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Ben Sonntag

Ben Sonntag

Durango, Colorado
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Team Clif Bar Racing both MTB & Cyclocross for the cool folks of Clif Bar in 2015. Follow me on Strava to see what I'm doing w/ my Niner bikes!

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Monthly Activity Distance

  • 0 km
  • 360
  • 720
  • 1080
  • 1440
  • 1800
Apr 2014
Jan 2015

Current Month

  • 1,225.4km
  • 57h 20m
  • 25,803m



Distance 5,597.9km
Time 229h 12m
Elevation Gain 93,243m
Rides 117


Total Distance 54,854.3km
Total Time 2498h 21m
Total Elev Gain 979,975m
Total Rides 1231

Recent Photos

  • Tough task to keep my cool today! #BonelliHC STXC ended very early for me with a mishap out of my control.... :( Gosh, that's better be it with this crap, I'm having too much fun doing this, PLUS this guy is hungry for some results! #seaotter #Whiskey50 @teamclifbar
  • Awesome morning ride & yesterday should be digested! :) Looking forward to the next ones! @teamclifbar #LiveYours #itsgonnapayoff
  • Again it was so worth it to put those running shoes on 1st thing this am (after feeding Karen & Hansi)! #lovedurango #hansirules
  • What an Easter Day! :) New @ninerbikes AIR9 RDO, new #energyfood @clifbarcompany on a 'short/short' trail day in #lovedurango Thanks @teamclifbar & all other sponsors!!! #LiveYours
  • New bike days are special! Thanks @ninerbikes , I fell in love w/ the JET9 RDO on the 1st ride! @teamclifbar @srammtb @maxxistires @kappiuscomponents @capocycling @oakley @girocycling #pedaldamnit #bikeporn
  • How did you spend your Sunday? Spring at its best in Durango! @teamclifbar #LiveYours #lovedurango
  • Good morning #durango Early morning jogs are one of my favs!
  • What an upgrade for my @ninerbikes thanks to @srammtb! The RS-1 feels incredible #pedaldamnit @teamclifbar #lovedurango
  • Think I deserved this little @clifbarcompany treat! The new #ClifBar Organic Energy Food tastes amazing! #trainhard #eatsmart #beefcake
  • Two happy faces, Thanks to @steveblick @oakley! Sunday ride with @smallsunday before this guy heads home and Carmen over to Italy for some cappuccino....... & racing #LiveYours
  • Mid week engine check & more California sunshine! My @ninerbikes & this guy can do with that! @teamclifbar
  • @teamclifbar Bonelli prep! When grown men get all over their pantyhose :) #uscup #bonelliuscup #hansirules #hotterthanhell
  • Awesome work @capocycling on the new @teamclifbar dress! What a good looking kid, kit & cat ;) Thanks to @teamclifbar @ninerbikes @capocycling @srammtb @kappiuscomponents  @kedgebike @maxxistires @crankbrothers Lets have an awesome MTB season!
  • I did ride A bike today, just NOT MY bike! Thanks for team #austria to let me spin my legs today! At least my neighbor is #crazycatladay which makes the world look brighter! #hansirules @teamclifbar