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Dan Vu Quoc

Dan Vu Quoc

Santa Clara, CA
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Fat software engineer, sup?

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Monthly Activity Distance

  • 0 mi
  • 160
  • 320
  • 480
  • 640
  • 800
Oct 2014
Jan 2015

Current Month

  • 187.6mi
  • 10h 23m
  • 2,559ft

Recent Achievements

  • PR on Baylands - America Center to Aquino Creek Trail
  • PR on Baylands - Gold St. to Caribbean
  • PR on Connector - Gold St to America Center
  • PR on N 1st - Holger to 237 sprint


Distance 5,712.9mi
Time 337h 8m
Elevation Gain 174,583ft
Rides 349


Total Distance 23,129.6mi
Total Time 1378h 38m
Total Elev Gain 619,452ft
Total Rides 1662

Recent Photos

  • Stole Vivan's panda socks for the day.
  • It's KOM hunting season!
  • ⚡️New 20 min FTP ⚡️ I suspect my real 20ftp is around 270 to 275, I was still holding back a bit and was distracted by a call from my brother.
  • Hey there future bicycle support vehicle...
  • That thigh gap.
  • This is my bicycle telling me to take a rest day. At least I didn't puncture on the way home.
  • Slept funny back hurts, all dressed up and don't even wanna bike.
  • Time to climb before it gets too hot.
  • Wanted to drive in today, car thought otherwise. Guess I'm biking in today, and I'll buy myself a new battery for my birthday. #s2000 . Any recommendations on long life batteries? The Panasonic oem lasted 7 years.
  • 90F out? Time to pack the cold stuff. #cycling #rapha
  • The new trailhead at the top of sierra road is nice :) gonna have to try hiking here.
  • Damn that's some helmet hair. Sorry for the #bathroomselfie.
  • All out of bubblegum :( 90F+ with no shade up Sierra Rd. 1.5 liters of water down in 30 minutes. #rapha #bidon
  • Found some shade... on the way down. Someone bring me a fucking beer.
  • Forget the beer, it's all about that mint water right now.
  • Energy bars suck.
  • Zone 4/5 all the way up #missionpeak ouch calves feel like they want to separate from my legs.
  • My legs are dead after yesterday.
  • #ktvu @couleurme #sfcyclingclub #wttvc
  • @philgaimon #amgen2014
  • #moo
  • #fog + #selfie = #foggie ?
  • Wrap time
  • Riding up Sierra Rd. channelling my inner Chris Horner. Get better soon! #seaotterfestival #owntheclimb
  • Sunrise at #missionpeak
  • Her majesty isn't quite sure what to think of those microfenders.
  • Trying out for the swim team.
  • Why are the sprinters climbing?
  • Climb Johnny climb!
  • Land of Indian guys in flannel pajama pants and women in full makeup.#missionpeak
  • Totally love this kit's design.
  • Mission Peak no. 198364 -- couple of cyclists joining me. How are those quads feeling @jsolanzo ? #missionpeak
  • Iavor and John joining me at #missionpeak :)
  • Cold wet and muddy #missionpeak
  • Finally some sun! #missionpeak
  • Listening to the XX waiting for the sun to rise at #missionpeak
  • Bae caught me flexin' #prettyinpink
  • 30 miles left I need food or I'm gonna bonk.
  • Hey 280, nice legs.
  • Rollin' through EPA #flat #festive500
  • Powered by chicken and waffles. #festive500
  • That's not normal... #look #keo #blade #festive500
  • Bike shot #festive500
  • Cycling out to the beach and back. Coastal century! #festive500
  • Snack break. #festive500
  • Ellis takin it in. #festive500
  • Some people walking up the dirt wall :) #festive500 @sisomphone j
  • This guy was a #keirin racer from Japan... on foothill expressway, what?!?
  • Lookout on skyline with @sisomphone
  • Climb Johnny climb! #redwoodgulch
  • Guess I'm riding the carbon single speed today. #firstworldproblems #di2 #singlespeed
  • Well that was a really short ride. 2 flats on separate wheels within 8 miles? Going home early.
  • Impromptu ride to San Francisco from Santa Clara, was craving waffles.
  • Cycling selfie, this is actually my pain face. On my third repeat of redwood gulch. #fuckblackfriday
  • Ugg painnnnn. #fuckblackfriday
  • Hey California, who turned off the heater? :(
  • Looks like @rapharacing pro team bibs couldn't hold these #watts! Tear at the right leg leg band.
  • Don't mind me, just grammin' on top of the world.
  • Out of the saddle, that monster!
  • Boys in #fluo
  • Sometimes descending like a pro has it's costs. Heal up Al!
  • Stretchy stretchy time to #bike.
  • Oh stay puft marshmallow man, I love you.
  • Everyday I'm layerin'
  • Nothing smoother than a thick shaving creme and a brand new feather blade. So smooth on my sk... Ow goddamnit! Cut myself!
  • Mission peak no. Whatever
  • I hate these shoes
  • If you're exercising at the gym today, you're doing it wrong. It's a beautiful morning. #bikes
  • #fuckpancakes, am I doing this right?
  • Hotdog wrapped in a pizza slice? Brilliant.