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Craig Glaspell (aka Stikman)

Craig Glaspell (aka Stikman)

Orange, CA
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I used to be really fast, and have hair, currently Global Marketing Manager for bicycle at Troy Lee Designs.

Monthly Activity Distance

  • 0 mi
  • 20
  • 40
  • 60
  • 80
  • 100
Oct 2014
Jan 2015

Current Month

  • 10.5mi
  • 1h 21m
  • 1,513ft


Distance 202.8mi
Time 21h 37m
Elevation Gain 23,566ft
Rides 19


Total Distance 2,076.0mi
Total Time 232h 6m
Total Elev Gain 268,760ft
Total Rides 202

Recent Photos

  • Just rode the CX for 27 miles, most mileage in years. I was treated with this 50ish yr old dude rockin the black G-string.
  • Saw a couple breasteses.
  • Meth head drove down the river trail, down the rocks. 2 helis, 4 fire trucks, 12 police cars.....Costa Mesa gone to hell since @kylestrait left town.
  • Long shadows are on fire tonight. #tldbike #a1helmet #tldruckus
  • Just did a sweet ride with my new buddy, looking forward to more. #hints #rumors
  • Thanks to @team_big_bear for letting grace bombard the mic with some #mtb XC announcing at the nationals in fontucky...I told her most broadcasters do it for the love, not the money haha. Thanks #nakedman #spiegel @larrylongo
  • After an after work #mtb session, on this @giantbicycles trance 275 carbon, with the full #sram xx1 #avid #rockshox setup...I think I just rode the finest, 275 bike. Amazing. Like everyone told me "stik on sram!...welcome to the future"
  • Decided to eat my mid ride snack under the power lines, what could happen?
  • Little sunrise morning mtb ride and there is site of 2014 anaheim 1
  • Oh my god...fantastic
  • The pregnancy place next door to work, is SO private that they use mirrors so you can't see inside. Corona keeps it real.
  • The PR material for the 2014 #crashedice series features none other than 2 guys in #d3helmet's...of course. I think that big main shot is crackhead claudio, team manager of the year.
  • Not in the prius today, driving my Tacoma today, might not get cut off or spit at today, like I do in the prius! #ItsjustAcarAsshole
  • I should just be stoked he has bikes...and I am. $500 bikes on my favorite Porsche
  • Forgot how kick ass #alterbridge is...good for #FoffFriday
  • #whatMountainBike mag, "Gear of the year" #A1HELMET CRUSHES ALL.
  • And I'm the one that gets cut off? Scion with some cuddly 'domo' guy, Apple stickers (2) of Hawaii, and Astars logo, all on one of those gay toaster cars. #lol
  • And a pic of my fudgepackin car...yes, I actually took a pic of my car. New KUAT rack is.dope, thanks guys.
  • #ridealoneordiecrew was crushing the #rideordiecrew today. Good to be back on my bike after show season, being sick, sand in my v______  etc...
  • Must be enduro. #mammothmountain #mtb #intenseApalooza I LOVE riding trail bikes here, but DH is a love/hate, glad I'm finishing the days with some xc.
  • Wanted to feel different, relive the dream. Team GB Olympic kits we designed with #adidas #stellamccartney #troyleedesigns. I was feeling the tim gould/david baker vibe, remember watching him crush us xc fools back in the day at #mammothmountain #mtb. DH this afternoon, smashed my vaj, then some trail tonight, love this place. #intenseApalooza
  • Rollergoons
  • After work ride, with a little OC in the background. First trail rides in ages!
  • Out on a 'big' 2.5hr #mtb ride with my babys mama, LD. Got a set of those cardo systems deals to play with, pretty sweet, leighs laugh in my ear was pretty gnar. Riding trails that we rode 20 years ago when we started hooking up! Haha
  • Looking for a set of gloves in garage, digging through our bin, found these 2 roaches shuffling around the bottom. Guess leigh could give 2 shits about silver and bronze haha
  • 1.7 miles in, wants to turn around. Lazy bastard
  • View of downtown #Losangeles from Angeles crest...2 fun 'enduro' runs with schleyer, @brianlopes and redbull media boys.
  • OC trail head parking, panamera. That's how they roll. San Juan trail, great conditions.
  • #oakley is fogged in this morning.
  • I just went for an after work mountain bike cycling ride...i chose to ride this wheel size because @mitchropo proved to me that all you need to succeed is wagon wheels, a comfortable TLD jersey and short, and fun laden victories will come. Peace and love.
  • This is the quad of a suffers from cramping when riding over my monthly limit of 9 miles. I rode in laguna today with hilton, @duncanriffle @tmorland for 62 miles i think, epic...slickrock, woods, rivers, grand vistas. #gnar
  • Just found 2 ads, pivot and evil, that have some dudes in #a1helmet's must be the new choice of creative directors, in addition to riders #sellingfast
  • Half a mile in, shes already hungry!. Going to be the longest 6 miles ever lol
  • Mile 2...more snacks.
  • I was going to get the samhill #d3helmet but this matte white aztec lid is pretty dope! DOUBLE TAP to watch his eyes move. @troyleedesigns
  • Trips me out after all these years/trails of mtb, horse assholes are still cool with a giant dump in the middle of the trail.
  • Whatever
  • Goose is ready for @raceoc kids race #a1helmet
  • Just did 14 miles in the *ucking desert...101° epic heat...#A1helmet was bitchin for me...@sebkemp must be a hot head.
  • Little man been mad doggin me for a mile