycles
  • I think JP is saying "call me maybe." #mbpcr @mikes_bikes
  • Here's the story: the two dudes on the right and I are going to ride a big chunk of the Bay Area Ridge Trail tomorrow through Wednesday. This picture is of Leah offering motivation through zombie portraits, and HP getting distracted by the rarely-used iPhone flash. Wish us luck, and follow along: #bayridgehotlap @marinbikes
  • Made it to Novato and are about to shuttle to Vallejo. There was lots of fun and lots of hurting.
  • Requisite departure photo. Rest of the day it'll be at @marinbikes #ridgetrailhotlap
  • Steven gets some love from the local HS kids in El Sobronte. #bayridgehotlap
  • Day three looks like this so far. There's something special about the last day of a bike tour. Even a short one like this. Los Gatos to SF is going to be amazing. #bayridgehotlap #cleanplateclub
  • Pretty unreal riding above Milpitas. Diablo is just out of frame on the right. We got fist bumps from a college kid on the way up. It was awesome. #bayridgehotlap #nofilterneeded
  • Spotted the Hwy 35/84 junction: his name's Frank Nash. He's 83, a barber in Pacifica and owns 13 motorcycles. He's also my new idol. #bayridgehotlap
  • Custom #backsweatfilter
  • Must be Friday morning.
  • This is still cool.
  • Though it may look that way, these dudes didn't think too hard about it. I kept it honest though...
  • @shitbikesf doing Marin #oldschool.
  • The @coffeeandeggs pro approach to removing old tubulars. #vicecentral
  • #tbt to hanging with Abe and Charles in Mendocino, where Charles runs this big old blade off the rear axle of a Plymouth.
  • Just another #skinniesondiasridgegram. Now back to work!
  • @senorfisher ain't care about fields.
  • @senorfisher ain't care about creeks.
  • Uh oh. #annadel @marinbikes (and thanks @michaelhosey)
  • Dang- this Saturn has "Extreme" "Nitro" "Turbo" "Max Power" "Energy" AND a naked lady on it!? Must go real fast.
  • Thanks to the rad supporters of @norcalleague and @vhaus, Fred and Jeremy are riding fat tires for the first time. We're really going to have to do something about that team jacket though... #sfcomposite #morekidsonbikes #iwonderifhelikesricecakes
  • Should read "Evelyn Dong, Browning Locos, Utah" but I'm sure this'll do. Congrats @evelynd11 and @tyler_miles_
  • Very little justice done in the photo, but it was beautiful out there today. #bofax
  • Spotted in the Panhandle: America! (aftermath)
  • This is happening. Stay tuned this week to watch #sfcomposite #doingthebigthings (with some help from @ornotbike...)
  • Impromptu bridge meeting with @ornotbike.
  • Took the long way between meetings today. So grateful for this life.
  • The less sunny part. Still good times.
  • Because that's just not scary at all.
  • #sfcomposite shred sesh.
  • Mat recovering from Copperopolis with 45 miles of dirt. Makes sense to me.
  • Bobcat.
  • #singlespeedridefood #delicious
  • Spotted in Sausalito: glad #mcnubbins didn't see this...
  • Spooning. Or something... @leahplack, spring for sure.
  • A little math for your Sunday: 33x16=no bueno on Big Rock Ridge. Fun hiking up here though.
  • There's a lot of good here, actually. Could have broken off in the ignition, and could have not had a spare a few blocks away. Lucky break, as it were.
  • SF.
  • Reg.
  • I love riding bikes in NorCal for a number of reasons. @yhauswald's mustache is only one of them. #bantamclassic
  • Damn.
  • I've been a lucky guy over the last year and a half. These teams and companies have made it possible to travel, race, and most importantly meet some amazing people. For those of you that remember Jake, you'll recognize the neon orange color and @konabikes logo. Things have come full circle, and I'm excited to  be one of the nine Kona Super Grassroots riders in the US for 2014. But most excited for the chance to still jump in road races with @squadrasf, rep @ornotbike on some adventure rides, coach #sfcomposite, and watch as #canyonracingteam tears up the big road stuff this year. Thanks guys, and here's to another year of riding bikes.
  • Might not guess, but this was taken from and office park parking lot. #marinsucks #justkidding
  • Gettin close to time for a new pair.
  • Angel Island. And a beautiful day for the rain cape commute.
  • Phil and Steve- gettin' it!
  • Yup- fun in the rain too.
  • #sfcomposite #startdrills #gottaclipinbeforeyoucanrace
  • Class 10 SV: recently minted @yubaalums. Call me with all your QA and IT jobs, there is some good talent up for grabs!
  • @nationalmtb award ride 4. Bonus miles trying to hang with this guy... #ouch
  • @nationalmtb award ride 3. A Texan chasing a Coloradan in California.
  • @nationalmtb award ride 2. Herding cats for the group photo.
  • @nationalmtb award ride 1. Ride leader meeting and @mikes_bikes rocking support.
  • Portrait series? Why not. This is Juan, and he's proving that you don't need anything special to enjoy San Bruno. #spottedonaride
  • Photo series? Why not. Feel free to join using the # below. Rules? One person in the frame, People getting This is Juan, and he's proving that you don't need anything special to enjoy the San Bruno climb. We'll see if this sticks...
  • #sfcomposite rocking the new team kits.
  • HP presents Cirque du #mcnubbins.
  • Good times exploring SF with these two. You know you're into bikes when, 1) helmets don't come off for photos, and 2) your City loop is more than 30 miles.
  • Pretty lucky to get out and ride with these boys. #freshairhunter
  • #oops
  • #sfcomposite getting to work after the finals are done. #corefosho
  • What happens when teenagers spin...
  • Lucky lucky. Escaped the #LAair on this whip. Thanks @coffeeandeggs!
  • I could put these on the correct arms ________. (Fill in the blank @ornotbike)
  • @johncarlysle just ordered "the manliest mocha you can make" here at @raphacycleclub. Here it sits on his recently installed @carlyslemfg tables.
  • Starting with important lessons: #sfcomposite's first ride of the 2014 season ends with burritos. #winning @nationalmtb #hsmtb #iwishihadthisinhighschool
  • Sorry @musclemilksf, we're drinking espressos this morning. Thanks to Franco and Terrone for hosting! @squadrasf
  • AK adventure 16/20: fireweed
  • AK adventure 20/20: back to the plane
  • AK adventure 19/20: wonderful hosts
  • AK adventure 18/20: Robert at happy hour, part 2
  • AK adventure 17/20: the Chena River.
  • @jwaters911 takes a quick cat nap while waiting for people to get it together.
  • #cascadecyclingclassic has a couple of lines this morning...
  • @cputt123 getting in the zone for the TT. #canyonracingteam #cascadecyclingclassic
  • And @cputt123 starting out the prologue. #nofilter #canyonracingteam
  • Eric Slack finishing up the #cascadecyclingclassic prologue. #canyonracingteam
  • Madison on a Saturday morning. @huntyhuffman and E. Slack rock some awesome @smithoptics shades in races and at farmer's markets.
  • Made it to Madison! #canyonracingteam
  • @bblack28 warming up for the Utah State TT championships. Rode to a strong 4th place.
  • And the moment everyone was waiting for: numbers printed on a sheet in the desert. Let the ego growth/shrinkage begin.
  • @tyler_miles_ cools off. This was before the race even started. #canyonracingteam
  • @cputt123 keeping it chill before the race.
  • A preview of #canyonracingteam at #mthoodclassic. Going to be a good weekend.
  • Just another office park crit.
  • We might not have won today, but @squadrasf's @the_matttt scored a few primes. Watch out, ladies.
  • HP rolling through the start/finish on lap 3.
  • Howarth Park Dirt Crits are rad. @clayperez keeps those numbers straight, even when they're written on a legal pad.
  • Tamarancho 3: the #osmo Sprinter in its element.
  • Tamarancho 2: Alex knows how to rock it: baggies with reminders on them.
  • @ritcheylogic in action somewhere near Pt. Reyes Station.
  • This is why SF riders always have vests and arm warmers. #chasingfog on the #ggb
  • Looking through the power lines at Page and Pierce. Nice work, "Bob Buckter, Color Consultant." #thestuffwevealwaystalkedabout
  • @johncarlysle thanks for the pic. I'm getting pretty excited. #thestuffwevealwaystalkedabout
  • Pretty excited for this... @damaria5 food gram?
  • This project @johncarlysle, @coffeeandeggs, and I have going makes me appreciate the architecture here in #sf more and more. I've been looking around as I ride recently (yikes!), and finally looked through the leaves at a building I've passed hundreds of times. Pretty incredible detail work. It probably has picture rail as well... #thestuffwevealwaystalkedabout
  • Spotted at @marinbikes: custom-welded stainless steel tailgate. OR Share the Road plates... #adventuremobile ?
  • Thursday head cold medication program: 1 cup water followed by 1 cup @highnotecoffee espresso roast, work 30 minutes, repeat. Not sure if it's good for the cold, but this brew is keeping me productive! Thanks Oscar!
  • Throwing it all the way back to... Yesterday. Thanks @woodthumb for hosting in your new space. Good things are happening there. #thestuffwevealwaystalkedabout #tbt #lategram
  • @yhauswald and Bobby McMullen talking about riding mountain bikes in NZ. Bobby is blind, and shreds. #inspirational
  • Spotted on the @norcalbikesport bulletin board: the best haircuts in all of cycling...
  • Good meeting downtown with coach @jlokke. He's got a tough job, coaching a cyclist who pushes motorcycles miles at a time. Not exactly good recovery ;)
  • A too-brief stop to see some friends, and now it's time to train.
  • Yep- it's time for some new rubber. My @ritcheylogic wheels are doing just fine though. Thanks @adigiovine and crew!
  • The second #ouch group. Good to see that even pro races blow up this bad...
  • Um, unexpected sheep-herding (or is it shepherding?) adventure. HP, I'll try to make it to the #mikesbikes ride start by 11...
  • Spotted some @squadrasf teammates on Diablo today. Thanks to @musclemilksf @spyoptic @ritcheylogic and @feltbicycles for keeping us rolling.
  • Looking down at Pleasanton.
  • One for Scotty G. Beautiful town out here!
  • The #mikesbikes crew spectating with 900m to go. These guys are just getting started, and they're flying...
  • And one looking downhill. Bike racing and pro wrestling have a lot in common: they commercialize men suffering in tights. #atoc
  • Sorry Ted King, my fantasy pro experience on this climb is more enjoyable than your real pro experience.
  • #metcalfe preride. This dude was riding faster than me on his recon lap. #atoc
  • She waits...
  • Spotted in The Mission: Dago (aka Mad Max on a pedal bike). He said people don't usually ask to take his picture, but upon introducing myself, he said it was ok. "But I don't pose."
  • @coffeeandeggs and @johncarlysle talking shop. I mean, discussing #thestuffwevealwaystalkedabout. Well, you see where I'm going with this...
  • I feel like I've taken this picture before...
  • Spotted in Stockton: a Whitney Houston memorial Astro van
  • After getting spoiled in Marin all the time, the roads between Tracy and Stockton  seem kind of boring. I played a little game of "hey cow" to pass the time. Totally got this one.
  • Pre Patterson pass. It's windier than it looks out here.
  • 7:41 AM, headed for a sprint workout with @jlokke. #backintgesaddle #sf
  • Another welcome to CA. This time for #canyonracingteam
  • @cputt123 and sexy joe after the pain ended. #canyonracingteam
  • #canyonracingteam before the pain began.
  • @imginit busted. Nice work in the crit man- that was hard. Well, at least the 40 minutes of it that I did.
  • Wind. @josephison knows what I'm talking about...
  • Some of this time was spent playing Zoolander with @jtenright @sfjason @v1talyg @davis_ed and some of the rest of the @squadrasf crew. Sorry I had to bail early guys--it was cold this AM!
  • Spotted in Sausalito. Not sure how I feel about this.
  • A violent water heist in Olema.
  • Missing skin on both hips sucks, but this sure doesn't.
  • Been doing a bit too much of this recently.
  • @adigiovine showing me the ropes on San Bruno.
  • The City.
  • Grammin' the #copperopolisrr warm-up with @the_matttt and Chris Elbo. @squadrasf #musclemilk
  • Vespa Rally Edition. Spotted in Bernal.
  • This was no joke! Really good rising with you @jlokke, this was my view on the way home.
  • #lategram looking down into Mill Valley with @johncarlysle. Refreshing after a tough weekend of road racing.
  • @v1talyg recovers with Kefir, while @brschuster and Juan collect themselves. @the_matttt and Lee get prepped for stage 2. #sdsr @squadrasf #musclemilk
  • Warming up with Lee and @the_matttt for the #sdsr TT. Thanks to @musclemilk @spyoptic @ritcheylogic and @jlokke for the support! @squadrasf
  • Lots of this out on the road today...
  • HP surveys the Bay Area air quality from #sanbruno.
  • This morning I'm extra-glad I'm not the owner of this creepy van. #sfparking
  • #multitasking on #hawkhill with @johncarlysle . I propose we use #thestuffwevealwaystalkedabout
  • A quick look at Thursday evening...
  • The City, from heaven.
  • Dad's playing with fire on Valencia. Witnessed with @jordantcullen and @dob90210
  • LabCorp waiting room reading material. Don't know how often they get cyclists curious about their iron and hematocrit levels...
  • Merced still life 5: "Theone, Antony, and Matt." (and the Dart Swinger edition)
  • Merced still life 4: a memorial.
  • Merced still life 3: post-crit cool down.
  • Crit prep with @the_matttt #merco
  • Merced still life 2: @christenar if there is, it's not at the Comfort Inn ;) folks must be a the #merco #crit already...
  • Merced still life 1.
  • Pro tt setup part 2: baggy Motorola skinsuit circa '92 (?) thanks @the_matttt for capturing my best mean mug.
  • Pro tt setup part 1: mismatched Marty Jemison socks from three years ago.
  • HR v. Elevation. #strava @mikwat I've not seen numbers like this before...
  • Crash-avoidance. @adigiovine , this slowed me down enough to only tip over on someone. Thank you, and I owe you some new rubber... @squadrasf #ritcheylogic #merco
  • Stage 1 remnants. #merco
  • Things can get ugly. #merco
  • Pinning numbers on the wrong side. #pro #merco
  • Been looking at this view a lot recently. @squadrasf #ritcheylogic #merco
  • TT upgrade step 4. @jlokke this beast will fly at #merco. And thanks @xonial for the disc.
  • TT upgrade step 3.
  • TT upgrade step 2.
  • TT upgrade step 1. #ritcheylogic circa @jlokke
  • Proud of you @davis_ed . Nice work.
  • Meeting at the #raphacycleclub with @johncarlysle . A picture and the real thing.
  • #lategram from a Stanford lecture on the intersection of games and and learning with Caylen. Nothing like riding bikes to Stanford to show a 15 year-old what college can be about...
  • All signs point left.
  • Getting ready for #snellingrr #domestique
  • I get by with a little help from my friends. Thanks @johncarlysle
  • 2 of 2: "...restricts course enrollment to aid students who can't graduate on time because classes are too full." Which is worse: employers denying opportunity without an "education," or students/parents refusing to look at the inflation that is happening?
  • 1 of 2 for my commute to work this morning: "The college degree is becoming the new high school diploma..."
  • Two clichés come to mind here: "it's not all fun and games," and "these are the games we play." Whichever one applies, this shower is going to hurt...