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Katie Macarelli

Katie Macarelli

Golden, Colorado
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I like to ride my bike--any bike.  I'll even ride my kids' bikes.  Marketing coordinator, Feedback Sports.

Monthly Activity Distance

  • 0 mi
  • 110
  • 220
  • 330
  • 440
  • 550
Sep 2014
Jan 2015

Current Month

  • 8.8mi
  • 0h 55m
  • 516ft

Recent Achievements

  • PR on 470 to the top of BC Dam
  • 2nd fastest time on Cliff Line Rd Climb
  • 2nd fastest time on Up Cottonwood Canyon from Ulysses
  • 2nd fastest time on Kumpfmiller Dr. Sprint


Distance 3,222.3mi
Time 267h 30m
Elevation Gain 349,042ft
Rides 359


Total Distance 16,386.9mi
Total Time 1235h 47m
Total Elev Gain 1,668,002ft
Total Rides 1106

Recent Photos

  • Heading to cx camp. #oneproudmama
  • The "M Hike" begins for @coloradoschoolofmines. Cyclists: probably want to avoid Lookout this am. Just sayin'.
  • Ahhhhhhh. #lovewhereyoulive
  • Thinking of offering to buy just the "closed sign". #closetintrovert
  • Walking Dead Season 2015.
  • Great to see the dialed crew from @drapaccycling again! #usaprochallenge #drapac #feedbacksports
  • Best trail of the day. #blairwitch #biketownUSA
  • Yesssss. I know what ghost story will be told tonight...
  • I love Golden, CO. But if I were to live anywhere else, it would be Steamboat...more specifically their amazing library. #inHeaven
  • The mommy-guilt runs so deep. And yes, I need to clean my over. #dontstart
  • The newest member of the family!!! Thanks, Gregory!!! #Electra
  • Hwy 128. Where I found my love of road biking.
  • Arvada/Goldenites: smashing deals at The Bicycle Shack's TDF sidewalk sale!!!! #goodpeople #greatshop
  • Green mountain with gabby, this is her new favorite!
  • #lovewhereyoulive
  • I ???? Crawford Gulch.
  • NTM for breakfast.
  • Good morning!!! #lovewhereyoulive
  • Thanks @will__allen3! Made my day! #lovewhereyouwork
  • Ahhhhhh. #lookout
  • I will learn to love Apex. I will.
  • #biketowork
  • Dedicating this morning's "commute" to @Andy_Benoit. #kickassbitches
  • #biketowork
  • A HUGE thanks to Lee Waldman, Tim Allen, Dawn Orwick, Dan Wisdom and all the others who came out and whipped this course back into shape. Now come out and ride it!!! #cxiscoming #backtobasics #feedbacksports
  • Green!
  • Yowza.
  • My favorite Bike to Work Day Station! #cyclistlawyer #biketoworkday2015
  • Walk/ride home. #datenight
  • I work for/with a great group of people. #feedbacksports
  • Piano lesson commute. Good thing we have this handy bag from  Pat Mayben and @primalwear. ;)
  • One of my favorite spots.
  • Crushing the swim. Sweet baby.
  • #thinkhappythoughts.
  • "I'm so cold."
  • Bella's first triathlon. Lookout mountain. Go get em', baby!
  • Ahhhhhh. #lovewhereyoulive
  • Revisited crash site today. Pretty day. Annnnnd they've paved the road!!!
  • KOM.
  • We dodged the weather bullet by "pulling a Cabrini". #dateride
  • "Denver. Gorgeous."
  • TBT: This one is for @wineandoreos and @katiefncompton. Because that gif Amanda made of you tripping up the steps of Valmont was priceless. And though I can't remember if we ever put it to this song, we talked about it.
  • Don't. Mind. Me.
  • Good morning Thursday! In honor of @amgentoc.
  • People ask if I'm worried about cars when I commute to work by bike. The answer is no. I'm more worried about remembering the right clothing and shoes combo when I GET to work. #stylepoints #feedbacksports #cxsocks
  • A wet and fun Girls on the Run. Thanks, Mrs. Lee! Mitchell will miss you!!!! #bestPEteacherever
  • Lucky mama.
  • I passed on my "curse of the dead hands" (Reynaud's) to Gabby, apparently. #coldtothecore #girlsontherun
  • Fall flashback.
  • Doesn't seem that long ago. It truly does go by fast.
  • Happy Mother's Day, mom!
  • Coloring time. #ginormokitty
  • And in other news, Amanda came to the run to "cheer us on". #besties
  • "Wouldn't it be nice", one of my all time faves. #happymothersday #luckylady
  • No better way to end the day. #outside #rideyourbike
  • Merging off a hwy doesn't apply when you ride your bike. #worthgettingwet #biketowork #feedbacksports
  • Been a while, Lookout.
  • Lunch commute.
  • #biketowork
  • I'm a lucky lady.
  • Bwahahahaaaa. #contemplatinglife #wutheringheights
  • I don't know which is better: Will 4-wheeling up the hill of the office complex or he and Mike dissecting it in engineering speak after.
  • I actually quite like unicorns. For dinner.
  • Family ride post ham-coma.
  • What do you think they mean here?
  • Better than sleep.
  • Red barns are the best barns of all.
  • Thaaaaat was close. #youhadonejob
  • Every morning. Every day. How does it happen? They aren't tangled when I put them away. And yet... #evilheadphones
  • Biked to our hike. We are a lucky family.
  • Sweety.
  • #mazerunner #ginormocat
  • Been a while.
  • Guess where. #date
  • So big. Hard to believe I'd sit here, holding the girls, sleeping as babies. #museumnaptime
  • Wouldn't trade that ride for the world.
  • Ginormous cat to scale pic of the day: (GCTSPOD) Yes. That is a Yankee candle next to her.
  • Pretty day for a ride...into the VC Andrews novel, "Flowers in the Attic".
  • Let's do this, Colorado!
  • My Lake MX 145's kept my feet dry and warm on a 2 hr ride in CO today. Color me happy.
  • These guys. In my haste to swap out wheel sets this am before the snow hit, I didn't properly adjust my rear brakes for the wider rims. At five miles in, while I stopped to take a picture, I noticed it. A HUGE thanks to owner John Dyer and his trusty mechanic, Paul. They offered me coffee and even let me test ride a sweet cherry red cruiser. The Bicycle Shack in Arvada made my day!!!
  • Poetry in motion at The Bicycle Shack.
  • "I honestly don't know how you got this to go this far." -John Dyer, The Bicycle Shack. "Me either John. Me either." :)
  • Guess what I want.
  • I've got my relegated pieces of Friday flair. #caseoftheFridays #feedbacksports #colRADo #biketowork
  • These were the notes I left for our girls to get done today while home. They did them allllll. It was an impossibly long list of chores and the like. I honestly can't believe it. #proudmama
  • Bus stop photo via Gabby this am.
  • Which btw, Gabby still seems this old to me.
  • I love baby showers. Particularly since our girls are 10 & 12. ;)
  • Lunch ride B-Team snacks. #GoodbyeRustyScissors #HelloKrogerChocCheerios
  • Red Rocks Radness. #lunchride
  • #wheresGuinta
  • At about 4 pm it looked like it was maybe time to ride home.
  • That was amazing. #BestCommuteEver
  • Saturday date/errands day!!!
  • Takes waaaay longer to get here without a bike.
  • Best massage I've ever had. Healing Touch in Golden. Ford and 9th. Amazing. Ice bike muscles released!!
  • Hazy shade of Wintah! Sing it, Bangles!!
  • Still warming up from today's many adventures.
  • Good times were had by all. #primalwear #feedbacksports
  • The Primal logo warming up the photo.
  • Aaron caught me "bagging up" this am. Just like old times, @lynettevann. Mom would be proud. As would Tom Ellis.
  • Hahahahahaaaaaa! I made it!!!
  • I'm back in baby's arms, back where I belong. -Patsy Cline and also Me
  • Ruuuuunnnnn!!!
  • Hey girl... #rustyscissors #biketowork #gorgeous #tonsoffilter
  • This pretty much explains my day.  Found it in the car while I was sitting in traffic on I-25. Son of aaaaaa.....
  • Jen Barbour is the most fun to hang out with at the races.
  • @cyclist_lawyer congrats!!!!
  • The other 1/2 of the MBG (Macarelli Bike Gang).
  • 1/4 of The Macarelli Bike Gang.
  • That was fun. #GoldenBikeShop #fatbikefrenzy #feedbacksports #65degreesinCO
  • Tim Allen just won my shoes.
  • Show-off.
  • School of Mines kids are always first in line for Demo's. Always. #suhmart
  • Day after Global Fat Bike Day. #GoldenBikeShop
  • @lynettevann just like Mr. McPherson's 7th grade science video: "the sun rises...on Golden Colorado.
  • @wineandoreos bwahahahaaaa.
  • Olsen explains the next rocky section. #friends #thankful
  • The Hoogs bring the party. And the cuties.
  • Hahahaaaa, Mike Guinta.
  • Green Mountain extravaganza.
  • #plentyofilter
  • Night cx might be my hidden ninja talent.
  • While riding my bike tonight, someone on hwy 93 yelled out their window: "who are you RACING?!?". In my head I thought, "my husband. There is only one beer in there and it's hiding behind the milk."
  • Blisssssss.
  • Adaptive racers are blowing it out of the water. #MUCCYCX
  • Any time you ever feel like complaining that a race course is "too hard"...
  • So rad. #adaptivecx
  • Deirdre calls it a day dropped mic and doused the fire. #urbancxboss
  • Tim and Primal Pat just funky cold chillin'.
  • Our work stands hold anything well.
  • Hand-ups and course marshaling were taken very seriously.
  • Collin would not stop taunting the Bog Of Death.
  • Lisa Hudson represented in the frigid temps with a smile on her face.
  • @feedbacksports Tim Allen wins the MUCCY jersey 3rd year in a row!!
  • While taking laundry down to the girls' room, I saw this. Larry Grossman has no idea how much influence he has in this house.
  • @lynettevann and this. In fact, I'll bet that @skratchlabs has a similar recipe that they are being stingy with. #giveupthegoods
  • It was a strange coincidence that two of my favorite bike peeps were showcased in separate articles in Sunday's Denver Post. Love the Colorado cycling scene in all its shapes and forms.
  • For you, bestie-Amanda.
  • Getting some Hi-Vis help for this morning's commute. #handlebarmustache
  • #middleschoolmtb
  • Middle School MTB Club takes advantage of 80 degree October day.
  • Thinking of doing this today.
  • #middleschoolmtb
  • Life-coach Cheri was right when she said the following this morning: "just think of all you could do today if you didn't have to worry about pinning your race number on upside down!" So right, Cheri. Good advice.
  • Insert sister here.
  • #biketowork
  • Get out there. 57 degrees & vest-free at 6:45 am.
  • Well earned Popsicles.
  • Looks warm, right? It's not. Nope.
  • CA-raaaaaaahp.#303cycling
  • The most action my blow-dryer sees.
  • Paraparaparadise.
  • It's a grasser's paradise tonight at Back 2 Basics.
  • #303cycling
  • #303cycling
  • Waiting on Kris to ride. If he's late, I'm taking my road bike down that slide. #303cycling
  • Last one. Happy Friday. #seenpostflat
  • #seenpostflat
  • #seenpostflat
  • #seenpostflat