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Nic Tinworth

Nic Tinworth

Central, Hong Kong Island, Hong Kong
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Trail and ultra runner living in Hong Kong. 40% pocari, 30% coffee, 20% scotch, 10% tea. Percentages may vary.

Monthly Activity Distance

  • 0 km
  • 70
  • 140
  • 210
  • 280
  • 350
Apr 2013
Jan 2014

Current Month

  • 146.5km
  • 24h 53m
  • 10,072m

Recent Achievements

  • 2nd overall on Wilson 1 Backwards
  • 2nd overall on Double Twins
  • 3rd overall on ロープウェイ富士見台駅
  • 3rd overall on Violet Hill from ParkView


Distance 951.3km
Time 128h 53m
Elevation Gain 49,553m
Runs 65


Total Distance 3,265.3km
Total Time 439h 50m
Total Elev Gain 170,165m
Total Runs 206

Recent Photos

  • Waterskiier, man on fire climbing a stepladder, fat man wearing a hat.

This is how we wayfind in Japan!

#trailrunning #mtfuji
  • Day 21 of #40daysofgrateful.

Hot pink road running shorts. Because if you can't laugh at yourself, what's the point?

Pink. Not just for ladies.
  • Services at the International Church of Trail Running are about to begin. Please turn your John Muir books to outdoor hymn No.32: “I never saw a discontented tree.”
  • Second place at the Lantau Base Camp Valentines 14km with  @raejacquelinehk in 1:43:12, one place better than last year, but 3 mins slower. #trailrunning #hongkong
  • I've been working on this downhill segment for a couple of months now and don't care if I lose it tomorrow, because's mine!
  • So long 2013, it's been...emotional. 
#hongkong #happynewyear #newyearseve
  • “I am losing precious days. I am degenerating into a machine for making money. I am learning nothing in this trivial world of men. I must break away and get out into the mountains to learn the news.” — John Muir
  • Warmest Yuletide Greetings from the Peak of Sunset! Best wishes for the holiday season and coming new year to you all...
  • Today's mountain ramble brought to you courtesy of South Lantau, Dokumi Sushi and @udhydrates.
  • God damn Hong Kong, you are on a roll. Waiting for the first runners at CP4 on a killer autumn day. #KOTH #trailrunner #trailrunning #fromwhereirun
  • And they're off! Start of the Sai Kung King Of The Hills - first of the season! Gai Yau! #hongkong #trailrunning #KOTH
  • TNF100 recce on stages 6-8 with the gang. Some amazing trail, but not enough to stop me downgrading to the 50km race - body still battered from OTW. Noyes is a masochist!
  • How have I not been here before?? Team North Face at the Bride's Pool waterfall. #hongkong
  • 28km trail run along the Lantau Trail to Shui Lo waterfalls and rock pools. Day seized. #hongkong