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Lucas Tamagna-Darr

Lucas Tamagna-Darr

San Rafael, California
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Lucas Tamagna-Darr is a runner from San Rafael, California. Join Strava to track your activities, analyze your performance, and follow friends. Strava members can plan routes, participate in motivating challenges, and join clubs. Get started by signing up for free.

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Monthly Activity Distance

  • 0 mi
  • 50
  • 100
  • 150
  • 200
  • 250
Oct 2014
Jan 2015

Current Month

  • 9.9mi
  • 1h 40m
  • 2,271ft

Recent Achievements

  • 2nd fastest time on Andystone Ascent
  • 2nd fastest time on Big Rock Ridge Rd Climb
  • 2nd fastest time on Mt Home to Old Mill
  • 2nd fastest time on Water Tower to Panoramic Trail Bomb

All-Time PRs

  • 17:27
  • 3:57:36


Distance 1,547.6mi
Time 255h 35m
Elevation Gain 346,211ft
Runs 211


Total Distance 5,412.6mi
Total Time 863h 35m
Total Elev Gain 974,678ft
Total Runs 659

Recent Photos

  • Nice morning sharing some miles with this guy.
  • To the ocean. Sunrise run in San Diego.
  • Last stage of the road trip. Big Sky MT for #runtherut
  • Sunrise season on mount tam
  • Sunrise from widowmaker
  • Great way to start the day
  • Enjoying an easy day up the ridge with this guy. Squirrels beware...
  • Camera shy pup. Too early for pics I guess
  • A bit disappointed. Just starting to like these and they blow out. Didn't even hit 200 miles
  • Looking forward to the Indian ladder descent
  • Perfect weather for a run around the north side of tam. When's it going to rain again...
  • Husky on the prowl.  Watch out critters
  • Cooling off in the shade after a good run on the trail
  • On my way back down from the towers surrounded by an ocean of fog
  • Mid run cool down
  • Perfect afternoon on big rock ridge.
  • Snowy run in dc
  • Sunrise over the bay from San Pedro ridge
  • Evening tam summit with @run_rudy
  • Rodeo beach sunset with my buddy
  • Sunset from bald mountain
  • Birthday breakfast with @hgalisson at mhbb.
  • Good morning Portland
  • One more
  • Congrats @victorysportdesign on 2nd at the inaugural #trt200
  • Great morning running in the clouds.
  • Good morning Bay Area
  • Exploring new trails
  • Afternoon run uncovers a hash trail. Time to find the beer
  • Foggy double summit.
  • Back on the trails with Kenai. Best way to start the day.
  • Tam through the clouds.
  • Pico do Papagaio (Parrot Peak) summit run on Ilha Grande.
  • Good morning Terra Linda
  • ITR headlands evening run @insidetrail
  • Another great morning on San Pedro Ridge with Kenai
  • Morning Bob run with Skylar and Heather
  • West end of alpine lake
  • First ride to the top of tam
  • Back on the ridge with the pup
  • Water break
  • Enjoying the morning with my buddy
  • Enjoying the morning with my buddy on San Pedro ridge
  • Good morning San Francisco!
  • Recovery run with my buddy
  • Splash break.
  • And down to dawn falls
  • Tam #8
  • Sunday morning on Tam
  • Loving big rock ridge in the late afternoon
  • Running up Yosemite falls
  • Tam summit with Jon
  • Sunset tam run
  • New Years Eve run up big rock ridge
  • Full moon ITR group run
  • Last of the 3. Tam summit :)
  • Brr summit
  • Sunset run
  • Post run splash in the tub
  • Sunrise at the top of Tam
  • Tam summit
  • Took a nice fall coming down the hoo koo e koo trail
  • Morning run with Jeremy
  • Cross training ride up Loma alta. So much easier to run up.
  • Mt Tam summit run
  • Morning run with Kenai
  • Nike site SPR
  • Big rock ridge summit
  • Sunrise on SPR
  • Summit of Tam
  • Sunrise as we start the climb up Tam
  • Early morning run up San Pedro ridge with Kenai
  • Trail run at Briones regional park