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Chris Jackson

Chris Jackson

Fayetteville, West Virginia
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Monthly Activity Distance

  • 0 mi
  • 70
  • 140
  • 210
  • 280
  • 350
Sep 2014
Jan 2015

Current Month

  • 11.1mi
  • 1h 16m
  • 1,827ft

Recent Achievements

  • PR on Scenic Hwy III
  • 2nd fastest time on Water Treatment Stretch
  • 2nd fastest time on W Ridge Rd N Climb
  • 2nd fastest time on TT home


Distance 1,480.7mi
Time 144h 57m
Elevation Gain 141,568ft
Rides 68


Total Distance 9,286.7mi
Total Time 721h 40m
Total Elev Gain 657,037ft
Total Rides 332

Recent Photos

  • Great show tonight. Also showed a couple from @peopleforbikes around Arrowhead.
  • The things find along road in Pocahontas County
  • This one never ends
  • Highland Scenic Highway Epic today.
  • Snowshoe Mountain.
  • Another day another 6 liters down. #staythirsty
  • Juni's first off-road stroll!
  • Pint!
  • Wheels of Hope Ride.
  • @andrewforron
  • Bikes
  • Bikes @salsacycles
  • Kudzu update: full effect.
  • It's a long way to the bottom if you hit a rock and roll.
  • 11% for 1-mile descent. Fuck. #snowshoe
  • Busy intersection on this mornings road ride.
  • Hey!!!
  • Scipio's first 6 miles has been a success! #trailsdog #mountaindog
  • Time for your Sunday cockpit view. Green and brown are such lovely colors.
  • #lookingatappalachia
  • @andrewforron and Boyes. #soulcrushers #cycling #roadbikes #westvirginia
  • Monthly kudzu update: decent.
  • Just riding bikes
  • Unus Rd. Greenbriar County.
  • Blue Sulphur Pike Climb.
  • Coffee doping at the Bean
  • Gauley Mountain. Nothing like a funeral procession in the ascent. #lookingatappalachia #cycling #fayettevillewv
  • Chimney Corner
  • @brandonkline and Greg
  • A proper stroll on the backroads.
  • Not #dirtfest ???? but decent.
  • How to make a light stand work for you in the woods. #6hoursofarrohead #thetramontane #cycling #mtb #photography
  • Wooded downtime light sample.
  • @patagonia #wornwear
  • Makes sense. #myfavoritebike
  • Mill Creek.
  • Country road to Hawk's Nest.
  • Rad-mobile activated.
  • Dropping off.
  • And now for your monthly kudzu update.
  • Outside is amazing today.
  • Pre-work roll. Happy Cesar Chavez Day!
  • Spring & Sturgill
  • Road ride
  • Name it?
  • @andrewforron @brandonkline
  • Babcock by bike
  • Road ride
  • I don't even know
  • FAT Day
  • Love
  • @andrewforron
  • Breezy 25 on Timber Ridge this morn. #fayettevillewv #mtb #29er
  • #Mothman @greenbriervalleybrewingco
  • Thurmond Union Church
  • Cunard Rd. is def. one best in the NRG.
  • It was only 27 degrees out today. Did you ride?
  • Looks like a deer beat me to it...
  • Winterizing my summer mtb boots. Sealing tape and Rapha road oversocks. #poorman #mtb
  • Church.
  • One last time 2014.
  • Last wheelie for Andy for 2014?? #newriverbikes
  • #headytopper
  • Natural element
  • @brandonkline ,Professor of Shredanomics, bringing his rad up a bit today.
  • @brandonkline @trekbikes @trekfactory Wildcat in KSF #lookingatappalachia
  • It's only 36.
  • New River Gorge @envecomposites @trekbikes @trekfactory
  • @srauch69
  • About the kids!
  • Kaymore Exploring
  • At a crossroads. Time for a brew
  • Holy kudzu!
  • Le Croy is gorgeous. #mtb #29er #fayettevillewv
  • Andrew doing his part for the glamour of my Superfly. @trekbikes
  • Not much is better than bikes in the woods on a fall day and IPA @trekbikes @sierranevada @envecomposites
  • 10 miles in
  • Fern Creek
  • Unexpected gravel/dirt/mud on this morons road ride.
  • Not a proper road ride if there is none if this #cyclingwestvirginia
  • I love routing and riding new roads, such as this delight of Old Laurel Creek Rd.
  • Beckwith Rd or Rt. 16 is def. one of my top 5 favorite roads in west Virginit to ride on. Here is Charles Rogers Memorial Bridge Spanning over the New River at Cotton Hill in Fayette County, W.Va. #lookingatappalachia #cycling #cyclingwestvirginia
  • Scipio roared when we reached the Diamond Point of Endless Wall #allconquering
  • Thanks @jaypremack
  • Fun guys
  • I love riding in Fayetteville.
  • Little dirt before work
  • Scipio is content #nrg #fayettevillewv
  • Always something with these guys.
  • I love Wolf Creek Rd. I. Fayetteville. @srauch69 #fayettevillewv
  • Out here riding road
  • Been a while.
  • That kind of day.
  • Sometimes one needs to stop and have a pint. #traillife #appalachiantrail #hurtlife
  • Annapolis Rock, Frederick County, Maryland.
  • Stone Fort, Harpers Ferry
  • Took Gubna in a hike atop Stone Fort in Harpers Ferry.
  • Dusk patrol fail. Now remember kids when dusting off you cross bike do t forget to bring the tools to change a flat. Crescent wrench pains @brandonkline
  • #duskpatrol @lonewolfcycling
  • Poolside
  • Getting dirty with Glenn. #sbrcycling
  • @jaypremack Gambrill
  • Perfect!!! Thanks @cbedick @seannadonovan
  • New seat! Thanks @brandonkline #bontrager
  • 20 folks out for double Bakerton Vol. 2.
  • Goat life
  • Just out here
  • My Mt Ventoux.
  • This gal
  • Coopers Rock
  • Little Coopers Rock exploration.
  • Demo. Niners were out. Cannondale Flash! Light!!
  • Come home from a great ride and the cats bring you dinner. Splendid! @tinerbear
  • Stopped to help it cross.
  • 6 Hours of Arrowhead. Got my lucky number!
  • One reason why mt biking is great, creek crossings!!!
  • Dry Run Rd.
  • @srauch69
  • Shockeysville Rd in Virginia.
  • Had to change flat at start then got another flat. Walking now. Never but a silca pump. Love when another cyclist rides by and says nothing. Some people are cunts
  • Rode as as fuck!!!!
  • Cat for sale: free
  • @greencastlebicycleexchange Yes!!!
  • #outsideisfree @greencastlebicycleexchange
  • @greencastlebicycleexchange Pennsylvania.
  • Buster time. Bolivar, WV.
  • Skyline??
  • Skyline. Virginia.
  • Finally got to strap on my Grand Tours this year!
  • #spruceknob
  • Jay reaching the top!
  • Pedaling high as fuck. #spruceknob
  • First HC climb check. #spruceknob
  • Wow! St George Tucker County.
  • Can't wait to climb Sugarlands 4 miles at 8%!!!
  • For me cycling isn't about riding when it is nice out. It is about riding in all weather conditions and not letting weather dictate what you do.
  • These goats chased us shortly after I took this. #goats #appalachia
  • Knoll
  • Cross bike rolls great!! #shepherdstown
  • @cmrauch22 VIRGINIA!
  • It is like i didn't even ride. #strava #cyclingproblems
  • Shorts!
  • Gettin it! Thanks @adamholston
  • @adamholston
  • @jaypremack @srauch69
  • Good Knight
  • Red Hill @jaypremack
  • @jaypremack #sbrcycling
  • Such a lonely bag
  • Deviant Dale's overlooking Harper's Ferry, West Virginia @oskarblues
  • #sbrcycling #hampshiregrade
  • The Doctor!!! #lemond #sbrcycling
  • Tuscarora check. #sbrcycling #rapha
  • On that stout slide @mtnstatebrewing
  • Rocky Run Shelter on AT #at
  • Serious out here
  • This you @earlymorningbrew #potomacridge
  • Beer run!!
  • #hondalife