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Brian Reimer

Brian Reimer

Raleigh, NC
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Back in the 80’s, I was an in shape, competitive junior racer riding my trusty steel framed Team Miyata in races all over the northeast. Clad in my ancient, hand me down, scratchy wool Century Road Club jersey, I flew up the hills and rocketed down the rural roads while training in western NJ. Fast forward 28 years; I’m now an old chubby guy in a brand new “retro” Team 7-11 jersey, riding a fancy Carbon Fiber Wilier. I no longer fly or rocket, instead I slowly plod my way around the roads and greenways of Raleigh, NC. I have become what I snickered at when I was younger hip racer…………. A FRED!!! However, I am determined to come back from the years of laziness, bad diet and sitting at a desk all day. Starting in June 2013, I bought a bike, and started my mission to get back into shape for my wife and son. Feel free to follow me and I will do the same, I am also always looking for new folks to ride with (weekends). I currently can average about a 17-18mph pace and looking to improve that, even if it means getting dropped a few times.

Monthly Activity Distance

  • 0 mi
  • 70
  • 140
  • 210
  • 280
  • 350
Jun 2013
Jan 2014

Current Month

  • 49.1mi
  • 3h 16m
  • 1,438ft


Distance 68.1mi
Time 4h 34m
Elevation Gain 2,001ft
Rides 4


Total Distance 1,131.2mi
Total Time 73h 20m
Total Elev Gain 32,602ft
Total Rides 44

Recent Photos

  • Abandoned bus along the Walnut Creek Trail.
  • Long bridge on Walnut Creek Trail.
  • Rest stop at Falls Lake Marina.
  • Three counties in one day.
  • Butterfly sculpture in Clayton
  • Made it!
  • In Clayton
  • Covered section of trail.
  • Weird carved stump on the trail.
  • Capital Blvd. underpass.
  • Riders ahead