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Charles Clark

Charles Clark

San Jose, California
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Charles Clark is a cyclist from San Jose, California. Join Strava to track your activities, analyze your performance, and follow friends. Strava members can plan routes, participate in motivating challenges, and join clubs. Get started by signing up for free.

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Monthly Activity Distance

  • 0 mi
  • 50
  • 100
  • 150
  • 200
  • 250
Oct 2014
Jan 2015

Current Month

  • 7.3mi
  • 2h 13m
  • 1,281ft

Recent Achievements

  • PR on Bird Street curves
  • 2nd fastest time on Winchester through Campbell
  • 2nd fastest time on Campbell Ave - STE to 17
  • 2nd fastest time on Coe Ave to W Virginia St


Distance 1,194.2mi
Time 112h 28m
Elevation Gain 83,054ft
Rides 70


Total Distance 7,375.5mi
Total Time 700h 13m
Total Elev Gain 745,135ft
Total Rides 551

Recent Photos

  • Lunch spot
  • Aka Heaven
  • 2nd ride of the day in SLO with @cuzitsmyusofwtvr
  • Terrible day in Paradise with @cuzitsmyusofwtvr
  • "Ok ya bye" -Diego
  • Towing Diego around.
  • Mt Hamilton Ride
  • Gobble gobble
  • Filipino turkey
  • Lunch spot
  • Ancient Native American carving I stumbled upon riding. Always said Native Americans were ahead of their time. #thedirtsearch
  • Church. #santacruzbikes #thedirtsearch
  • Track races
  • @wangamachang
  • @diegomeneses94 on rocky ridge
  • Rocky ridge #santacruzbikes
  • Great ride with @benjnordstrom #santacruzbikes #mtb
  • Oh the places we will go
  • @diegomeneses94 eats on every ride #roundisthenewfast #teamshapesandsizes
  • Tour of California TT
  • #luluforyouyou
  • #tourofcalifornia
  • #mikesbikes #mbfy
  • Bike ride ???? #fastlikeanascar #helmetswag #luluforyouyou
  • Awesome views after an awesome ride
  • Found where I'm having my 26th birthday party. #merica
  • Muy Caliente y moo moo's
  • Diego is not happy #pop #2fast2flat @diegomeneses94
  • Lexington ride
  • Bike party
  • Bike party
  • Lord of the flies prevail
  • Woo what a climb with @diegomeneses94
  • MTB trip to Annadel
  • Might as well Instagram while I wait for @diegomeneses94  at the bottom #ivegotfriendsinSLOWplaces
  • Starting the Solvang Century  @diegomeneses94
  • 102 miles later we finish the Solvang century @diegomeneses94 @bwynn1221
  • Mile 89
  • Solvang century #landofthefredhomeofthebrave
  • Welcome to solvang #specialized @diegomeneses94
  • Great ride at ucsc
  • @diegomeneses94  conquering rocky ridge
  • New bike #bikeporn
  • On top of of Mt Hamilton with @cuzitsmyusofwtvr
  • 25 miles and 5,000 feet later, the top of Mt Hamilton
  • On the way to Mt Hamilton
  • Beautiful ride
  • Long rocky way down
  • @rickyyy  finished just behind the Ethiopians. #fastlikeanascar
  • New ride
  • Hello Bay Area from the top of Los Gatos
  • 3,000 feet of muddy rainy climbing
  • 19,350th foot climbed this month
  • Lexington
  • Early morning south bay
  • The bottom
  • The top
  • Time to nightride @diegomeneses94 @anouj
  • Glasses fogged, heart attacked, legs dead warrior. #Gravitysucks #megustadownhill @diegomeneses94
  • Mud + butt= muddbutt #babywipes @diegomeneses94
  • Race ready
  • Woo finished
  • Look who came out of the cave to ride @anouj
  • Beautiful South Bay
  • Sausage & Peppers ala Norman
  • Monster #monstergram
  • Good Morning
  • 'Merican Meal
  • New more squishy ride
  • Farm land?
  • Awesome afternoon. #mtb
  • Epic stare down.
  • High point of my 8 mile run
  • South Bay
  • @cuzitsmyusofwtvr Spencer's new skates. CCM high end infant skates.
  • Beautiful ride
  • Santa Cruz Demo Forest
  • @cuzitsmyusofwtvr #mtb #specializedbikes
  • 8 runs, 41 miles, 10,034 feet of elevation. Strava Summit Run Challenge Completed.
  • Hide yer kids. The things you see on a mountain bike.
  • UCSC meadow. Image created with #Snapseed
  • Good morning from the ranch
  • Up the rocks?!
  • Enjoying the cool summer day at stcp
  • @diegomeneses94  straight class. #peebreak #wateringthefoliage
  • Beautiful day of riding #specialized #mtb
  • My country club hands @shereeenn
  • Mammoth summit 11k feet
  • Great day at Mammoth #mtb
  • In the zone jam for climbing Kennedy
  • Bike party!
  • Making the most of unemployment
  • Reppin pg&e hard @rickyyy
  • Sun River
  • Mckenzie River Trail
  • Clear Lake on the Mckenzie River Trail.
  • Water falls.
  • Blue Pool on Mckenzie River Trail.
  • 5 hours and 25 miles later, finished with the Mckenzie River Trail. #mtb #specialized
  • Monster
  • Koi Ponds
  • STCP sunset ride
  • Above the clouds for a morning ride.
  • Cold and foggy. Goodbye summer.
  • Early Morning Ride
  • Ross on the morning ride
  • Good Morning from Mt. Tam, birthplace of mountain biking.
  • Night ride partner
  • @kaatdaadddyy pro bowler.
  • Look who I dragged out on a bike ride @rickyyy
  • @shereeenn
  • Beautiful morning ride
  • #sbcu I could get used to this. Stoked to mountain bike.
  • #sbcu group ride with an ocean view
  • #specialized #sbcu sweet s-works stumpjumper fsr.
  • #sbcu day 3 cyclocross ride
  • Night ride
  • Good morning
  • @cuzitsmyusofwtvr mountain biking in SLO
  • @bwynn1221
  • You know it's time for laundry when... The cargo shorts come out. #whatchacarrying? #wheremypukashellsat??
  • "How does this thing work?" @_ruhborn #specialized #roubaix
  • 50 miles later... @_ruhborn @diegomeneses94
  • Amazing weather for the Kennedy Turkey Day Ride! #kennedy #mtb
  • Tree's mimosa machine
  • Thanksgiving Kennedy ride
  • Thank you to the Filipino group for bringing the giant pig in the bike trailer!
  • 110 lb lap dog
  • @rickyyy @ashleyjaber get like me.
  • Wooo @rickyyy 's first road bike ride #specialized
  • Dead. #specialized #stumpy
  • Coffee run with Rick during her deliriousness of finishing a million projects. #crazypersonsmile
  • #swag
  • Team shapes and sizes domestiques #goteamshapesandsizes #fastlikeabuick
  • You can find Diego's butt by GPS. #BOLD
  • #teamshapesandsizes stops at the bakery. #nom
  • Rainy frozen ride in SF @diegomeneses94
  • His and hers Roubaixs @cuzitsmyusofwtvr #minime
  • So wide we can't fit us all on Instagram #teamshapesandsizes @diegomeneses94  @cuzitsmyusofwtvr
  • Instragrammed the instagramer on top of a frozen Kennedy. #brrrr @diegomeneses94
  • Chuckles #bikebling #specialized
  • @diegomeneses94  beat me on my own loop, therefore he has to wear the performance enhancing drugs suit
  • Summit #1
  • Summit #2
  • Summit #3