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jordan faulds

jordan faulds

Portland, Oregon
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jordan faulds is a cyclist from Portland, Oregon. Join Strava to track your activities, analyze your performance, and follow friends. Strava members can plan routes, participate in motivating challenges, and join clubs. Get started by signing up for free.

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Monthly Activity Distance

  • 0 mi
  • 150
  • 300
  • 450
  • 600
  • 750
Sep 2014
Jan 2015

Current Month

  • 171.1mi
  • 14h 29m
  • 6,049ft

Recent Achievements

  • 2nd overall on Stairway to Heaven
  • 3rd overall on Powell Butte Pavement Climb
  • 9th overall on Wildhorse trail (bottom to top)
  • PR on Keep Portland (Less) Weird!


Distance 4,083.2mi
Time 299h 59m
Elevation Gain 171,030ft
Rides 182


Total Distance 20,780.8mi
Total Time 1580h 43m
Total Elev Gain 985,394ft
Total Rides 1258

Recent Photos

  • Calm.
  • This afternoon's office. Go get em, @bethannorton ! #cxnats
  • #pervycarrots
  • Otherwise lame ride saved.
  • Thanks for waiting until I was 2 blocks from home to do this, Oregon. Much obliged.
  • 'Tis the season.
  • Windy in the gorge today.
  • Quick trail run with @truckdoug66 this morning.
  • Cutters for flooded streets.
  • 38 trainer minutes to go. #pleasekillme
  • @wcwomenscycling + bonus @briewalle at Dick road.
  • Not the worst reward for getting my ass out of the house.
  • My other reward for getting my ass outside today. ????
  • Trying to ride in the gorge today was a dumb idea.
  • #bromance
  • Coz Portland.
  • New tank... er, bike day. #taf
  • Goose season.
  • Well, back at it!
  • This bike deserves better for her maiden voyage, but rain + busted pedal = trainertown.
  • Climbing on Callie's birthday ride.
  • Callie's Birthday Bull Run!
  • Ha ha. Gross.
  • Because summer @truckdoug66 #c10 #trucklife #goodenoughgarage
  • Abbie and @heatherbeth_pdx heading to RAD.
  • Doesn't suck.
  • I like NE.
  • Yay!
  • Two dudes and a dredger.
  • Camp vibes.
  • God bless you, Sweden.
  • Baby is ready for Baker City.
  • At the internet cat video film festival!!!!
  • Princess Monster Truck for @peppeplarson from #catvidfest
  • Visual representation of cat angst. #catvidfest
  • #Nofuckingaroundjune in effect. #givingawaymyTTstrategy
  • I see a #buttsofobra at the #nsgp. #pblrb
  • Also this girl. #walkallthedogs
  • Okay, my day is looking up. Walking this handsome fellow from the Pixie Project shelter.
  • 116 miles. 0 pulls taken by dudes.
  • Hazel the Hammer TTs away for first at the Hammer Velo crit! Aliza in the bunch sprint for 3rd! A good day for @wcwomenscycling
  • #braaaap @wcwomenscycling goes mountain biking.
  • West Coast Women's Shredding. #buttsofobra
  • I just saw Fabio, you guys.
  • Socks from @highfivecycling and demo bike from @westernbikeworks ! Forgetting a water bottle and having to cut the ride short courtesy of me.
  • Watching the women's circuit race at @westernbikeworks! Thanks for supporting women's racing!
  • Of course the sun comes out as soon as I haul out the trainer.
  • #westcoastwomenscycling takes a pee break on the longest and windiest team ride in history.
  • Mechanical stop. #westcoastwomenscycling
  • More #westcoastwomenscycling team camp!
  • Ambitious taxidermy at our hotel. #westcoastwomenscycling
  • Another family member.
  • Family members.
  • See you tomorrow, #gorgeroubaix
  • Good morning, Portland!
  • New steez. Thanks, @truckdoug66 !
  • Cat + Blanket: A Love Story.
  • Sunny Sauvie Superpro Selfie.
  • Epic bike pile for #westcoastwomenscycling team weekend!
  • I did short hill repeats at the rose garden in the pouring rain. This is what happened the instant I turned off my circuit to head home. You won today, portland.
  • First sun contact in 4 + months.
  • Beautiful, windy day.
  • You're all right, portland.
  • Heat seeker.
  • Taborvals.
  • Ladies. @letsracebikes @westcoastwomenscycling @portlandbicyclestudio
  • Good morning, portland!
  • Yup? Pit stop on the @westcoastwomenscycling training ride.
  • Foggy doggy.
  • Morning climb 'n schralp.
  • @westcoastwomenscycling team recovery ride.
  • Soggy doggy.
  • I call this "the importance of buddy flaps." Good day.
  • @westcoastwomenscycling team trainer workout. #cadencedrillsfordays
  • Today's race warmup.
  • #latergram from today's ride.
  • #latergram from today's ride. Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuu.
  • Kids shred. #crosscrusade
  • Sauvies.
  • So it begins. #trainertime
  • Not the worst way to spend an hour or two.
  • Jordan was here.
  • Where am I?
  • It's nice to have friends who make awesome snacks. Thanks, @jpereau !
  • Fall vibes.
  • Trainer party at my place.
  • Preview of this weekend's cyclocross socks.
  • New shoes.
  • Fall mode: activated.
  • So, this is happening again. #obra
  • Morning schralp.
  • Recommended.
  • @truckdoug66 fixed his truck window today. #trucklife
  • Ugh
  • #trucklife #soluxurious
  • Stomped nuts.
  • Old frenemy.
  • Berry break!
  • A dude and his truck.
  • @bbqross & flowers: a still life.
  • #crossiscoming
  • Portland, this is why people hate you.
  • x3. Ouch.
  • Lost on my ride.
  • This is how @truckdoug66 feels about mountain bike racing.
  • After a sad morning of having run out of coffee, @truckdoug66 and I are re-stocked.
  • #sexism
  • Surprisingly effective!
  • #bccc before. #wcwomenscycling
  • Not bad, Oregon.
  • Ride with @dcgarcia
  • New tire day!
  • That's me racing a bunch of dudes and not coming in last!
  • Chairs.
  • Rocky Butte. Pre-race spin.
  • Shoes.
  • FTP face. #ouch
  • Patriotic door.
  • @westcoastwomenscycling ladies and our "competition."
  • Promo shoot with @westcoastwomenscycling done! Now, pizza and beer. Then, work.
  • Did I accidentally wind up back in Napa?
  • Race fuel for me. Ride motivator for @truckdoug66 and @benguernsey. #wcwc #trustyswitchblade
  • Tea.
  • Waiting around for @jessigramalam
  • Pre-ride coffee.
  • #temptation
  • Sup chick.
  • I love you @peppeplarson
  • These people know how to live.
  • McNamee
  • #superpro
  • PNW
  • Epic computrainer.
  • February in Portland II.
  • February in Portland.
  • Fuel for the last 6 miles.
  • Official.
  • Cyclocross.
  • Golden Gate Park cross practise.
  • Early for my ride.
  • Epic bus.
  • Welcome back, Karl.
  • Pier 5's annual prison art show.
  • I was unable to capture how thoroughly soaked I am, but here's the attempt.
  • My own personal hell.
  • Rainy ride.
  • @lathandplaster
  • Fun race today.
  • Bike ladies. <3 @the_gretch
  • Fun intervals today.
  • Foggy xmas lights in Golden Gate Park.
  • Adventures in road shoes continue...
  • Superpro Racing - race food ballin' out of control.
  • Rainy day torture device.
  • SF sky.
  • Nyan dog.
  • On the ferry. Cross bike's first jaunt on the road... To go pre-ride the Stafford Lake course.
  • Later, SF.
  • Happy Friday.
  • Loud birds.
  • Good morning, North Beach.
  • On the road to Santa Cruz.
  • Passport photo. Now I just need a valid passport for it to go with...
  • #felsingerpartyof2
  • My ride today.
  • Snowed on during my ride today.
  • Trainer date.
  • Frenchman's Bar. First ride in Portland!
  • Bike ride!