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Felix English

Felix English

Brighton, Brighton & Hove, United Kingdom
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U23 Professional cyclist for Rapha-Condor JLT

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Monthly Activity Distance

  • 0 km
  • 460
  • 920
  • 1380
  • 1840
  • 2300
Sep 2014
Jan 2015

Current Month

  • 31.1km
  • 1h 3m
  • 228m

Recent Achievements

  • 5th overall on Selmeston - Glynde A27 Stretch
  • 8th overall on Safest Blast in Town
  • 10th overall on Ranscombe Hill
  • PR on Out of Selmeston


Distance 9,181.0km
Time 296h 9m
Elevation Gain 90,077m
Rides 239


Total Distance 51,191.6km
Total Time 1660h 25m
Total Elev Gain 503,857m
Total Rides 1087

Recent Photos

  • Need to teach the dog about personal space...
  • Horrendous headwind and lashing rain but managed to make it over to Bournemouth
  • I'm guessing it's grimmer up North
  • Rain dodging
  • #sackstagram #motivation
  • Ladies and gentleman, Captain Headband is back
  • New kit day - what's the verdict?
  • Mad views
  • Caught a Sack ????
  • Evening spin
  • Morning plod - slightly less enthusiastic this morning
  • My mate Pauline ????
  • Thanks for the photo @angusung and be sure to keep an eye out for @roadbook.britannia's coverage of last nights race
  • BORRIS photo: @angusung @roadbook.britannia
  • Oakley
  • #London
  • Nice little spin around Belfast and Lisburn
  • False alarm last week but I am racing this weekend in the Chorley GP - first race since Australia
  • Easy does it
  • After a long, wet and windy stage 3 of the Jayco Herald Sun Tour, there was only one winner...
  • Chilly one this AM
  • No bike no problem
  • He's only gone and bloody done it... @mikecuming has made it to 24 years old! Little present of appreciation from Jago, @gordonleeds and myself for being a top top bloke #братва
  • Yeah you keep smiling mate
  • Weirdly for us, this wasn't caused by a crash
  • @camdenwatchco
  • Very appropriate #raceday
  • Good 8am find
  • Afternoon headband time
  • Yeah #happy
  • Warm
  • Cheers lemon slice
  • Last 200m... #Brighton
  • Overlooking the finish #Brighton
  • Back
  • Decent ride with this little fella
  • Still got it after 4km #angryMike
  • 50km to go go...
  • Steaming
  • Feels right
  • Mid pre-breaky run/spin espresso stop with this little fella
  • Smooth
  • Camouflage mother f*cker
  • Backyard
  • Fresh
  • Ahhh
  • Amazing
  • Standard sleep photo of @buggleator #ellomate
  • Ghost of Spudmas past @buggleator #Lewes
  • 2.5 hours done by 11am. Feeling goooooooooooood
  • This is Singapore... and yes, that is a boat on top of a building #outrageous
  • Calm before the storm
  • Best breakfast EVER
  • Pistols out #sunshine
  • The view from the worlds highest bar #Altitude #Singapore
  • Finish straight of both our race tomorrow night and the Formula 1 #flatout
  • View number 2 #Altitude #Singapore
  • Said boat
  • A good spin after a couple of long flights. Nice sunny 100km #Brighton
  • Father Christmas' identity unveiled... #Scotchsanta
  • Tunnel vision #Edinburgh
  • This is happening tonight #Durham #TourSeries
  • It's Laversack! My favourite Welsh team mate #Durham
  • Me and the L dog after Torquay #TourSeries Photo:Andy Whitehouse
  • Best Tour Series motivation ever... Thanks @simonedurose
  • New boots #NewBalance
  • Rapha cafe with the lads
  • Hate it when people are always on their phones... bloody Laversack
  • Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's a Laversack!
  • The rest of the ride was pretty cool though...
  • Bloody training...
  • Last ride in sunny Sussex before flying off again. Next up, the National Crit Series. Now time for a coffee!
  • Essentials
  • Happy campers
  • This doesn't happen very often so I thought I'd document it. Must be feeling guilty! #cafefiend
  • Rode from Preston to Middlewich predominantly all offroad
  • Spaceship
  • Won the jersey for best haircut today in Ireland
  • It's that time again
  • You can't be serious?
  • Beer power
  • Filth
  • Standard
  • Seaside cruising
  • Mid ride stop at my favourite place
  • Got me home #Lewes
  • The man, the myth, the Mike
  • Easily amused
  • Can't take this guy anywhere... Thanks for lunch @drewholmes22!
  • Sunshine
  • Birthday ride with the old man
  • Misty climbing with 5th Floor @rudymelo
  • This is cool #Brighton
  • 5th Floor approval
  • and what mate
  • I've made a new friend, sorry Skye
  • One man and his dog
  • Pretty cool round here
  • Thank god we're home
  • One more from this morning
  • The good stuff
  • Cruising around in Bright
  • Tuesday morning spin with the boys
  • Sharing a special moment I think
  • Wet one today. I bet everyone is feeling very sympathetic back home
  • Slightly warmer than my usual core spot at home
  • These guys
  • We're such funny blokes
  • The gang
  • We're all friends really
  • A big day on the bike deserves a big milkshake
  • Cheers to @robbiehucker and Lappers for the dece spin
  • No hands ????
  • Another cool one from Sunday. Photo: @simonatkinsonphoto
  • Good rest day form
  • Some long bloke just living the Australian dream
  • Living the dream
  • It's a Specialized shoe party at the OGB
  • I think Luke wins the sock and tan competition today
  • Last one today I promise. Stolen from little Jack
  • Pretty hot today in Bendigo
  • This is what happens in Bendigo at Christmas #hitters
  • Easy does it
  • Christmas Eve chill. Just me, @sammycrome and the big man. Happy Christmas everyone!
  • Yeah, @sammycrome did 6 hours today and I did nothing...
  • Romantic meal with young @sammycrome. He's looked after me pretty well since getting here to Oz. Thanks mate!
  • Christmas morning
  • I miss these days
  • This track lark is easier than I remember
  • Check this guy out #noshame #sleevelessjersey
  • Last dinner before the team arrive tonight. Thanks to @pjm111 for doing the BBQ
  • Just doing my thing
  • Bit of history with this town bike. It's only ridden 1 Olympic road race though...
  • Game time
  • Balcony km's
  • Not easy
  • Final day at the Bay Crits done and dusted. Average ride from me today rolling home in 8th but cool to win the green sprints jersey overall. Thanks for all the messages
  • Next up is the Herald Sun Tour
  • Another tough day. Managed to keep the sprint jersey going into tomorrow's final stage in Williamstown (photo: jxpphotography)
  • The Malmsbury muffin brigade. Great shout @kristianhouse
  • Smiles all round this morning as our favourite place is back in business
  • Rest day pre breaky ride
  • Team day
  • Not a great time to lose your team mates
  • Steady one
  • Slow mo sprint video from @porterelliot
  • This is what 30 degrees at 6:30am looks like
  • Mikes not lost his bottle
  • Communal rest day
  • Can't wait to get racing again!
  • No chance of slacking today -  hardass coach TK in the team car. Check his new site
  • Last cafe stop all together in Bendigo! Half the team head off to New Zealand tomorrow
  • Nice little catch up spin with the boss
  • This ones getting big!
  • Latecomer to the cafe but another New Zealand bloke - The Sack
  • It's the last stage, it's very windy, its hilly but @richhandley90 is not phased #bloke
  • This is pretty cool
  • Pre prologue drink? Not the Americano I was expecting...
  • I miss racing a lot
  • The sunny day wasn't completely wasted
  • Still at it, two weeks to go
  • This is what today is all about - Ulloa scoring on the 92nd minute to put us in the playoffs. True Brighton style #bhafc #Brighton
  • Keeping ourselves out of trouble
  • So today I had my cast removed and was given the all clear to start riding again. Very happy!
  • Aberystwyth took a huge 3-1 win over... #Wales
  • Quite enjoying not having a broken hand
  • The best bit
  • Nice to wear race number 1 at the Milk Race yesterday. I reckon @johnherety could probably give me the reason I crashed yesterday...
  • It hasn't been a particularly strenuous day
  • It wasn't pleasant getting up there
  • No better way to celebrate a good night of winning at the Tour Series than with a nice big #letthemeatcakeco cupcake eh @kristianhouse
  • This made it better though... Cheers for getting me home @enzonantwich
  • Not just a crit bike...
  • Just hanging out...
  • Top night with the guys from JLT
  • Good to be out