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Allan O'Neil

Allan O'Neil

Northcote, Victoria, Australia
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14 AAC 200/250's and counting

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Monthly Activity Distance

  • 0 km
  • 270
  • 540
  • 810
  • 1080
  • 1350
Oct 2014
Jan 2015

Current Month

  • 121.9km
  • 5h 24m
  • 464m

Recent Achievements

  • PR on Change of wind mordy return
  • PR on Beach Rd Climb
  • PR on Col de Charman
  • PR on LaP Charman Sprint


Distance 7,689.2km
Time 296h 37m
Elevation Gain 114,971m
Rides 138


Total Distance 24,590.5km
Total Time 928h 18m
Total Elev Gain 341,860m
Total Rides 513

Recent Photos

  • Fitzroy landscapes
  • Fitzroy foraging
  • Perfect morning by the bay, en route to coffee stop #2 #springtimeinmelbourne
  • Perfect morning in the Nongs #GORCtraining
  • Choices, choices ...
  • More velodrome hazards
  • New kennels approaching completion?
  • What's missing from this picture? Drove like this from Northcote to 'Nongs ????
  • Even Cavallini has succumbed to the #nutelladoughnut craze ...
  • Mortirollout
  • Blue Sky day in Bormio
  • One down one to go
  • PoliMaster
  • Not the HCC crit course but photo still required
  • A mountain Spider
  • The Yarra of Ponte di Legno
  • Lunch stop - thought it was never coming. Pizza did the trick for Gavia though.
  • Early slopes of the Gavia
  • Robin about to hit the steep sections through the forest
  • Nearing the top, looking back down the valley
  • Svelte climber's legs on show
  • Gavorama
  • Belgian recovery technique
  • Bormio side of Passo Gavia
  • @masters_andrew enjoying the vista
  • Even "recovery rides" in Bormio seem to involve lots of climbing
  • ... and hairpins ...
  • ... and dirt roads ...
  • PoliPollock
  • Bikepath made a nice change
  • Mr. 26%
  • Lunch at Prato am Stelvio. Only one way back from here.
  • En route to Stelvio from Prato. It only gets more intimidating from here
  • Prato locals wishing us well (?) for the Stelvio climb
  • Final series of switchbacks (600 vertical metres) leading up to Stelvio
  • Hello again Passo dello Stelvio
  • Early part of Stelvio
  • Hendy powers up
  • Stelvio switchbacks
  • Stelvio action
  • Passo Stelvio at (far) top right
  • Stelvio completto!
  • The less-hairpinned Bormio side of the Stelvio. Bring on the Prato side then!
  • Top of Laurie's "little" post lunch climb to Pian delle Femene - about 9km @ 9.8%!!!
  • Monte Pizzoc
  • Pretty much how I felt by the end of Laurie's climb
  • Semi selfie with Nonna at La Crosetta
  • Slowest ever GPM sprint (for 3rd place) to Pian delle Femene @vaughas @lorangeisnewblack
  • Pizzoc descent
  • An easy recovery day was called so where did we head?
  • Flatter piece of road coming ...
  • Lost (again) near Belluno (we think)
  • Back on familiar ground
  • Home trail
  • Wish us luck!
  • One down one to go
  • Spider enjoying 15% on Passo Fedaia #colcollector
  • #teampoli sprinter cuts loose at top of the Fedaia #colcollector
  • @robinrouleur making light of a 15% pitch on the Fedaia #colcollector
  • Sottoguda Gorge, Marmolada ahead and UP #colcollector
  • All too common a sight on the Passo Fedaia from Caprile #colcollector
  • Lunch stop was well timed. Bailout option over Passo San Pelligrino suddenly looking good!
  • (Almost) safely down the San Pelegrino, somehow dry despite the soaking on the Moena side
  • Impromptu CX?
  • Descending from San Lorenzo into Vittoria Veneto
  • @robinrouleur taking it carefully, San Lorenzo
  • Synchronized cycling?
  • #AntiKruijswuijk?
  • Belluno - bellissimo!
  • Road to Belluno
  • Consequences of too much pizza for lunch @vaughas
  • Passo San Boldo descent. Ridiculous piece of road.
  • Big Italian sky
  • Rack 'em up
  • San Marino native surveying the view
  • #PoliWogs
  • Back end of the peloton
  • Route home beckoning
  • Post-ride rehydration wreckage
  • Market day
  • Bike fuel
  • SuperGuide and bunch motor extraordinaire Filippo Grandicelli
  • Post coffee rollout
  • A just slightly worse than usual piece of Italian road
  • This afternoon's objective - Monte Carpegna
  • Made it!
  • Job done, homeward bound
  • Unexpected al fresco lunch stop
  • Not the usual mid-ride lunch break #excesscalories
  • Preferred post-ride rehydration formula of HCC Presidents and others
  • Spot the ex-pro
  • Who is the secret pro?
  • Spot the non-pro
  • Spot the former world champion
  • Spot the odd one out
  • Guide Felice could have beaten us up every hill on this bike
  • Riccione BP sprint ...
  • Luckily we met two local pros today
  • #wymta
  • Racing home for lunch and Giro viewing
  • Leaning tower of Lucca
  • Tuscarama
  • Worth the price of admission all by itself
  • Cinque Terre
  • Navigational stop #37
  • Refueling on holy water
  • Worth a visit for the choc ricotta tart if you get lost on Monte Pisano
  • Montemagno climb
  • Stu Vaughan on the wheel
  • Remembering which side of the road to ride on
  • Lucca #baaw
  • Hitting the pave in Lucca
  • Duomo, Milan
  • No Odyssey for obvious reasons. Walk in the rain = best I could do
  • #wymtm  Actually if you're reading this you probably went riding tiday and DIDN'T miss it ????
  • @alicatado14 soaking up the Vit D
  • #newkitday
  • Just a bigger version of Meccano being played with at Brunswick Terminal Station
  • Beam me up Scotty
  • I should so have done this BEFORE this morning's ride ???????? #twopunctures
  • The power of advertising
  • Music to sweat to
  • A bit of gravé in honour of Paris Roubaix tonight
  • And some pavé to finish with #PR2015
  • #baaw #PR2015
  • #ponyclublyf
  • Shoppingwagon
  • Boneo sunrise
  • #wymtm
  • #wymtm 2
  • Nice discovery in Eltham this morning. Highly recommended @papabearelthamcafe
  • You saw it here first
  • Lyrebird hunting - heard but not seen
  • Mountain Ash, Mt St Leonard
  • Shades of blue
  • Spot the horses
  • ?post-Arthur's PB? #yessiree ????
  • Strada biancha di Merricks Beach
  • #AlbisRide
  • #AlbisRide Sydney Rd note crap bike lanes
  • Just another tough day at the office :(
  • Time to hit up Singh's - missing that part of the commute home
  • #whichwaywouldyouratherbegoing
  • #whichwaywouldyouratherbegoing
  • Supercommuter
  • City Hall has listened ????
  • #perthlyf
  • MTBer's tattoo
  • A distant descendant of the Marquis de Sade with his favourite instrument of torture
  • One of the many "reasonably easy" bits
  • Because more selfies were requested ...
  • Deceptively tricky
  • More %##%&ing sand
  • Apparently the trail continues to the right of picture ...
  • (tor)Mentor-in-chief for an MTB noob
  • WA Xmas bush = weed (but pretty)
  • Vancouver Peninsula Albany
  • #newsockday
  • Trainee commuter
  • Logo latte
  • Spider churning out the tempo to KL West
  • KLunder Klouds
  • Unusual post-ride hazard
  • Birthday (pan)Cake!
  • On the road to Healesville #wymtm
  • @fabiovelo enjoying the yarra valley
  • Don Road
  • #DirtyDonnaLoop
  • Heading back on Don't Rd #DirtyDonnaLoop
  • Hands optional James?
  • Where's the team car FFS @fabiovelo
  • Gravel done & dusted
  • Lunch! #whiterabbitbrewery
  • #wymtm
  • Silhouettes are so slimming
  • Just as well, 'cos this is what I really look like post-Xmas. Pity I ordered the wrong size in my new kit ????
  • Merry Xmas from Uncle Arthur's
  • #defnonPROfood #tastesgoodthough #Singhs
  • Commuting workhorse can have a spell now
  • #nonhipsterdogs
  • Sure looks like a dog park to me!
  • This on the other hand is clearly a purpose built high speed bike racing facility. WTF is that person & their dog doing on it???
  • Today's musical selection -truly!
  • #noncaninehazard
  • #caninehazard
  • Highly appropriate music for the situation
  • #wymtm
  • Woody while he was still happy
  • Woody meets tackman :(
  • David H
  • #foreverbuttphotos
  • @A Boy Named Sue #hittingthespot
  • #wymtm
  • Got a bit lost on my way to the furniture maker #whatthehelldoesthishavetodowithcycling
  • Russell
  • Mel
  • Some random
  • Safety first - don't upload this while riding
  • Plenty of blue about today