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Will Carroll

Will Carroll

ossining, new york
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Getting Ricky since age 12

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Monthly Activity Distance

  • 0 mi
  • 160
  • 320
  • 480
  • 640
  • 800
Oct 2014
Jan 2015

Current Month

  • 6.6mi
  • 1h 5m
  • 712ft

Recent Achievements

  • 5th overall on Mountain View Rd Climb
  • PR on Route 9w Climb
  • PR on Tallman Gravel
  • PR on Tallman Pool Sprint


Distance 4,431.6mi
Time 305h 51m
Elevation Gain 285,791ft
Rides 141


Total Distance 16,822.7mi
Total Time 1184h 34m
Total Elev Gain 1,149,577ft
Total Rides 541

Recent Photos

  • Coming to a TT near you #e2value
  • Tranquility lane. Uncle Rico and big Ike pattis dead reckon the 104 mile team Ricky gran fondo. #CTcruiser
  • Lower Churchill hill, litchfield CT. #bigdayswithbigIke #ctcruiser
  • Spotted roadside, roxbury CT, team Ricky gran fondo. #throwingthebabyoutwiththbathwater #finderskeepers
  • Tranquility lane
  • Big Ike's rental. Minimum insertion point healthily exceeded.
  • Cozy litchfield hideaway in the shade. Top of killer climb. CT is hiding in plain sight. Start of grassroots tourism campaign?
  • Missing: mavic ksyriums
  • Who wants to ride shotgun? #harshtoke
  • Yeti Jedi Yeiser reading and running dusty rock slab on John Kenneth Galbraith.
  • Tricked out whips, all the right specs #everydaywereshuttling
  • Jed sampling Whistler valley woodwork, cheap thrills trail. Muy muy caliente "XC"
  • Badadingdingdingwaaayyyoooo
  • Pemberton valley, en route to Tyax and the shapely Chilcotins
  • So how long is the climb?
  • Banshee spitfire taking a breather on top of grouse Mtn. Damn girl, that was a long climb!
  • Leaving for Leavenworth. #stratus #columbiarivervalley #jahbless
  • Breaking news!! Mayor of Pemberton BC openly Reggae
  • John Ford III perkin' up big time post injury. tempo pace push up bear Mtn, round 1. Accompanied by squadrons of street moto Merkins Tokyo drifting with gopros shooting footage for their myspace page.
  • Boulder, CO. The human menagerie. Also featured: prominent rock formations, sustained pitches and 197 degree water boiling point. #whereyoungpeoplegotoretire #freegans #michaelfranti #earthyodors #inarticulatepoliticalstances #candles
  • Soaking up the Kitchawan lifestyle on the tip of the Croton reservoir. #strava #lateafternoonisthenewlatenight
  • #foreveryoung #goddessbunny
  • Ain't nothing but a Jp party  on the Pot court #pizzle #roguewolf
  • From the saddle, another vision quest to West Point.
  • A tale of two bridges in the saddle. Gw and bear Mtn. AT was heavy with thru hikers #bandanas #hikingpoles #thruhikerphysique
  • #shoulderseason at clack evergreens.
  • Miss Rorke, what a trooper. #shoulderseason #olecreekbasin
  • Miss Rorke Bundled up on mount scalplock.
  • #shoulderseason at GVR. #hisandhers #insufferable
  • Elephants graveyard --> haskills --> mute half cab on moe-mentum elevators.
  • Traipsing around the Montana Moors. #heathcliff #lakewest
  • Montana river glen, Essex Mtn couloirs perilously perched above Marion lake. See it, believe it, achieve it (in February)!
  • Supplemental Essex Mtn voyeur shot. I am objectifying and undressing it with my male gaze. #oooooooohhhhhhchild
  • #midwintertraction #liam
  • Best present ever #courseofempire
  • Right on da beach. #LIRR #jahbless
  • It's the kitchawan research station, bro. #applemaps #strava
  • Floral Chipwichin' in Bronxville. I was into it.
  • Spring breeeaaaaaakkkk on Bradley tweed.
  • It's true. I am a #cat5 #gabronie #forlife