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Chris Mocko

Chris Mocko

San Francisco, CA
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Sickest references, but everyone knows that

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Monthly Activity Distance

  • 0 mi
  • 110
  • 220
  • 330
  • 440
  • 550
Oct 2014
Jan 2015

Current Month

  • 128.3mi
  • 14h 42m
  • 4,412ft

Recent Achievements

  • 2nd overall on Bangaaarang!!
  • 5th overall on Valencia - 23rd to Market
  • 5th overall on Valencia - Chavez to 17th
  • 9th overall on Valencia, 19th to 26th

All-Time PRs

  • 3:51
    1500 METERS
  • 8:15
    3000 METERS
  • 14:26
  • 48:01
  • 1:06:29
  • 1:40:46
  • 2:23:06
  • 3:51:02
  • 6:32:20
    50 MILES
  • 8:18:15


Distance 3,449.6mi
Time 387h 35m
Elevation Gain 128,720ft
Runs 423


Total Distance 14,786.5mi
Total Time 1689h 15m
Total Elev Gain 510,807ft
Total Runs 1684

Recent Photos

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  • A man and his phone. And his fried chicken. Happy birthday @runduff747!
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  • Switzerland 2009-->Kaua'i 2014: Bright green v-necks still in style.
  • 0.0
  • Ironman...more like Burning Man #holysmokes
  • Oh hey there, Old Friend. #vitaminD
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  • Went for a hike. Found some gargoyles.
  • Ladies and gentleman, the Pacific Ocean
  • Sneaking in one final non-World Cup 'gram
  • No Belgian waffles or chocolate this AM, but I couldn't give up all sweets
  • Who needs fireworks when you've got Hugh Grant? (How I spent my 4th)
  • A man and his thoughts.
  • The majestic @chrisjcoble -- best man to have around when you break a spoke.
  • "Begin each day as if it were on purpose (by watching The Matrix)..." #youthinkthatsairyourebreathingnow #hmm
  • Prize for 2nd place. Mo money, mo problems. All about the Hamiltons, baby! #prostatus @chrisjcoble @willriff
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  • Cherry popped. #eldiablo
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  • "Look to my coming on the first light of the fifth day, at dawn look to the east." - Gandalf
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  • Great timing on the rain, Nature.
  • Top 'o the mountain
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  • Merry Christmas from the Mockos
  • Finally. #littlemonsters
  • #shinebrightlikeadiamond #GameOfThrones
  • @crosbyf looking fresh. 40 down, 60 to go.
  • Promised @crosbyf a lighthouse view. @carlthefog had different plans.
  • @chrisjcoble @cros 2 sec PR. Wasn't even trying. Next time @strava KOM is mine.
  • @strava @cros #trailsclosed #menatwork
  • Today's catch of the day: Chris Sandwich (w @chris_woodyard )
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  • This makes about as much sense as a diet book that helps you get fat.
  • Wanted: Y chromosome.
  • Makings of a great brunch. Happy bday @hakondevries
  • So it begins...
  • Greta Garbo and Monroe. Dietrich and DiMaggio.
  • Sunday morning jog. Or is it yog? Might be a silent J.
  • Centerfold
  • pb and jellyfish sandwich? @hakondevries
  • High School Musical to start the wknd #treatyoself2012
  • @s_dupre on a bigger boat with DJ @vslavich
  • Fitting finale to a chili feast
  • #findyourgreatness
  • Shuttle arrives at 5th and Mission. Not sure what all the hoopla was about.
  • Where does the smoothie end and the shirt begin? #twinsontwinsondrinks
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