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Craig Glaspell (aka Stikman)

Craig Glaspell (aka Stikman)

Orange, CA
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I used to be really fast, and have hair, currently Global Marketing Manager for bicycle at Troy Lee Designs.

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Apr 2013
Jan 2014

Current Month

  • 21.2mi
  • 2h 17m
  • 2,598ft

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Distance 112.3mi
Time 13h 21m
Elevation Gain 17,254ft
Rides 12


Total Distance 1,754.5mi
Total Time 198h 16m
Total Elev Gain 233,199ft
Total Rides 166

Recent Photos

  • Thanks to @team_big_bear for letting grace bombard the mic with some #mtb XC announcing at the nationals in fontucky...I told her most broadcasters do it for the love, not the money haha. Thanks #nakedman #spiegel @larrylongo
  • After an after work #mtb session, on this @giantbicycles trance 275 carbon, with the full #sram xx1 #avid #rockshox setup...I think I just rode the finest, 275 bike. Amazing. Like everyone told me "stik on sram!...welcome to the future"
  • Decided to eat my mid ride snack under the power lines, what could happen?
  • Little sunrise morning mtb ride and there is site of 2014 anaheim 1
  • Oh my god...fantastic
  • The pregnancy place next door to work, is SO private that they use mirrors so you can't see inside. Corona keeps it real.
  • The PR material for the 2014 #crashedice series features none other than 2 guys in #d3helmet's...of course. I think that big main shot is crackhead claudio, team manager of the year.
  • I should just be stoked he has bikes...and I am. $500 bikes on my favorite Porsche
  • Forgot how kick ass #alterbridge is...good for #FoffFriday
  • #whatMountainBike mag, "Gear of the year" #A1HELMET CRUSHES ALL.
  • And I'm the one that gets cut off? Scion with some cuddly 'domo' guy, Apple stickers (2) of Hawaii, and Astars logo, all on one of those gay toaster cars. #lol
  • Not in the prius today, driving my Tacoma today, might not get cut off or spit at today, like I do in the prius! #ItsjustAcarAsshole
  • And a pic of my fudgepackin car...yes, I actually took a pic of my car. New KUAT rack is.dope, thanks guys.