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Zach Thomas

Zach Thomas

Homewood, Illinois
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I'm just trying to keep it real. I write about cycling for and

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Monthly Activity Distance

  • 0 mi
  • 110
  • 220
  • 330
  • 440
  • 550
Oct 2014
Jan 2015

Current Month

  • 83.6mi
  • 8h 14m
  • 1,765ft

Recent Achievements

  • KOM on The No-Shoulder-Blues
  • KOM on Bendy
  • KOM on Pothole City WB
  • KOM on Ammonia NB


Distance 3,188.7mi
Time 229h 0m
Elevation Gain 65,377ft
Rides 268


Total Distance 18,856.7mi
Total Time 1276h 13m
Total Elev Gain 1,418,983ft
Total Rides 1495

Recent Photos

  • ????
  • ????
  • Crazy awesome day in Cincinnati. #ohiocation
  • Coach is sleeping while I'm hauling her around.
  • Another year of #CX and another year of @saltedpig78 
today's goal: stay in the mix.
  • #442
  • Big Sky.
  • Homewood-Flossmoor Roll Deep Crew with @jonfive and Francisco.
  • Monday kuntry roll.
  • Inaugural family roll. @allie__grant needs some sunglasses.
  • Vitamin G with @kevinec27
  • Leading @kevinec27 out for the sprint to the bodega.
  • Pre-Fourth of July easy cruise through the woods. ????????
  • The best float at this here parade.
  • Day one of a five day staycation. #tenspeedhero #maximumrockandroll
  • Monday night roll.
  • Here's your quintessential Midwestern rural skyline.
  • Cruised around and found these guys.
  • Let's get this Friday started.
  • Big ol' hole in the ground.
  • MTB on the road all the time.
  • Looking good, Cincinnati! #cincinnati #ohio
  • Monday brodown chiller with @saltedpig78 #brodie
  • The kid's first experience with Bowie's "Station to Station."
  • Nevermind.
  • Monday mellow in mismatched kit.
  • This was once an incredible - yet decaying - example of Victorian architecture. Bummers.
  • You ever see the movies "Sorcerer" or "Wages of Fear"? Yeah, just like that.
  • #deadflowers
  • Suburban laps before the rain rolls in.
  • Tuesday night shred sesh with @___frenchie___ and Aaron.
  • Let's shred!
  • Bro-time with the #raddad crew. @keithjortiz @saltedpig78 @a.thom
  • @tenspeedheroluke in the Bartel Grasslands.
  • @matthewdavidcrowther is all smiles.
  • 1" hail and torrential rains. Serious stuff. Great imagery for a black metal music video.
  • Getting back onto the little trail system that's only 1/2 mile from my house.
  • #leramrod #rolling -- still stoked on this bike that @kaptainkatsu welded up for me many years ago. It's undergone many iterations, but in its current mutt 8-speed Ultegra 600 guise is maybe my favorite. A little whippy,  a bit beat up, but it still rolls along the road nicely. Right now, it's my main roll in champaign, where I work during the week.
  • Dang. #crownroyal
  • Gotta keep moving. #tenspeedhero @tshracing
  • Movement interrupted.
  • Can't do the basement today. #porchervals #tenspeedhero @tshracing
  • Catching up on yesterday's  women's race in Tabor. #basementpower #tenspeedhero
  • #ohio #outsideisfree
  • Cold November jammer.
  • @___frenchie___ fixes all that needs fixin'.
  • A shai hulud came barreling through our yard yesterday looking for moisture. #stillsuit #homesweethomewood
  • #tbt to Reno and flexin' in front of my SAAB. #saabnation
  • #cxishere #chambana
  • Steve Buchtel describing the awesome bike infrastructure at #bigmarsh
  • You have no idea how big this quarry is.
  • Water break with @keithjortiz and @saltedpig78
  • I'd rather be on the boat, honestly.
  • Any bike is a road bike.
  • #walkofshame
  • This is the face of the man who was out for a ride that was put to a stop because the bottom bracket cup of his bike's crankset backed out of the shell and couldn't be screwed back in enough to ride to a METRA stop. This is also the face of the man who has an exceedingly amazing wife who is dropping what she is doing to bail him out from the north shore suburb of Winnetka,IL.
  • Mah beehives.
  • Campus horses.
  • Things seen while riding: a small funnel cloud.
  • #triplecrown with @___frenchie___
  • Looking at Lincoln.
  • Perfect.
  • Good morning from Champaign, Illinois.
  • @kevinec27 demo ride is so legit.
  • Whoa.
  • You have no idea how much this bridge means to me.
  • 6 AM EZ shred sesh
  • Sky//Soil//Water
  • Teen-C Power
  • So Instagram decided to feature a photo of mine on its Tumblr in a post about Spiral Jetty. Whoaaahhahaaa! Thanks @instagram!
  • Watching Worlds in a record store/bike shop in #chambana
  • Riding the trainer on a sunny weekend day is stupid. #outsideisfree #chambana
  • Riding the trainer is stupid when the sun is out. #outsideisfree #chambana
  • Downright balmy today!
  • Bulls Win. #bullswin
  • Today's commute.
  • The stacks near my workplace doing the thing that stacks are best known for.
  • Cold.
  • Something's wrong with this picture.
  • Took a break from the drive for some of this.
  • Nice view into KY.
  • This is how @alexsteinker rolls.
  • Winter Rollin' #saabnation #tenspeedhero
  • Trying to pull a CX tubular in 18 degrees.
  • Pre-race sock status with @alexsteinker
  • Raid on Memorial Stadium!
  • Splat!
  • Missed the group ride, so gravel intervals on the MTB.
  • Flat Hero #tenspeedhero
  • Creek crossings, gravel, wooly worms, stupid Indianans, climbs, blind descents, etc. A good day of prep for the #rgr
  • Descending down interstate overpasses with @tenspeedheroluke
  • The new fashion featuring me and @cobralatte
  • This little dude didn't make it.
  • Tonight's rambling
  • #tenspeedhero
  • Early morning jaunt with @tenspeedheroluke
  • Good morning.
  • Not in Champaign, Illinois.
  • Laps with Slayer
  • Laps, Slayer, Didjits
  • This ride brought to you by
  • Go to and fix yourself up right. #tenspeedhero
  • Trackstanding Hero #tenspeedhero @alexsteinker
  • Lovely day here at the lake.
  • Start drills
  • Rollers/Stokage/Supreme
  • Buy my Jamis Dragon Comp! Doesn't come with frame pump or sweet pink saddle bag. It is SWEET!
  • 600 E, 1300 N
  • I guess the guy in #202 rides, too. @tenspeedheroluke
  • Riding right toward a thunderstorm. Oy.
  • Nice, @kevinwarwick
  • Just chilling, eating weeds, being mangy.
  • Big sky
  • Fog ride
  • Herons just out of sight.
  • Super nice day. #letsshred
  • Sometimes I love the Internet.
  • Spooky dead tree.
  • Gloomy day in Chambana.
  • Looking for gravel.
  • Can't find my iron. Gonna go for a gravel ride instead.
  • Storm is coming.
  • Hey there, Cincinnati.
  • Nice hike with the @allie__grant to Dry Pond.
  • This bums me out so much.
  • I think this is Granite Chief?
  • Barker Pass road, where @kevinwarwick and I had a multitude of bleak moments.
  • How I started my day in Salt Lake City
  • SLC, yeah.
  • This is someone's house.
  • Waiting for Jude
  • @53x11 and @steinjeff get ready to start the A race.
  • Real Style
  • Someday I'll do the entire thing.  #trt
  • Holy hell, the river is cold right now.
  • When we all had much more energy.
  • Headed up the wrong road.
  • People in Reno love bike art.
  • They're serious. I'm not going to chance this one.
  • Wolfpack rules, right?
  • OHIO.
  • Still incredibly proud of starting this team with some great people.
  • I only wear this jersey on special days. Today is not one of them.
  • Post-work ride.
  • Pine bluff Fire
  • Got the beef.
  • Part one of the radstoke with @lazyathlete
  • Saturday ramble.
  • It got much worse.
  • Cometbus time.
  • Went hiking this afternoon.
  • Done been snagged.
  • Selfiewhileskiing.
  • Got sweaty today.
  • The things you see while riding.
  • Thrashed after a fast one to Mt. Rose highway and around the airport.
  • Dang, look at this Isuzu.
  • Minor gravel section on today's jaunt.
  • Mah gurl.
  • The climb out of Point Reyes with @weightshift
  • Today's jaunt.
  • The view out my living room.
  • Feeling bleary, listening to Polvo and working on my self-evals.
  • Foggy day in the Truckee Meadows.
  • The snow melted off by noon, so I went out and explored the ranch lands within the city limits.
  • My office mate's battle station.
  • Went out for a quick and dirty jaunt through the neighborhood before my flight back to the Midwest. Peavine was lookin' good.
  • The Ruins.
  • Sunset over the Sierras.
  • Yeehaw.
  • And after.
  • Things are alright.
  • Didn't mind stopping for a minute.
  • Solid commute in.