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Nikolai Gilroy

Nikolai Gilroy

Denver, Colorado
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Adventurer. Geographer. Speed racer. Coffee specialist. MSGIS graduate student at the University of Denver. Bicycle tour guide with Destination Cycling.

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Monthly Activity Distance

  • 0 mi
  • 180
  • 360
  • 540
  • 720
  • 900
Sep 2014
Jan 2015

Current Month

  • 60.2mi
  • 4h 53m
  • 4,639ft

Recent Achievements

  • PR on manda park cyclocross course
  • PR on CC bike path - 9th to larimer
  • PR on 8th to Colfax
  • PR on Logan >> Wynkoop


Distance 3,210.4mi
Time 214h 17m
Elevation Gain 174,974ft
Rides 293


Total Distance 20,245.0mi
Total Time 1219h 36m
Total Elev Gain 908,182ft
Total Rides 851

Recent Photos

  • Wildfires are no good, but they do make for wild photos.
  • I went on a bike ride that rekindled my stoke for adventure!
  • Today was a good day of fieldwork- meandering dirt roads & mountain views.
  • Mornings done right are those with time to spare before work begins.
  • @denverfashiontruck is at the Mancraftival today (29 S Fox). Visit @erinbcreates and get last minute Father's Day gifts!
  • Sunset cruise with Erin ????
  • That sweet feeling of a hard earned descent... Yeah that's a good one!
  • I may look determined but don't let that fool you, the legs cringed going up the switchbacks of Witter Gulch Rd.
  • Reminiscing to fast swooping descents, single track and granite table tops. Is it the weekend yet? ???? @michaelfeyen
  • The one fast section of the Kitty Up climb then I petered out. ???? @michaelfeyen
  • My first day at my new job was an awesome whirlwind of riding bicycles around Boulder to meetings, & it started off perfect with a cappuccino and donut bites!
  • Cruising around Chicago on DIVVY bikes
  • Wavy spokes.
  • I love Italy even when I can't find a flat road to spin out the legs.
  • Recovery ride- on my way back after stopping for a macchiato.
  • Biking around Berlin, put stop at the Reichstag.
  • Riding through the Terigarten.
  • Mad skills. Juggling on a unicycle!
  • Peek-a-boo!
  • Logging memories.
  • Alpine air.
  • Hey it's an ent!
  • Shadows.
  • A house in a field.
  • Hiking in park narodowy gór stołowych, where part of Narnia was filmed.
  • Good day for a ride.
  • Caffeine in its best form.
  • Waiting for the ride.
  • Horribles parade!
  • This life is bliss.
  • Bear Notch summit. Full gas, curious to see how I stacked up on Strava.
  • Loping through the woods.
  • 80 miles, 5,400 feet of climbing, good ride all around!
  • Bike riding is awesome. Especially when you leave it all out there on the road and you can only hang your head (with pride) and ride home.
  • After a couple weeks of planting seeds about riding again, I think a comeback might happen.
  • Got your shimano Chapstick?
  • Mt. Ascutney you are painful.
  • And of course what is a ride in VT without dirt roads.
  • Good morning.
  • On the road for a cure. #tourdulac #destinationcycling #msgreat8
  • Picture time. #tourdulac #destinationcycling
  • #tourdulac #destinationcycling #msgreat8
  • Golden fields.  #tourdulac #destinationcycling #msgreat8
  • Merica.
  • Did you know?
  • Rolling fields. #tourdulac #destinationcycling #msgreat8
  • We're off! #tourdulac #destinationcycling #msgreat8
  • Recycled bikes. #tourdulac #destinationcycling #msgreat8
  • Backcountry riding is the best. #tourdulac #destinationcycling #msgreat8
  • Lake Ontario on the horizon, today we begin the Canadian portion of our journey. #tourdulac #destinationcycling #msgreat8
  • Canada here we come!
  • Back in niagara. #tourdulac #destinationcycling #msgreat8
  • Ready to roll. #tourdulac #destinationcycling #msgreat8
  • Yeah going to say the Canadian side has the better view. #tourdulac #destinationcycling #msgreat8
  • Just conquered Papa Johns hill!
  • ECV ride. Feel the burn.
  • Maid of the Mist venturing towards the falls. #tourdulac #destinationcycling #msgreat8
  • Border crossing by bicycle.
  • Sun is creeping out. #d2r2
  • 12 miles until i get that pint of beer #d2r2
  • Sweet glass for the finishers of the #d2r2. Awesome ride, some of the most scenic dirt roads I've ridden!
  • Tired twigs. #d2r2
  • Sweet bikes yo! #d2r2
  • This mornings commute by bicycle. #nofilter
  • Sun scurries to bed. The night is rising.
  • Whale's Tale.
  • It's like riding a bike you don't forget how to free pour latte art.
  • It was a sweater morning en route to Atomic.
  • Basics of learning excel from YouTube. #statistics #ohjoy
  • Wires in the sky.
  • This mornings commute. #nofilter
  • Last Tuesday night ride of the season. Gorgeous send off with the sunset. #nofilter
  • Got my boots on, come at me with what you got autumn.
  • Tuesday night winding down after the ride. Dinner at life alive.
  • Post TNR. It's getting cold, fall has arrived.
  • Sifting through research with the help of caffeine.
  • I like that my internship sends me on errands around the city via bicycle.
  • Fall is the perfect time to wear boots.
  • Start of a new day.
  • Taking to the streets at night.
  • 100 miles done and dusted.
  • Riding with the sunrise.
  • Start of the century.
  • Boston bound.
  • Mile 50 feeling good.
  • Pit stop for apple cider.
  • Office bike. Best part is when I'm sent around town.
  • Stashing the bike in the darkroom while I develop negatives.
  • Work zone. Ready to finish this semester with a bang!
  • Winter riding calls for post ride cappuccinos.
  • The Rockies.
  • Pine.
  • Hiking above Boulder.
  • Looking over Boulder.
  • Mountain air.
  • Snow capped Rockies.
  • Winter visit to Rocky Mountain National Park.
  • Run around Bear Lake.
  • Bear Lake at Rocky Mountain National Park. 9,500' & looking up.
  • Fresh mountain air.
  • Slushy ride to check out the new Atomic Cafe in Newburyport!
  • I think Atomic has the best tasting & good looking hot chocolates on the North Shore. Just saying.
  • Brisk commute by bike today.
  • Hooray for mochas!
  • Chasing daylight.
  • Afternoon macchiato.
  • Ready to roll & feeling the ccb retro today.
  • Exploring on the cyclocross bike.
  • There is nothing like logging miles on the bike.
  • Sheep spotting! Am I in the UK?
  • Practicing unclipping with her new pedals & bike!
  • Walking on the beach in the sunshine!
  • Out for a scenic ride with the lady!
  • Going to miss the ocean, but dang I'm ready for some mountains!
  • Wind & rain on a Monday night.
  • Logging miles.
  • Excellent use of a bottle cage with a @lifealivecafe smoothie!
  • Picnic-ing with the lady.
  • Mile 92 top of the kanc.
  • 123 miles, 7 hours, 7200+ vertical later I'm still standing & even smiling!
  • Ideal weather for climbing Switchback Challenge, overcast.
  • Long day in the saddle.
  • Franconia notch bike path, one coolest places I've ridden!
  • Nature taking back the dead.
  • Clinging on.
  • Custom Ford.
  • The dirt search on dead legs.
  • Looking out from Cathedral Ledge.
  • Another White Mountain/Maine adventure. Mile 37.
  • Butterfly swarm.
  • Mile 68 deep in thought: summit of Hurricane Mountain.
  • Nothing better than a post ride cappuccino, thanks @frontsidecoffee that hit the spot!
  • Openers for Sundays bridge ride.
  • C'mon tree I was trying to go mountain biking. That little bit of red is Erin's car.
  • Espresso & riding bicycles.
  • KOM intervals, felt good to suffer!
  • 120 miles of grit & suffering: an epic day in the saddle! Thanks to @madalchemy for the gentleman's embro & euro pro to make it a comfortable ride!
  • Waiting to roll.
  • Nice & steady long miles today!
  • Good company for a long day in the saddle, mile 77!
  • Looking for air after climbing Deer Creek.
  • Hiking at Hall Ranch. No rattlesnakes were seen, but plenty of warnings.
  • Riding laps around Wash Park.
  • Went to the botanical gardens with Erin to see the Chihuly exhibit.
  • My fan cheering me on while climbing lookout mountain!
  • Up with the sunrise & riding bikes.
  • Excited to brew up some no.7  after this mornings bike ride!
  • Up with the sun & getting on some sscx!
  • Here's the shot I got of Jens. Pain cave with approximately 25km to go! #FarewellJens
  • Spent my day building this up from scratch. My revamped singlespeed commuter, still working on a name & taking suggestions.
  • Ted King tapping out the rhythm to set up Elia Viviani for the win!
  • Jesse is rocking the Fu Manchu at the Pro Challenge!
  • Up before the sun & climbing near White Ranch Park.
  • Charging up Lookout Mountain!
  • My first @rodeo_labs trail nugget courtesy of @pchuckogram! It was glorious & can't wait to order some. #antibonk
  • It's feeling like autumn in Denver, which means it's time to cultivate the euro look.
  • Wednesday morning taco on the cx bike. Went over the handlebars but just seems to be scrapes & bruises.
  • Suffering up High Grade on the steep sections.
  • The aspens are changing up at 10,000'.
  • Horses at the end of today's ride.
  • So dang tired, but so awesome!
  • Squaw pass was stunning last weekend. Fingers crossed that the weather plays nicely and I might ride it this weekend!
  • Favorite stretch of today's ride. Plenty of hairpins and elevation gained on dirt!
  • Awesome afternoon with Erin in the park throwing a frisbee!
  • Regram from @galen1973 of last weeks ride up Golden Gate Canyon!
  • Patrick had a business call after climbing lookout mountain.
  • Today's Rodeo adventure to Squaw Pass was epic!
  • Looking foreword to next weekend because ????
  • Apparently when you ride a century in the Colorado mountains ???? you need eight slices of toast ????with your eggs ????
  • Crisp fall air ???? and mountain rides ????
  • Surrounded by the canyon walls.
  • November has been glorious & so a proper mountain ride before next weeks temps was only fitting! ????
  • High grade was snow and ice 800' from the summit. Had to do a route audible and I worked out nicely. #outsideisfree #colorado
  • Awesome ride with Eric yesterday! ????
  • Phil was setting tempo all day yesterday! ????????
  • I have learned (the hard way) that a gilet is a must when riding in Colorado & the Castelli Gabba is hard to beat ????
  • Today had some good sections of headwind, but I didn't care. Therefore my first ride in @hbstache socks was a success.
  • When you unknowingly leave your GoPro on and it takes pictures through your jersey pocket.
  • Hey it is shorts weather again, let's go climb Crawford gulch and fly by the seat of our pants on the descent!
  • Hup is represented in Colorado, hooray for East coast transplants!
  • I thought I'd be clever and go on a 4 hour ride after taking more than a week off. Legs decry mutiny and this is me slogging through.
  • Sunset ride down to the reservoir.
  • @rodeo_labs mini rally. January weather decided to be nice!
  • First day of winter quarter, let the coffee consumption double!
  • Burritos in the middle of a ride are basically a @rodeo_labs core value.
  • Don't forget about coca-cola out of glass bottles!
  • The POC is colorized & ready to rock. Thank you @velo_steef!!!
  • When approaching a wild &
colorful POC, one must be extremely cautious! ????
  • Sunset hike with a coyote sighting!
  • Nighttime snow playground.
  • Riding in the mountains is about finding that extra gear to #makethemhurt
  • A Jens Voigt sighting and a KOM jersey to boot!
  • @rodeo_labs sightings & throwing down for the KOM!
  • Please, sir, I want some more. What!? Please, sir, I want some more... miles.
  • Patrick is keeping it classy in the @rodeo_labs 2.0 speedsuit
  • Hi Tulsa! #RodeoDoesTulsa @nativelandsclassic
  • Throwback CCB jersey, love those pink sleeves.
  • Unleashing 2.0 on the world! (only vest is pictured)
  • Perfect day in Colorado to head into the mountains and get some vertical.