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Dan Gerous

Dan Gerous

Montreal, Quebec, Canada
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Monthly Activity Distance

  • 0 km
  • 280
  • 560
  • 840
  • 1120
  • 1400
Oct 2014
Jan 2015

Current Month

  • 249.0km
  • 10h 20m
  • 3,256m

Recent Achievements

  • PR on @100B7 Allard
  • PR on Montée Chemin de Brill
  • PR on @100B7 Brill
  • PR on Glen Road (243 to Paramount


Distance 10,776.2km
Time 438h 51m
Elevation Gain 102,359m
Rides 307


Total Distance 32,692.6km
Total Time 1367h 49m
Total Elev Gain 323,029m
Total Rides 916

Recent Photos

  • Poor man's wind blocker.
  • I think I found the tire pressure sweetspot for those @panaracer_world GravelKing 28's... Great tires by the way if you like to ride everywhere.
  • I was told instagram is for food pictures and selfies only...
  • Nice day in the land of the pick-up trucks.
  • One of these two promotional items will probably end up in the trash very quickly. #FreshLocalNaturalEnergyBar VS #MadeInChinaCrap
  • Post ride local maple cola...
  • It's friday!
  • Refreshing watermelon...
  • Montréal from the outside.
  • Refreshment + skin treatment.
  • Homebase.
  • Homebase.
  • Chances I'm gonna make it home dry...
  • More explorations...
  • Gravel day in the unknown.
  • Classic view of Orford.
  • Playing with fire today... #work #aftereffects
  • I guess I'll work a little longer... #ilpleutcommevachequipisse
  • For each 5lbs lost at the waist, 5mm of spacer is lost under the stem... Now I need to control it with beer.
  • Well yeah... #EVIDENCEonAmug
  • Thanks whoever left this Martin Deschamps action figure...
  • #chilleur
  • Watching the sun set...
  • Blue skies calling my name...
  • Winter is over.
  • Always make sure nobody steals your post-ride underwear.
  • Am I lost? That's a good thing.
  • Finding some sweetspots while exploring...
  • I'm now un-lost.
  • Who's bike is this? #synapse
  • Feels like winter is back atmo -
  • Planning some rides... #BasqueCountryCalling
  • Much better than a GoPro...
  • Saw a bike with a couch...
  • I'm safe.
  • Essential tools.
  • My new car...
  • Oh, just a typical evening pulling wheelies on my Big Wheel.
  • First #BelgianTan of the year.
  • Wonderful toy to test in the coming days. Cosmetically and manufacturingly speaking, the Fabric ALM is a work of art... now let's see what the butt says.
  • Crime scene.
  • I disagree.
  • Oups... someone is having a bad day.
  • The aftermath.
  • Dont get fooled, Zwift Island is best tackled on a cyclocross bike. #sand
  • Hey Dirty, baby I got yo money!
  • Strava data generated art by
  • Chart of the day... ????????❄️❄️❄️
  • I'm a freelancer but I work at my main client's office on most days, for obvious reasons...
  • After FTP test. #Icannondale #butOuch
  • #shelfie #rollersnottrainers
  • Riding on Ice Ice baby!
  • Fixie Fixie Fixie can't you see, your endurance pace just hypnotize me...
  • Montréal is falling apart.
  • R.I.P. Steve Hed.
  • #rollersnottrainers
  • Lachute.
  • Yo dude!
  • 1.5 years later, in a sudden illumination, it clicks, my Evo Black Inc. has Belgian blue highlights... #duh
  • Loud brakes, loud kit.
  • My view, when no motion blur applied.
  • Good day to be out on a bike.
  • Color matching the drink to the bike... well, almost. #BlackInc #BlueDrink
  • Ceiling of an office's toilet... #NicolasCage
  • A little quickie to reset the brain after a long dumbing meeting.
  • Chillin' post-ride with my friend Jack Daniel's...
  • Passed through my season's 5000km mark discreetly yesterday.
  • We installed this at the office I work at many days a year... I'm still calling it a day.
  • Nice Butts!
  • 10
  • 10
  • Like in the 80's...
  • Today's plan: 135km dirt/gravel/grass ride... 50km so far.
  • More ITT (individual tanning time).
  • Quoiwhat? The days of having to choose between peanut butter and nutalla with bananas are over?
  • End of day recovery ride.
  • Bustin' out the Scalpel for an easy ride.
  • Well hello big guy!
  • Well hello even bigger guy!
  • Gotta go now.
  • Crappy café is better than no café... or is it?
  • Breakfast.
  • Campy Heritage.
  • Raced against a storm... I lost. #pepperedLegs
  • About to go for a cold rainy commute.
  • New deluxe commuting shoes: Giro Terraduro in business suit black.
  • Today's office look after taking a 'not-so-shortcut'.
  • Work partay!
  • These things are heating as if it was -25C... Must be 35C in this office.
  • A friend's electric-assisted beast... Yeah I know, but it's better than a car.
  • #livingontheedge
  • I'm done with winter gear.
  • Yo fatty!
  • ...
  • That doesn't replicate being in the Swiss Alps at all.
  • One of many...
  • This menacing sticky squid has been right above my head for weeks...
  • 5 minutes late...
  • #nextlevel #jerseypocketnutrition
  • It's time to let the secret out. #useyourdamnindicators
  • Judging by the slownesd and the spinning tire tracks of that car, I'm about to have some fun on the bike...
  • Well that was fun!
  • When a mint vintage sunburst-gradient Klein appears in the bike rack, spring is near.
  • Matte-textured-beige is the new black.
  • 17:34... and look at that daylight!
  • Every guys in the building come peep at my screen this week... #work
  • It was warm today but winter is not over. Saw that Mustang and people ice fishing on the still frozen river.
  • Some people go to Mallorca, some go see the 76 Olympic Stadium in the dark. #baseTraining
  • Everyone is trying to hide from the arctic wind.
  • What does that mean?
Means I need a shower.
  • Second snowstorm in a week.
  • Snaero!
  • Sure, the snow looked all cute and innocent in front of my house, but it would be a nasty slip-n-slide of a ride. It was great!
  • Today's tools
  • Good Old 9-Ball...
  • Ready for a long ride?
  • Fall on Montréal.
  • Just a road...
  • Very warm for mid-October.
  • Deltas in the wild.
  • Aaaand another...
  • Better than none...
  • Tarlouze