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Francis Luu

Francis Luu

San Francisco, CA
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Product Designer at Facebook.

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Monthly Activity Distance

  • 0 mi
  • 110
  • 220
  • 330
  • 440
  • 550
Sep 2014
Jan 2015

Current Month

  • 33.1mi
  • 2h 6m
  • 1,785ft

Recent Achievements

  • PR on Yesler Up
  • PR on Leschi-Frink to Yesler
  • PR on Harrison shite pave
  • PR on Galer to Helen


Distance 3,477.8mi
Time 223h 17m
Elevation Gain 178,209ft
Rides 176


Total Distance 22,221.4mi
Total Time 1376h 9m
Total Elev Gain 1,073,609ft
Total Rides 732

Recent Photos

  • Riding around London on this thing. Also, riding in London, pretty cray.
  • Spectating! Bike racing! Exercise!
  • Bringing this little guy home! #weeniedog
  • Oooh la la
  • So warm today #yaybikes #selfie
  • Took the day off to ride my bik— I mean, work on my balance.
  • Flying tube is metal #virginamerica
  • Free bike!
  • Post-bike-ride-hang-with-neighbor's-cat time.
  • Last minute adventure time before heading back to Seattle. Thanks again for the bike, @rapha_rcc!!
  • Back in San Francisco. Much excite. #sfcyclingclub ????
  • First race of the season for me tomorrow, a 10-mile time trial. I go out on the course *exactly* at 11:01:30 AM, which means I'll be shouting obscene things starting then. #icebreakertt
  • Hangin'
  • Pretty weird. Pretty ghetto. #fred
  • Sports! #superbowl #goseahawks #sufferfest
  • Good to be back!! Thanks @rapha_rcc for loaning me the bike for the week!
  • S-Works Roubaix, Dura-Ace 9000, Roval carbon clinchers. Super loaner bike! @rapha_rcc
  • Found a nice little duck pond between efforts today #yaybikes #ducks
  • Thanks @pveugen!! #sfcyclingclub #omnom
  • These kids cray, bombin' down Kings Mountain on longboards.
  • #selfie #sfcyclingclub
  • Welp, that's a first #lazy
  • #batmanselfie
  • Extra-cold today
  • New bottles @tenspeedheroluke
  • Most fun I've had on an indoor trainer. @trainerroad @wahoofitnessofficial #sufferfest
  • Found some cobblestones on the way into the office! Or bricks? Bricklestones.
  • Banana break — done.
  • Another day, another #circlemirror
  • Bam!
  • #circlemirror
  • Airfield bikin'
  • Sunny but cold today
  • *way* outside my comfort zone today. #dirtbikes
  • Was finally able to get out and play! #yaybikes
  • #yaybikes
  • #circlemirror
  • Sup @karlthefog!!
  • #circlemirror
  • Woooo the weekend is here! #yaybikes
  • Garmin-less in Seattle
  • #circlemirror #seattle
  • #weekendwarrior
  • Cliff surfin'
  • @karlthefog
  • #circlemirror
  • Biked straight into my first meeting of the day.
  • Stopped by the old Facebook office! Miss this place.
  • Getting ready for a ride. Jax supervises.
  • Bikes! #sfcyclingclub
  • @khiscott
  • #horse #selfie #horsie
  • Kyle's first Skyline!
  • Team USA kit spotted. #celebritysighting #sfcyclingclub
  • #circlemirror #sfcyclingclub
  • *does victory salute* #sfcyclingclub
  • The most wind out here today.
  • Rode along to today's #atoc2014 stage. Also 'cause it's windy outside and I'm a bum. #sfcyclingclub
  • Pre-(someone else's) wedding interlols #sfcyclingclub
  • Trying out some real food on rides #sfcyclingclub
  • I call this "A Painter Painting with Paint, #pro"
  • Ryan and Chris head up Old La Honda. Note the #aero tuck #sfcyclingclub
  • West Old La Honda is pretty! #sfcyclingclub
  • Space-time distortion! #sfcyclingclub
  • Headlands happiness! #sfcyclingclub
  • Feeling pretty! @cyclingtips
  • The climb up to the aerial tramway! Looks flat, but this is at a 10% grade and only gets steeper. #sfcyclingclub
  • From stage 2 of last year's Tour of California!! Apparently it was 40° hotter when they raced up this... #sfcyclingclub
  • #circlemirror #sfcyclingclub
  • Haven't climbed Mt Tam in a while! #sfcyclingclub
  • Passed me like I was sitting still weeee #sfcyclingclub
  • #flats #sfcyclingclub
  • Third-wheelin' these two today, @m @madelaineboyd #sfcyclingclub
  • Beach bikes with @khiscott and @brandonsouba
  • Intervals in the dark #sfcyclingclub
  • Dead end? #sfcyclingclub
  • #roadbikesondirt #sfcyclingclub #manlyman
  • Eat some dim sum, then go bike some awesome. #sfcyclingclub
  • Back on the bike after almost two weeks off. Body feeling all sorts of crazy! #sfcyclingclub
  • Stroll to the beach with @khiscott and @_andychung
  • Literally on the freeway #sfcyclingclub
  • Gonna draft this guy
  • Dish towel and Netflix. Trying the low/high cadence workout by thee  one coach @polyrhytmical #sfcyclingclub
  • @songexe double-fisting #sfcyclingclub
  • 4.3 watts per kilogram at 20 minutes! Never done they before wooo #sfcyclingclub
  • #carselfie #sfcyclingclub #brodate
  • Bike date with @khiscott
  • Tarman
  • Not riding this weekend, quickie before work #sfcyclingclub
  • Quick lung-buster before a televised sports broadcast. #sports! #sfcyclingclub
  • Rain bikin' #sfcyclingclub
  • Current status #omnom
  • Fun windy road! #sfcyclingclub
  • Bike pile @_andychung @vvvang @khiscott
  • Behind the scenes of photographing @vvvang and her new bike. @_andychung @khiscott
  • Photobombed by some dude doing a flip off the ledge pssshhh #sfcyclingclub
  • They were recording a Christmas carol and sending it to a friend. #sfcyclingclub
  • #seattle #pansy #sfcyclingclub
  • On Cañada Road!
  • Write a caption...
  • @ethanwh and doggie #sfcyclingclub
  • Bike corn #sfcyclingclub
  • Makin' the xmas #santacon
  • Warm today yaaaay #sfcyclingclub
  • Dancin' #sfcyclingclub
  • Oops. I have a Cervélo S3 for sale now btw. #sfcyclingclub
  • Bike police dude told me to ignore this sign wwweeeeee #sfcyclingclub
  • Fffffuuuuu, and just a mile from home.
  • Whhheeee #sfcyclingclub
  • First time with the 545am crew!! #sfcyclingclub
  • Post-ride puppy time #sfcyclingclub
  • Onward to Highway 1! #sfcyclingclub
  • @mosseri climbing Mt San Bruno
  • Night Hawk. Also spotted thee one @eddorsey #sfcyclingclub
  • :V #clifbar
  • 'til the sun goes down #sfcyclingclub
  • Bank bike. #sfcyclingclub
  • Bananagram #sfcyclingclub
  • Avoid theft #sfcyclingclub
  • Its dark so nobody can watch me look like an idiot practicing my 'cross skillz, yo. #sfcyclingclub
  • >:/
  • #selfie #sfcyclingclub
  • Everything hurts #sfcyclingclub #hawkhill
  • Na na na na na na na na (x3)
  • This guy! Back on his bike after an MCL tear.
  • @khiscott caught 'grammin. #dirtbikes
  • I've seen @sfcyclingclub, @jandrosaurus and @nicknova on my ride so far. Who's next?
  • #throwback #sfcyclingclub
  • Training grounds #sfcyclingclub
  • The first bit of dirt I've ever ridden over on my cross bike. Now in search of more. #babysteps
  • @jimwhimpey treated us to a sneak peek of the new club kits! #sfcyclingclub
  • Easy spin up Twin Peaks after club training this morning #sfcyclingclub
  • Stopped by the old Facebook office today.
  • Headed home after this morning's sprint workout. #sfcyclingclub #cyclistsbutts
  • Bicycles!
  • Cool, Seattle.
  • Quick ride before hopping on a plane to Seattle. #sfcyclingclub
  • Sunset Hawk Hill #sfcyclingclub
  • Commute!
  • Post-ride coffee n' cookie. Also, Greg LeMond's head.
  • Tailwind #sfcyclingclub
  • Yesterday's stage from La Vuelta!
  • Parked
  • Bike racing! #sfcyclingclub
  • Cat 1, 2 and 3s! #girodisanfrancisco
  • Adam sneaking in a ride before Burning Man.
  • First citay ride on the new citay whip. Yeeeeeeee.
  • Post-work Tunitas Creek #sfcyclingclub #yaybikes
  • Hawk Hill KOM @mashsf
  • The one @mbdrayton
  • Linked up with a fast group ride near Kings Mountain. Blurriness due to the speed at which we were traveling, causing distortions in the space-time continuum.
  • Mount San Effin Windy Bruno. #worstvideoever
  • OMMMNOMNOM #yaybikes #sfcyclingclub
  • Hard workout. Legs up. *falls asleep* #sfcyclingclub
  • Adam's first time up Hawk Hill. Only the fourth time riding!
  • Recovery ride #sfcyclingclub #loltired
  • Bike riding!
  • Way up here #yaybikes
  • Interlols up Hawk Hill
  • So many trees in the 'burbs!
  • Rooster in my rari
  • #wrongside #wheelsdontmatch #hashtag #sfcyclingclub
  • Hill climbs powered by #clifbar
  • Found a nice little hill in the 'burbs!
  • El cheapos for the spare bike in Seattle. Not a bad shoe at all. #giro #cleatsaredefinitelyoff
  • Frickin' laser beams.
  • Getting a bike fit! Learning a lot about my anatomy, also!
  • Feelin' great! Ow!
  • Yep #teamsky #pinarello
  • Hiking!
  • She can sleep through anything, even while I'm riding on the trainer for an hour.
  • Pain time
  • Fuckin' crazy looking. #osymetric
  • New shorts, new problems.
  • Seems like my heart rate is still affected by the Percocet I was taking right after surgery — high as a kite blehhh
  • Interlol training
  • Back on the bike... sort of.
  • First time downloading a ride off of Strava and following it with my Garmin's maps!
  • Nice day! Hooray for springtime in Seattle!
  • Bike riding!
  • Fixed-gear Friday!
  • Big group today!
  • Sweet my own lane
  • Morning Hawk Hill raid
  • Hooray for sharing
  • Bike riding!
  • Hurting Kevin by making him climb hills with me.
  • Post-work Old La Honda.
  • Nice day!
  • Extra-early ride in to the office
  • Face-off. Literally started to slowly walk towards me.
  • This deer is about to charge at my bike and I.
  • First day back on the bike after a week off. Feelin' great.
  • Repeats up King's Mountain
  • Real clean