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Jason Mott

Jason Mott

Cincinnati, OH
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@JMottEdD @RaceHungry #racehungry @FebrezeInWash #bringthestink @CampusCylery

Monthly Activity Distance

  • 0 mi
  • 120
  • 240
  • 360
  • 480
  • 600
Oct 2014
Jan 2015

Current Month

  • 149.4mi
  • 9h 4m
  • 9,957ft

Recent Achievements

  • 8th overall on Hissem Rd Climb
  • 9th overall on They Lied To Me!
  • 9th overall on Greenwood Portland Chip Tar Road East
  • PR on Fiskburg climb


Distance 3,793.3mi
Time 211h 24m
Elevation Gain 220,653ft
Rides 152


Total Distance 25,800.4mi
Total Time 1587h 37m
Total Elev Gain 1,601,358ft
Total Rides 1057

Recent Photos

  • Testing the 2016 setup. #bikesleaningonthings
  • Started the ride with just a little fog this morning. #iamsoaked
  • 117 miles/9.5k ascent of pavement, dirt, and gravel done and dusted. Literally.
  • Followed this route for a bit today and I'll definitely be coming back for more this week. Wow. Need to shake the hand of the person who planned and marked it...maybe even a hug.
  • There will be flutes playing, and garlands, and you won't be invited!
  • Passed these guys going up the backside of Town Mtn Rd (they were spinning easy). They very easily caught me back on the descent.
  • Hey Scran'n, let's avoid calling dried up creek beds roads for the sake of cyclotourist confusion. #pranksters
  • What up Scran'n?! Views like this for days.
  • Happy opening day everyone. I will celebrate in my own way. #goreds #springbreakcamp
  • If you haven't been up Amsterdam lately...there's a brand new one.
  • If I have to be here I might as well learn something. #TrainerPD
  • When you tell a 20-something that you'll cover his gas station purchase, this is what he brings to the counter. #allthelildebbies
  • Good evening from the west side.
  • Garmin auto-paused twice while running up this hill. Not cool Garmin, not cool.
  • Family hike
  • Snow selfie.
  • Guinness likes the snow....a lot.
  • Fall family fun day w/ @jennan0elle
  • Very different environment for openers than last week. #fallishere
  • 40 mins of tempo then complete and brutal crack on my 2nd interval. Spending some 'what do I do now' time with my feathered friends at the landing.
  • There are some perks to being a post-secondary counselor. Thanks Marian U!
  • My new training spot is better than your spot.
  • Ride to the park, lower PSI, train, hand pump, ride home. Thanks for the tip @csmayhew .
  • Riding with the most famous calves in CX.
  • Jbv/J Pow group ride. Good times.
  • J Pow and Spencer riding the steps at the Loveland amphitheater.
  • It'll fall the rest of the way down the hill one of these days, I'll enjoy it until then.
  • Thanks for the protected bike lane Cincy. #really?
  • Good morning from Scranton #sogood
  • Sand practice. #sogood
  • Sandy motocross course and endless 4 wheeler trails means bringing the CX bike was a good call.
  • You ever take it off any sweet jumps? #sledgehammer
  • We will ride bikes on top of a MOUNTAIN... And there will be flutes playing...and garlands...and you won't be invited! #smallmtn
  • Delhi was so honored that they named a street after @csmayhew after his ride through the West Side last year.
  • Of all the times I've ridden/raced by Harrison's tomb, I've enve checked it out...until today.
  • Got wet for the third day in a row. Need to get back to amateur radar reading school.
  • The things  you find on recovery rides... I'll have to come back with the CX bike.
  • Happy #biketoworkday . A little soggy and chilly, but still a good ride in.
  • Because...why not? #crosstraining
  • My dad was always proud of me as long as I gave 100%. Installed the top cap from his old Klein to serve as a reminder of that this season.
  • No excuses this year...maybe a lot of tune ups though.
  • Just feels amazing to be outside
  • Winter in ohio
  • A 'My toes are numb and Starbucks is closest' doppio stop.
  • Last hike in Scranton. Bikes soon.
  • Not in San Francisco anymore.
  • San Francisco is okay...I guess
  • The climb back outa here on a 30 lb hybrid in jeans is gonna be fun. #worthit
  • Don't mind if I do
  • #badartist
  • Golden gate after coit tower steps. Steps are thing in San Fran. #whoknew #runthemall
  • Fierce game of dodgeball. I wanna play...
  • Alcatraz after running Jones street steps... Reminder that it could be worse.
  • Top of filbert street steps #ouch
  • Looks like a cool San Fran shop
  • Hitting the Parcour course at Embshoff
  • Camouflaged in its native territory #singletracktraining
  • Recovery ride with Jenna
  • Tabatas x 3 has me taking this picture from the ground rather than from my feet.
  • I'm on a boat.
  • Recovering from my bonk on Buffalo Ridge with a coke and a snickers...time to limp the rest of the way home.
  • The slight rain was nice for CX training, the tstorm not so much. Guess there's a reason I had the park to myself.
  • Waiting for a cab since my hanger snapped and all my friends actually work everyday in the summer. What's that about?
  • This'll put a damper on your route plans...ride still turned out perfect.
  • 7 mile climb then into a state forest. Cycling around Scranton doesn't suck.
  • Think I'd be okay if Jenna wanted to move back to Scranton #mountaintoplake
  • Whoops
  • Deeper into the whoops, committed now
  • Cornering practice with a view
  • Not your typical Friday
  • Tried to make a 2nd Rte 8 out and back but took my bail out...happily #perrinobellantepaintrain
  • End of the road
  • That's roundbottom down there
  • Hey Death missed one.
  • Cruising the west side
  • Yarn bomb?
  • Pups were happy that my race was cancelled and we went for a run instead.
  • Met a new friend after 55 miles
  • Glacier gloves made it two hours before the espresso and cinnamon roll were necessary to make it the last  10 miles.
  • Happy Thanksgiving everybody.
  • As small as possible
  • Purging the work week