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John Fjord III

John Fjord III

Peekskill, New York
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Monthly Activity Distance

  • 0 mi
  • 270
  • 540
  • 810
  • 1080
  • 1350
Oct 2014
Jan 2015

Current Month

  • 42.5mi
  • 2h 37m
  • 3,198ft

Recent Achievements

  • 2nd overall on Ridgecrest/Long HIll W Climb
  • 2nd overall on Long Hill West Climb
  • 3rd overall on Ridgecrest Rd 2 minute hill interval
  • 5th overall on Pine Road Descent (be careful!)


Distance 6,857.1mi
Time 526h 8m
Elevation Gain 511,693ft
Rides 234


Total Distance 40,245.3mi
Total Time 2542h 18m
Total Elev Gain 2,720,541ft
Total Rides 1144

Recent Photos

  • From Greenwhich, CT
  • To Harlem, NY (Congressman Charlie Rangel)
  • Feeling crafty with my damp cycling shoe-solution
  • Advantage_nature
  • Repeats.......
  • (The cold side of the Mtn, enjoyable nonetheless)
  • 'Them colors don't run boy
  • We weren't the only turkeys descending.
  • Nestled in a 1909 Steinway grand
  • First Mtn bike ride in the new weather, off to a good start. (Does anyone have a duel suspension for sale that's sub-30 lbs?!?!
  • She's a keeper..... Meg is that is, she has bigger balls than me sometimes.
  • Back in the woods it goes
  • Beautious
  • Shameless plug with setting sun
  • ....just starting my ride, oops.
  • Sunset on Perkins
  • Packed my long sleeve by mistake today, lov'n my Ibex wool tee on the bike! #Ibex
  • Good fortune today!
  • Causeway bike pedaling ;-)
  • CT River
  • Almost worth driving back for.....until you eye-up the beastly gearing! It's at least 50lbs too :-0
  • Entering the castle grounds
  • Found some nice lines off amazing roads today
  • Yup, Peekskill didn't even splurge for LED's on their New Years Eve ball, it's a nice start though!
  • I USED to put Shimano Dura-Ace in the proverbial pedestal. It took 2,000 mi of pedaling for this failure. #shimanofail, #stickingWITHsram.
  • My buddy experienced some sun today at least.
  • Spooky trainer shot______!
  • Professionally framed, signed, how could I NOT bid for a cool $85 total price ????
  • Top of Perkins....BABY.
  • 'Tis all clear Strava peeps ????
  • Nice Harriman______
  • Tricky Harriman_____
  • (April 6, 2015) Man, what a winter....We earned this spring
  • #Netting fail
  • Hitch hiker will become a meal for my aquatic friend
  • Where's the pot 'o gold me boy?!
  • I gave up....
  • ____YUP, couldn't easily break the ice still