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tim brennan

tim brennan

San Rafael, CA
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tim brennan is a cyclist from San Rafael, CA. Join Strava to track your activities, analyze your performance, and follow friends. Strava members can plan routes, participate in motivating challenges, and join clubs. Get started by signing up for free.

Monthly Activity Distance

  • 0 mi
  • 20
  • 40
  • 60
  • 80
  • 100
Oct 2014
Jan 2015

Current Month

  • 13.4mi
  • 1h 2m
  • 240ft


Distance 57.3mi
Time 4h 21m
Elevation Gain 1,122ft
Rides 6


Total Distance 11,167.1mi
Total Time 808h 12m
Total Elev Gain 439,035ft
Total Rides 628

Recent Photos

  • #promechaniclife
  • Lights...first time this year. #lightandmotion #timbuk2
  • Today's #coololdbike is a nicely lugged Centurion w/ Dura Ace AX , and tubular wheels w/ Campy Record hubs. Don't see this every day!
  • No #fireball last night @kimmy_ford ? @riles_ford gave you the night off?????????
  • #spyglasses Discord...yeah, they're big, but they have #happylens!
  • Proof I actually made it to Pt Reyes Station! Awesome ride w/ @nicolacranmer
  • Pretty warm outside today, good thing I've got my #osmonutrition!
  • Hope I can do the new socks justice today! #teamcitycycle #hangoverride
  • #uhcprocycling at the front #msr la primavera!
  • I have no idea what it is but I've never dipped fries in anything better! #spicycheesystuff
  • Me: Uhhhmmm, you know your frame is broken, yeah?  Customer: No way! Where?
  • We know how to get it done #promechanicslife right @dan_cx?
  • NOT a New Years resolution. They do not apply here!
  • One more addition...#magpul #mp1522lr
  • XL issue #oakley Radarlock
  • Gotta love caller ID!
  • Custom is always best...#iphone5
  • So little scenery around here...
  • 214w, slight downhill. Yep...we're gonna call that a headwind...
  • Those wouldn't look too bad would they? #trekbikes #bontrager
  • A little AquaSeal and they're ready to race...#zipp #challengetires #sram
  • Getting a late start on CX season but I'll be there
  • Got got it? #apple
  • Comes w/ it's own halo lighting effect...
  • I predict 'ass hatchet'...
  • Another stress filled day guarding the food guy's bike...
  • Put the fast gloves on...they worked! 5Bling @josiahcyclist . #gshock #trackcyclingrules
  • First session @Hellyer in a few years, so far so good!
  • My coworker has these sick old Oakley M-Frames...what lens is this? #oakley #sweetretroshades
  • Small square #gshocks
  • Overdo it w/ bright colors? me? Never...Image created with #Snapseed
  • It was looking good Sunday at the dam.
  • Who, me? ????
  • Did a couple hours w/ @nicolacranmer this morning, spared all the #stravasegments on Paradise ????
  • Brutal ride...
  • Dirty Ghetto Kids...
  • All of a sudden I've forgotten about the killer brake rotor...
  • Rotors are still sharp, if you were wondering...
  • Now I know the secret to free cheap aluminum from Toys R Us!
  • Thinkin' about a new cat. This one would make a much better door stop than Smith...
  • This should be fun...
  • @stubone showing me the "people's eyeballs". Epic. @beardevteam #girohelmets
  • I proposed...she accepted ;-)...guess who the lucky girl is...
  • Safety first at
  • It's that time of year again...
  • Lots of suds today...
  • Slamthatstem w/ John Marlowe...
  • Choices...
  • The drying 'gate'...
  • Near-slammage...
  • Americano w/ Mitch at Rapha SF
  • So good I had to take another photo...
  • The finished Nomad C...
  • Nice...
  • It's Friday and Marlowe is foaming at the mouth already...
  • Best sticker ever...
  • Bonnie, Ted, Freeway Frank and the crew at @
  • Bell lap in Santa Rosa...
  • Really, it's not the bad...
  • Mmmmmm...lemon bar
  • 1 of 12 in the country...
  • Not many bikes made in SUI...
  • One more...
  • Watching @tayler_wiles12 kill it live on#ExergyTourTracker !
  • Just installed my first new Red group...
  • Brakes feel sweet!
  • Super quiet and smooth...
  • And in other news, that's the tightest tire I've battled in a long time!
  • Cory's Madone w/ '12 SRAM Red
  • Slamthatstem w/ Marlowe
  • New & old...
  • You know it's not your day when this happens...
  • The 1lb 10oz pound cake...
  • Lazy Smith weather...
  • We have the best customers!
  • Boppity boopity
  • Nice, got my Pacifics cap today!
  • Once-a-month health food at work
  • I'm not really one to have 'favorites' ...but this is definitely my all-time favorite race car. '69 917K in Gulf-Wyer colors
  • Too cool for just one shot...
  • I knew it!
  • Last day for this Red shows up tomorrow morning!
  • What a life...
  • Corte Madera parade w/ City Cycle crew and @janem8 @corynrivera & @taylerwiles
  • G rode my longboard...
  • Got 'em today...yep, bi-focal safety glasses. #gettingoldsucks
  • New K Edge Garmin mount...
  • I like this app...
  • Lots of boxes, lots of bits...guess what I'm doing this afternoon
  • So much nicer gluing outside!
  • Another summer in SF...
  • The view today in tiburon...what do ya think...perfectly good fun or disaster waiting to happen?
  • CX bike...race ready. Rider...not so much. First dirt ride on the Cronus.
  • On the road to cx season...
  • Water bottle boss plugs...#superlightsuperproteamissue
  • First race done...first crash can only get better ????
  • Lunchtime...
  • It got to be 'that time of year' all of a sudden, didn't it?
  • In other news, CX season just got a little better
  • Giants...NLDS champs!
  • @dznuts products on the shelves at City Cycle in both CM & SF!
  • It looks like fat cat has adopted @hnielson and is well on the way to taking over her room...
  • First ever(!) ride on a 29er...whatta blast! It avoids mud puddles better than @hnielson 's SS too
  • The brain trust if the hilltop hecklers...bringing heckling to new highs. Or maybe lows...
  •'s my business. No, really is. For real.
  • A rare glimpse caught outside the secret service course...coolest car here! Good seein ya @dan_cx !
  • Busy morning in tiburon...#toomanyneongreenjackets
  • The day is shaping up nicely. Sun is out, our pal Ryan stopped by and now there's a 12er of PBR on my bench. Life is good...
  • Another day, another cupcake thanks to @christinatamm & @patbailey #llbskirts
  • I swear I did the reservoir loop, my Garmin battery died! Photo proof, ink wells w/ @nicolacranmer & pete