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San FrAnon

San FrAnon

San Francisco, California
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Elite National Record Holder Master World Record Holder

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Monthly Activity Distance

  • 0 mi
  • 130
  • 260
  • 390
  • 520
  • 650
Oct 2014
Jan 2015

Current Month

  • 62.0mi
  • 31h 47m
  • 810ft

Recent Achievements

  • PR on Taking it to the pump track
  • PR on Chinatown Shuttle via Pacific
  • 2nd fastest time on West Corner Sprint
  • 2nd fastest time on Sidewalk jam


Distance 3,507.8mi
Time 334h 17m
Elevation Gain 163,153ft
Rides 234


Total Distance 27,099.9mi
Total Time 2172h 11m
Total Elev Gain 1,264,518ft
Total Rides 1202

Recent Photos

  • Worlds Morning qualifications with @klopmp in our National Champions kits, onto the gold/silver final tonight.
  • Bike commute to track carpool.
  • Went through a little mud to get to training today. #crossishere
  • Showing some leg for #msvhour. Let's go team Tortuga. Hoping for fast conditions on my favorite Velodrome today. ????????????????????
  • My favorite work bike has been having wheel problems this week, so I've been getting reacquainted with this one. #sevencycles #ciamillobrakes #hedwheels and some #duraace 7900
  • Work sucks at night too. ????
  • Enve wheels on a race bike: when you absolutely, positively have to win the strava summer picnic bike pile.
  • Work sucks. ????
  • ヽ(´ー`)┌
  • I'll never stop being amused when fellow racers seem surprised that I'll ride my bike to a race or training session. ????
  • #FBF to a cool day in San Francisco ????@alxgonzalz ????
  • Dusting off the road bike with @fogandsun .
  • My #wcw has been putting up with me and my cat for something like 5 years now.
  • 253m 35deg(in 3 and 4) 32deg(in 1 and 2)
  • It's hard to tell, but that's a silver. Second in the Kilo today at Elite Nationals. Was happy with my time, it's exactly what I was aiming for. 6th time I've done this race and I hope to continue to improve. ????????????
  • These guys are giving their proceeds to the East Bay SPCA today

From $80-$100 flash 
Oakland Ink at 400 14th street. (510)834-7584
  • Full zip jerseys this year. Like them better. ????????????
  • The usual. 
With a @duckm0nst3r sighting.
  • 800calories!?! Yeah. I'll take that one!
  • When you're early to train and the track isn't open yet.
  • Another world record in the books, time to pack up. ????????????????
  • Records are falling here in Aguascalientes. ????????
  • Hanging out with the lights on.
Watching Molly turn left.
  • Today's work bench between efforts.
  • Yesterday En Route to defending my Northern California Elite sprint title ???? @iamnmd ???? ???? and can follow his bio link for more photos
  • I swear I did more than just sit around and take pictures.
  • ????
  • Work Perks. ???? The Sight glass hookup. ☕
  • ????@alxgonzalz???? #fbf a city ride on the L96 . Happens often. Like today even. ???? #fixie #cantbarspin #whipskid ????
  • They should announce a sequel to Groundhog Day and then just re-release the original.
  • Gear change and go home. #fixie #velodrome #legday
  • Out here flexing.
  • Bang Bang
  • #bikeparts been wanting this damned thing for 9 months. Thanks @freewheelbikeshop ????
  • Traffic in this city...
  • ???? Speedvagen is at MissionWorkshop ????
  • The end of another scratch race. ???? ????@c3pcho #fixie #fixiedrome #velodrome
  • ????????????????????????????????????
  • Riding up hills just for the views.
  • #circlemirrorselfie #lookimaroadie #climbsohigh #calisucksdontcome
  • A trolley traffic jam on market today
  • One of my mothballed workbikes. Steel IRO. This one has put up with my work shenanigans for 20k+ miles. Been run over by cars and been in the back of ambulances with me. ????
  • Out riding around on the coastline with @fogandsun ????
  • Another sunny day of efforts with @performancecyclecoaching #fixedgear #fixie #trackcycling
  • Another boot ????????
  • Looks like 3to1. ????
  • New shoe day. ????
  • ????????????????????????????????????
  • Starts and Goose watching at San Francisco Polo Fields. ????
  • #fuel
  • #fog
  • Better busy than bored
  • That AM commute
  • #Workselfie.
  • Legs up
  • Plenty of train time today. And a ride from @dontfeedthe_gator . #fixie #fixedgear #BART #caltrain #trackbike #hellyervelodrome #commute
  • Recovery ride close to home.
  • Don Lupe watching over the track at #Sanjoseloscabo #lowsf
  • #fromwhereiride
  • Closed. Apparently not open to the public. Cop guarding it gave me a tour but said I couldn't ride.
  • San Jose Los Cabos velodrome. 250m and one of the prettiest things I've seen in recent memory.
  • Sunny #santabarbara
  • #notmine but still happy to see me. Yep, that's my leg #kittensofinstagram
  • #outsideisfree #freeshower #prettyclean
  • We need some more of this!
  • These streets is scary.
  • Big gear day. Rolling kilos. ;-) #lookL96 #fixedgear #trackbike
  • Appears to be a possibility of rain on a parade.
  • Locked the storm trooper up next to a 8 point Buck.
  • Out on the road bike a lot recently.  I missed riding this one. #sevencycles #roadbike
  • Skipping the gym today. Doing starts on the #lookL96 instead. #fixie #fixedgear #trackbike #wizardmagnet
  • Street Starts
  • Sweet lady driving a sweet car, and her nails matched.
  • Traffic in union square is so #mecha tonight
  • These hills on fixed. :D
  • #sortoftwinning #almostmatches
  • Dirty train windows and pretty skies
  • "HOLD YOUR LINE!!1!oneone"
  • A road ride!
  • Hawk Hill style fog
  • Work work work
  • New stem day. #lookL96 #trackbike
  • Who's feeding lifesavers to birds, whatever happened to breadcrumbs or birdseed?
  • Just a platelet in these veins.
  • My haul from the week. Gold for the Kilo and Match sprint. Silver in team sprint. The three events I entered. Happy with my first masters Nationals. Excited to see how I progress over the next year.
  • 1st in elite sprint regionals today. Some fast and tough racing.
  • Training at #hellyervelodrome
  • Checking in on the sleeping beauties
  • My cat Crackers and the Deathstar with her race wheels on.
  • New training wheel with a #powertap track hub in the rear.
  • Waiting for someone to answer their door #selfie #workday is #legday
  • "Aren't you watching the game?" "Nope, I'm working"
  • Actually Montgomery steps. But you can almost see the Vallejo steps a block up and to the right. Inb4correction by @blobree
  • Non drive side between efforts action
  • Time to reconsider my delivery route. #sfpride
  • Go underneath!  #subway
  • #tylerdurden79 borrowing my bike to show off his fixie skills
  • Training and maiden voyage on the new bike. Already missing the power meter.
  • Getting ready for our first city ride. #lookL96 #thefreewheel
  • She's gonna have to spend the night at #freewheelsf , I've got a workout to continue. #l96 #seeyoutomorrow
  • San Francisco.  Always full of surprises.
  • Much better setting than 5th and market.
  • Summer in the city. Natural filter by #carl
  • @jaytronzero on the flying 200 PB
  • # traffic
  • These 2 ladies rode from San Diego. Are going to Canada and then across and down to New York.
  • At it again. Overdosing on caffeine and standing starts on 92.5inches
  • Can I be on BABS team?
  • Always with the clouds
  • @jaytronzero
  • #fromwhereiride
  • I thought the flowers were a nice touch. Really warms the property up.
  • Calm bay today
  • Didn't realize we had any of these.
  • @sisomphone @iamnmd
  • Some street food on the way home from match sprints.
  • #caughtgrammin
  • @leepovey out on the town with his sister
  • Is that a rainbow coming out of the sunset?
  • Crosstown traffic
  • @fogandsun and a bit of wind
  • Recovery ride in game day traffic
  • Warming up in precipitous weather
  • Working under yet another sunset
  • Gramin the Garmin
  • #sf
  • A busted nut
  • The Dogpatch lockup location
  • Some of that karl
  • Up before the sun
  • Gatekeeper says its closed tue through fri from 2:30 to 6:30
  • Nice socks?
  • Suffering through these harsh winter days. #nofilter
  • Always looking up
  • Clouds:)
  • Left the clinchers at home today.
  • $
  • #hairylegs
  • #hellaflush #bayarea #FIDI
  • #hellaflush #bayarea #FIDI
  • Clients New pooch
  • Train in the sunset!
  • Photo evidence of Chupacabra
  • Girls doing horseback handstands and I don't have the zoom for this shit
  • Sky spam