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Rich Siegel

Rich Siegel

Mill Valley, California
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"Do or Do Not. There is no Try." - Yoda

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Monthly Activity Distance

  • 0 mi
  • 190
  • 380
  • 570
  • 760
  • 950
Oct 2014
Jan 2015

Current Month

  • 153.5mi
  • 11h 30m
  • 18,953ft

Recent Achievements

  • PR on Lower Edgewood Climb
  • PR on Miller Avenue to Four Corners
  • PR on Everitt Memorial Hwy Climb
  • PR on Mt. Shasta, Lower


Distance 6,051.1mi
Time 427h 52m
Elevation Gain 611,752ft
Rides 162


Total Distance 45,734.6mi
Total Time 3154h 43m
Total Elev Gain 3,809,551ft
Total Rides 1301

Recent Photos

  • Today's first climb, of 3,is 4099 ft of climbing up Mt Shasta - perfect weather, 50F and sunny
  • Today's ride is dedicated to Max
  • Peace and quiet and road and trees and sunshine #rideformax
  • View from 6500 feet #rideformax
  • End of the road, 7800 ft,  25mph winds - this one is for Max #rideformax
  • Top of the mountain view #rideformax
  • John and @mdw700c at the top, injecting a bit of color into the moonscape
  • @markbogie and @smoerer made it too! #rideformax
  • They call this a scone - we're probably arguing semantics, but I'm just glad it's warm inside now!
  • Last climb of the day, to Castle Lake #rideformax
  • What a day... #rideformax
  • Castle Lake, so worth it - last climb of the weekend.
  • Fisherman's dream? #rideformax
  • Hmm, I hope that's not where we're heading (Castle Crags today)
  • Halfway up Mumbo, 40F, 4C and sunny
  • Lagos de Mumbo at 6400 ft
  • @craigmoerer and friends arriving at the top
  • Count the bullet holes
  • Castle Crags, looking sharp today
  • Castle Crags, up close and personal
  • Finished the climbing, now it's time to follow the Beer Trail - first stop, Dunsmuir Brew Pub
  • Beer, bacon, and burgers - pretty good day...
  • Worth it...
  • Actual recovery ride today
  • Perfect day for the coast!
  • First stop, Toby's - we managed to stay ahead of the many groups on the MS Waves to Wine
  • The shearer was here
  • User friendly conditions
  • Goats for hire...
  • Team Sky
  • Back home, Donut Club x3
  • Still. Life.
  • Spain was nice, but they don't have this, do they?
  • California
  • If you have to go to the hospital, I suppose there are worse places than Creu Blanca
  • Put a playground anywhere
  • Kind of Gaudi?
  • I spent the evening walking three different neighborhoods in Barcelona to figure out where to eat. After about 8 miles of walking, I chose La Singular in the Gracia. It was so good I didn't take any pictures! But here's half of the menu. Go there if you're in BCN.
  • As if anyone needs another reason to visit BCN...
  • Ah, I see what you did there...
  • Only 2.5 miles into this morning walk, already resorting to #coffeedoping
  • Too bad it's closed...
  • It's a bit of a fixer upper, but a great downtown location
  • More variety in Barcelona architecture
  • Seen in the Barcelona Design Museum- just for @tiburonblues
  • Looking a bit ominous out there
  • More great contrasts
  • Spray can graffiti art store in BCN - can you imagine this in the US?
  • Made it to El Jardin, in the garden courtyard of the old library. Fantastic food and environment. Thanks to @13mimi13 for the excellent suggestion!
  • Maybe you should check this out @sheilaridesponies?
  • Found the spice center of the Boqueria for @13mimi13
  • Around every corner...
  • Cats
  • Cranes
  • Always looking @craigmoerer
  • Original Colnago Master At Velociutat - amidst a couple dozen collectibles
  • Evening trapeze school, anyone?
  • Über hip sushi restaurant - yes that's a giant lamp
  • After walking for hours around Barcelona, I lucked out and found Bar Velodromo, with food as good as its name, and huge drinks
  • Delicious - pork, potatoes and arugula with a vinaigrette dressing
  • Barcelona's largest flea market, with a reflective roof
  • Another view from outside
  • Barcelona Design Museum, with their version of the Gherkin behind
  • A better view
  • A better view two
  • Some fairly stylish public housing
  • Part of the reclamation of an old factory area of Barcelona, this is now a contemporary art museum
  • Details
  • This is ArchiTexture
  • Designer cafe?
  • Hmmm, wonder if I can find something to eat around here?
  • Kid in a candy store...
  • Ahhhhh
  • Inside, looking out...
  • Way across town, construction continue on the Sagrada Familia, as it will for years (decades?) to come
  • Museum of Contemporary Art in Barcelona
  • Hmmm, sometimes you're not as focused on donuts, I suppose?
  • Keith Haring was here...
  • Finishing lap of the Vuelta
  • Finish sprint - guess who wins?
  • Watching people watching the podium ceremony
  • It's crowded back to the hotel
  • Fabio Aru wins the Vuelta
  • Night falls in Madrid
  • Back in Madrid now for the last stage of the Vuelta
  • Vertical landscaping at the CaixaForum
  • Atocha station amidst the modernism of Reina Sofia Museum
  • Top of the Reina Sofia
  • This is the first part of recovery from this week's riding
  • Rode the finish to 150 meters
  • Cercedilla
  • At 6000 ft, at the Bola del Mundo start (ski lifts)
  • Muy Loco
  • Almost to the ski lifts
  • Last and best big climb of the week- Bola del Mundo
  • Oscar and I are enjoying the view from 7400 ft
  • Post-ride, post-Vuelta stroll along the river
  • Wandering around, I think I found the salmon fish ladder, if I am reading the signage right
  • Original Asturias houses are scattered around here...
  • Of course you expect to see a pair of Cobras in Spain, right? And that's Campbell, our four year old mascot for the trip
  • Starting our 165km ride in a beautiful canyon
  • When the ride starts with a 30 mile climb, it's ok to stop and take a couple of pictures, right?
  • A surprising sight at 2500 ft up the climb.
  • Dropped by Valverde?
  • More cowbell
  • It turned out to be an awesome day for Lagos de Covadonga TT
  • The cows of Covadonga are very tame, like the deer in Nara
  • More of this please
  • Worth a pretty hard effort
  • Coffee stop at the top
  • Chilling with the sheep
  • Two generations of Rovers for @blairpete and @spence.peterson
  • Another view of the lake, really spectacular day with @thomsonbiketours
  • Nice castle at the bottom of the descent
  • Arrived in Cangas de Onis, there are bikes and there are bikes
  • I'm glad they renovated our parador in the 17th century - I'm sure it was getting run down
  • Almost at the start of the Angliru
  • Starting the Angliru now
  • The Angliru
  • OMFG
  • Angliru - done (and so am I)
  • Couldn't have done it without these guys
  • Podium celebration
  • Argentine podium
  • Gruppo Thomson
  • Climbed that
  • Looking north, all the way to the Atlantic, from the summit
  • Great spiderwebs and a rooster
  • This is Cachopo - fried ham, stuffed with bacon and cheese - the Spanish have things figured out!
  • Our @thomsonbiketours group for the Angliru today - enjoying one of the great lunches of all time!
  • Add me to the list?
  • Small road
  • Special delivery for @13mimi13
  • Castle is 300 meters from our hotel
  • Dinner in Madrid (Ten Con Ten) with possibly the biggest gin and tonic ever
  • The pulpo (octopus) is perfectly cooked
  • Gaudi imagined trees holding up the towers
  • Fortunately I beat the crowds...
  • A quiet corner
  • Light, shadow, and form
  • Stained glass on many facades
  • Going down (foot shown for scale)
  • Some of the shapes of Barcelona architecture
  • Was recommended for breakfast but I just couldn't do it...
  • Managed to find donuts!
  • Good, not superb
  • They're not donuts, but the homemade churros at my AirBnB were fantastic!
  • Spain is the mecca for jamon
  • Gaudi's Passion facade
  • A peek of modernism
  • Gaudi's masterpiece, the Sagrada Familia, is being restored. Today's only tourist site for me.
  • The other side, completely different style
  • Spanish Gothic...
  • Work in process
  • Old and new
  • He's waiting for this restoration to be finished...
  • Sacrifici Oracio
  • Donut Clubbing with Kent, Dave Martin and Alan - last one for awhile
  • Early enough that BoFax is still a bit shady
  • Quick stop after BoFax, now back up Tam
  • More climbing up to Seven Sisters
  • West Peak looks nice today
  • Delayed by (wait for it...) rain this morning, but this was still on the menu. Doing Tam repeats today - leaving for Spain in 4 days!
  • Another SF work dinner, think i nailed the Lombard PR tonight.
  • Walking UP Lombard, the crookedest street in SF. Late dinner means no bus home.
  • Leaving late today, hoping for a donut, but not optimistic at 4 PM
  • Sometimes wishing will make it so...
  • This is actually my kind of beach day...
  • Summer afternoons beat most mornings
  • High contrast at Muir Beach
  • Page Mill and the Peninsula today
  • @markdmichael topping out on Page Mill
  • Looong descent down to Big Basin, then Boulder Creek
  • Big Basin Park has some big trees.
  • Found (empty) on the side of the road - someone is having a good day, I suspect
  • Zayante Road is deserted and amazing
  • Welcome to Frosty's Tree Farm, atop Skyline Blvd
  • Before the heat
  • Not much to see from West Peak, but it's already 85 degrees just after 9 AM
  • Quiet, just a hint of wind, very very dry
  • Cooler at 68 degrees, and a very low tide
  • Donut should fix things this morning
  • It's going to be mobbed today
  • Tempted, but I'd never make it up the hill afterwards
  • Plush new pavement on Camino Alto!
  • Shadow train...
  • Send water please
  • Smoke on the water
  • Welcoming @dgwilcox back home properly!
  • @blairpete representing @beardevteam with Colonel Mazza repping @stravacycling
  • Beautiful morning with these #chilleurs
  • It's actually behaving like summer today...
  • Sometimes there are things almost as good as donuts...
  • The next next generation
  • Welcome back @osterburg
  • Strange Cars of the PNW - episode #45 - Al Capone's 1930 Plymouth, updated with a small block Chevy
  • Last morning in Seattle - looking West at the Olympic Peninsula from Golden Gardens Park
  • Halftime at the outdoor film night sponsored by New Belgium
  • Light and shadow from the Allentown Bridge.