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Andrew Russell

Andrew Russell

Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
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Andrew Russell is a cyclist from Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. Join Strava to track your activities, analyze your performance, and follow friends. Strava members can plan routes, participate in motivating challenges, and join clubs. Get started by signing up for free.

Monthly Activity Distance

  • 0 km
  • 360
  • 720
  • 1080
  • 1440
  • 1800
Oct 2014
Jan 2015

Current Month

  • 77.7km
  • 3h 53m
  • 200m

Recent Achievements

  • 2nd overall on Churchill Drive Climb
  • 9th overall on VCX#2 Lap
  • PR on skip the bridge east
  • 2nd fastest time on Bridge Burner 1


Distance 12,893.8km
Time 477h 13m
Elevation Gain 110,496m
Rides 233


Total Distance 34,703.8km
Total Time 1222h 12m
Total Elev Gain 312,071m
Total Rides 602

Recent Photos

  • Here is to many fall and winter miles. @norcobicycles @oakbaybikes
  • Lucky number for the last #velo. TT of the season.
  • I always feel sorry for these little campers. Looks like they could use a hand.
  • Achieved a season goal today by finishing the Pro road race in White Rock. 133.5km of #shutuplegs. 15% grades, 80kph descents into chicanes. Thank-you to @oakbaybikes and Shrew for all the support this season. The new @iamspecialized tub rubber was clutch. Another big thanks to all of my @victoriawheelers teammates who pushed me towards this achievement. You rock. #legsup
  • Strung out on The Hurricane. #KOM
  • @mdsharpe1 takes Hurricane #KOM #CanadaDay honours.
  • A break from the pedals w a canter through one of my favourite spots to run. #islandinthesun #LittleDoug
  • #tdf is near.
  • The RV to match your new digs @teamwurtele #Okanagan #uncleRico
  • Windsor Park Crit tomorrow from 8-12. Come watch some fast two-wheelers. @victoriawheelers looking to end the #curseofthebambino #vcl #yyj #oakbay
  • Felt like a #classics break w Stephane tonight. An hour taking 5' hero pulls. @victoriawheelers
  • JDP Bonus Level #yyj
  • First kayaker. #snow2surf
  • You can get a map, but it is often more fun to let the roads take you.
  • #westcoast #nootka
  • It's a good one. @victoriawheelers
  • The time has come. #sunsoutgunsout @victoriawheelers
  • @emmal.lujan on the #roubaix podium.
  • Still beats driving. #CycleCommute #yyj
  • #Ranchero
  • You can only drive so long until you need to stretch the legs. @sauconycanada #findyourstrong
  • #NicolaValley #singletrack
  • #OrganicOverpass. #NicolaValley
  • Had heard the #Zealot hype and Mt. Doug confirmed it. If you like the kinvara then it should also be in your arsenal. @sauconycanada #findyourstrong
  • Caffeine  Supplement
  • Newest @victoriawheelers getting the tough done. #organicWatts
  • #terrible20 remnants from @repechageww #terribletwenty #skidsfordays @broadstreetcycles
  • One of favourites in Victoria #yyj
  • Halfway through Andy's #terrible20 #yyj @broadstreetcycles
  • @velofixvictoria providing support for Andy's #terrible20
  • Leaders are tied. Death match on mt. Doug. #terrible20
  • Everyday the trail is different. New obstacles, different grip. Always an adventure.
  • #CycleCommute
  • @christinecogger #blubberburn2015
  • Victorias highest elev home. #kingofthecastle
  • Listening to yourself suffer can be the best motivation.
  • The Season has begun. #vira #pioneer8k
  • Mt. T. #roadslikethese
  • RebalanceMD BioBike
  • Dryer in the trees.
  • #LarchHills #StigsLoop
  • Wish this was my #groundhogday @stuckylife what a venue!! #crossontherock
  • @wannawafelvictoria refuel. #crossontherock
  • Wicked fun racing the Thetis trails today. Gunner would be proud of the conditions.
  • #wetrunnersbelowzero
  • @victoriawheelers
  • Hilly-ass Thetis rip to try to out new @saucony peregrine5. Leaner, meaner, trainer & racer.  @sauconycanada
  • @mdsharpe1 back at his alma matter. #bcs
  • #CoffeeTreat
  • Life Essentials. #nightride
  • If your hurting from the #RVM, just remember this guy. #perspective
  • CX Provincials tomorrow.
  • Willows Beach #tallship
  • These guys seem legit.
  • #barnsbybike viaduct
  • BlackSwan
  • NumeroUno
  • #barnsbybike Charlton Rd. Saanich, BC
  • #crossclub #CamosunCamo
  • @stevengrandy @broadstreetcycles #whistlercx
  • Haldor @broadstreetcycles #whistlercx
  • #whistlercx
  • Dusty
  • Ahhhh
  • Canada in a Can.
  • Needed some liquid crack for the last rep.
  • @jordanrapp #barnsbybike Butterfield Barn Heritage Site, Central Saanich.
  • 36k. Gimme some mo! @sauconycanada
  • Many many k's in these guys this weekend but they still won't grow. #pinner
  • N.American Warning Site, aka #golfTown
  • First Photo. Thought it better be a good one. Thx @arhorn @noadeustch  #Patrice for getting this rolling.
  • Breakfast Salad #patentpending #patentpending #patentpending
  • Lunch stop on old Mt Mac. #TBT
  • It will come.
  • Mt. Currie #LikeABoss
  • Banana Stop
  • T.Fox Tempo Country
  • @arhorn ready to roll a river run in the Sun.
  • @stuckylife gentlemens race on a beauty vic day
  • Sidney smiles.
  • Time to refill henrique
  • What u should be eating after a solid workout. #realFood #No2ChoMilk
  • @thisisnotcurbwizard taking the observatory high road @stuckylife
  • Up observatory in 49x15. Did acid yesterday. What's your excuse. Ride.
  • Awaiting Wet Feet.
  • Reborn
  • @davinge_  with the sooke10k and VIRA series WINS!!
  • A Good Friday with a lot of this going on. #killer
  • Best business ever.
  • The Kids Turn! #tc10k
  • #Legsie
  • Egg in a nest, polenta style.
  • Not many thank-you cards can compete w this.
  • #TriClubHouse
  • Lakeside Asparagus
  • Old West Vocab
  • Deserted observatory ascent w #silentAlarm , 1 more to go.
  • Mt. Doug. #Raffi'sGreatestHits
  • I lied. Last one. Mt.T!
  • Victoria got a 70.3 today, now to get an ITU event.
  • Late afternoon drip. VCL Newton Heights.
  • The River.
  • Ahh
  • Root Cellar Black Forest Thick Cut. Real Bacon.
  • Jericho stompa
  • East sooke Ladies
  • Wow
  • Weekly Carnage.
  • What we call Up The Gut. #yyj
  • Gorge-ous
  • SUP in the middle of cowichan valley.
  • Kinsol kruzing @arhorn
  • Mt. Vesuvius
  • Ganges Harbour
  • New member 2 the tour. @jairus100