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Ben Sonntag

Ben Sonntag

Durango, Colorado
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Team Clif Bar Racing both MTB & Cyclocross for the cool folks of Clif Bar in 2015. Follow me on Strava to see what I'm doing w/ my Niner bikes!

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Monthly Activity Distance

  • 0 km
  • 360
  • 720
  • 1080
  • 1440
  • 1800
Oct 2014
Jan 2015

Current Month

  • 206.2km
  • 16h 11m
  • 7,127m

Recent Achievements

  • KOM on Falls Creek Main Climb
  • 2nd overall on haflin creek lap , p lot to plot
  • 2nd overall on Panty Dropper... Django Style!
  • 5th overall on Sedona


Distance 12,601.3km
Time 560h 16m
Elevation Gain 239,765m
Rides 312


Total Distance 61,857.7km
Total Time 2829h 24m
Total Elev Gain 1,126,497m
Total Rides 1426

Recent Photos

  • The other Vegas isn't too bad! Enjoying the long day before go-time at #WCcrossvegas @teamclifbar
  • #WCcrossvegas pre-evening ride was pretty nice! This 'German-Colorado boy' loved the pleasant temperature! @teamclifbar
  • New bike day again #cxishere! Less than a week before she gets raced! Thanks for the build @billygoatbuilt This @ninerbikes BSB9RDO feels even a little bit faster than last years! Thanks @teamclifbar @ninerbikes @sramroad @envecomposites @oakley @crankbrothers @kedgebike @challengetires @kappiuscomponents
  • #lovedurango Awesome weather & great times at 'Tuesday night worlds'! Love this time of the year! @teamclifbar
  • Another good one, really good one :) Me & my @ninerbikes taking it all in! #OutsideIsFree #LiveYours #meetthemoment @teamclifbar
  • Ok, I think this is gonna be a good trip :) #norway missed you, it's been a while! @teamclifbar @ninerbikes #LiveYours #OutsideIsFree
  • 'Worldcup Wednesday' all chill here in windham! Few laps on the course & than making sure @billygoatbuilt doesn't get too bored! @teamclifbar Ok, lil' more riding & a good cappuccino is calling!
  • Never gets old! #lovedurango #OutsideIsFree Will be back soon! #home
  • #OutsideIsFree #lovedurango #shutupandenjoy
  • Better safe than sorry, flipped it half way down Red Mountain Pass towards Ouray after it started raining on me! 'Bocked' a bit on the way up but all good after a coffee stop in Silverton! @teamclifbar #rainiscolduphigh #ColoRADo
  • Puh, big day! Bird left for a long trip to Europe, plenty of errands & getting Hansi home :) #hansirules Needed this to finish the day off! #lovedurango #lovemykitties @teamclifbar @ninerbikes #OutsideIsFree
  • Active recovery on foot post travel! Until next year #mslaxc, time to focus on #uscup final in Colorado Springs next weekend! @teamclifbar #OutsideIsFree #lovedurango #LiveYours
  • Luckily I've my @ninerbikes BSB9 RDO to 'frame' this beautiful photo appropriately! #OutsideIsFree #LiveYours @teamclifbar
  • Gravel ride on the hardtail today! #OutsideIsFree Finally summer at its best in #lovedurango! Still super excited to leave for @mslaxc, not too shabby there either & #proxct on tap @teamclifbar
  • What a good day! AM 'suffervals', than watching some 'extremely moody weather' safely tucked away. Finished it off with my best buddy, @ninerbikes Jet 9 RDO riding up & sliding down some sweet trails, with sweet views! #lovedurango #feelinglucky #OutsideIsFree @teamclifbar
  • Home gym got some new flooring today! Little jog & now some core work to break 'her' in :) #lovedurango #happy #LiveYours @teamclifbar
  • Nice morning spin before heading over to GJ for @epicrides #gjor! Super excited to race this weekend, it's gonna be #epic! Hopefully #epic in a different way than @yotwells post from yesterday ;) @teamclifbar
  • Good morning Durango on May 16th! Even Hansi is a little confused this morning what's going on outside! #lovedurango #hansirules #saving$$$onsunscreen
  • My English sehr sehr schlecht, but I got the memo ;) @teamclifbar @ninerbikes @envecomposites #makingthetrainings #LiveYours #LiveYours
  • This week in Durango you better pick your route wisely! I guess I deserve the hail & sleet on middle Mtn road behind Valecito! I could have picked different but glad I got an adventure in! #LiveYours #lovedurango #thosesockswillneverbewhiteagain @teamclifbar
  • So much prep for today's training, thanks to CO weather! Rollers warm up, XC workout in mud/snow, rollers cool down, hot shower, lots of laundry & bike tlc... #LiveYours #loveit #trainhard @teamclifbar
  • Tough task to keep my cool today! #BonelliHC STXC ended very early for me with a mishap out of my control.... :( Gosh, that's better be it with this crap, I'm having too much fun doing this, PLUS this guy is hungry for some results! #seaotter #Whiskey50 @teamclifbar
  • Awesome morning ride & yesterday should be digested! :) Looking forward to the next ones! @teamclifbar #LiveYours #itsgonnapayoff
  • Again it was so worth it to put those running shoes on 1st thing this am (after feeding Karen & Hansi)! #lovedurango #hansirules
  • What an Easter Day! :) New @ninerbikes AIR9 RDO, new #energyfood @clifbarcompany on a 'short/short' trail day in #lovedurango Thanks @teamclifbar & all other sponsors!!! #LiveYours
  • New bike days are special! Thanks @ninerbikes , I fell in love w/ the JET9 RDO on the 1st ride! @teamclifbar @srammtb @maxxistires @kappiuscomponents @capocycling @oakley @girocycling #pedaldamnit #bikeporn
  • How did you spend your Sunday? Spring at its best in Durango! @teamclifbar #LiveYours #lovedurango
  • Good morning #durango Early morning jogs are one of my favs!
  • What an upgrade for my @ninerbikes thanks to @srammtb! The RS-1 feels incredible #pedaldamnit @teamclifbar #lovedurango
  • Think I deserved this little @clifbarcompany treat! The new #ClifBar Organic Energy Food tastes amazing! #trainhard #eatsmart #beefcake
  • Two happy faces, Thanks to @steveblick @oakley! Sunday ride with @smallsunday before this guy heads home and Carmen over to Italy for some cappuccino....... & racing #LiveYours
  • Mid week engine check & more California sunshine! My @ninerbikes & this guy can do with that! @teamclifbar
  • @teamclifbar Bonelli prep! When grown men get all over their pantyhose :) #uscup #bonelliuscup #hansirules #hotterthanhell
  • Awesome work @capocycling on the new @teamclifbar dress! What a good looking kid, kit & cat ;) Thanks to @teamclifbar @ninerbikes @capocycling @srammtb @kappiuscomponents  @kedgebike @maxxistires @crankbrothers Lets have an awesome MTB season!
  • I did ride A bike today, just NOT MY bike! Thanks for team #austria to let me spin my legs today! At least my neighbor is #crazycatladay which makes the world look brighter! #hansirules @teamclifbar
  • It doesn't get much better than this for Feb! #outdooristhebestgym @teamclifbar
  • The plan was to the top on my 'Elkhorn interval'! I sticked to it but 'jogging' through snow in road shoes for parts on the last km..., #IamspecialandIknowthat @teamclifbar @ninerbikes
  • No need for comments! #lovedurango @teamclifbar @ninerbikes I'll be back in 2 1/2weeks #cyprusbond 1st MTB race on a @ninerbikes & @teamclifbar costume #allsmiles
  • A long day got a little longer today! Luckily I kept the Mojo going each time! @teamclifbar @ninerbikes #hansirules
  • We are getting a little summer teaser here in #durango! Just enough 'in town mtbing' to get excited for summer & #mtbseason
  • This guy got hungry! Springtime in #durango #mtbseason is coming!!! @teamclifbar
  • Morning beauty!!! Well worth to step out the door early for a little jog! #lovedurango #lovewhereyoulive
  • Showed my @ninerbikes the area! Big day in the saddle powered w/ plenty of @clifbarcompany products and a cappuccino at home during my refill stop! Cold it got at the end... @teamclifbar #gobeyondyourcomfortzone
  • Another awesome day breathing thin air on skinny skis! @teamclifbar #lovedurango #notrainnogain
  • Early bird snow(&ice) ride! Rather sketchy today but good for the skills... #lovemtbing
  • What a day to end 2014! New Years Eve Mtb fun on snowpacked trails... Big thanks for an awesome year @teamclifbar @notubes @ninerbikes @crankbrothers @girocycling @sramracing @kappiuscomponents @challengetires & everyone else supporting me in my racing adventures! Can't wait to see what 2015 has waiting for me!
  • Skiing was fun this am..... Enough said ;) @ninerbikes @teamclifbar #knobbyseasonwillcome
  • #skinnyskilove Not too bummed it snowed :) #durango
  • Last day of our L.A. training camp! Found my way to the track, had a great workout, a great cappucino.... #greatsuccess :)
  • Spinning the legs out with that one, @smallsunday & practicing the difficult art of dorky #doubleselfies
  • Getting amped for @Cincy3CX wk! @cavucoffee might have my recipe to stay warm... #Ilovecappuccino @teamclifbar #missmycats ;)
  • It does not suck here! #durango
  • @teamclifbar @clif_bar_cross hard at work! #battleprep
  • Myron @billygoatbuilt putting out the vibe! #beckywatchout
  • Life rocks! Lil'evening home loop with my @NoTubes brother @k_wehn! Love my new @RideCannondale toy #Trigger27.5
  • Finishing up another day in paradise! #lovedurango #lovehome
  • Final day of my TSEpic trip to State College! Good times :) & home sweet home is waiting now
  • 'Eurostyle' mountain road.... Don't have to travel far #durango
  • Simple pleasures! #home #durango #justpedalingalong
  • Colorful Colorado! Today with a little white thrown in.... #maysurprises
  • Trying my hardest to give every workout a strong purpose! Got some @desertsuncoffee #VivaEspresso on an easy ride and all of the sudden it became a key workout...
  • Home = My paradise -> I'm a damn lucky man! :)
  • We love to get dirty together :) #cannondale #muddy #lifeisgreat
  • Upps, those dirt toads stood up to their name... Bike a lil' trashed! #muddy #smile #springtime
  • Recharge the mind! Beautiful jog through a little fluffy white stuff :) #run #stillwinter
  • Love home! Sun is back!
  • Hans & Karen are showing me the ropes of proper post workout recovery! #chillaxing #chillmasters #crazycatdude
  • Thanksgiving family ski! 1st ski of the season on a day like this, hard to beat! #loveCO #sunshine #winter
  • Winter training in Durango, sometimes one bitches but sometimes it's just bitchin good! #sun #pedaltime #durango
  • Climbers! Karen & Hans checking things out from up high...
  • Waking up in a different world! 'Work place' for the next week! Thanks @yotwells #Tucson #tanline #warmmiles
  • Easy day w/ @smallsunday and a great cappuccino @cartelcoffeelab in Tucson! :)
  • Proper ending of an awesome week of training in Tucson! #mtlemmon #cookiecabin
  • While bird & I were out riding, Hansi & Karen made friends! Wild stuff in AZ...
  • 3 awesome days of training and hanging w/ @teamclifbar  in the books! Time to cheer for my teammates @tdub2555 & @bkappius tomorrow!