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Bret Lobree

Bret Lobree

San Francisco, CA
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I like dirt and I like to climb, and I rode every road in San Francisco. Check out mapping only at

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Monthly Activity Distance

  • 0 mi
  • 110
  • 220
  • 330
  • 440
  • 550
Sep 2014
Jan 2015

Current Month

  • 39.6mi
  • 3h 53m
  • 2,890ft

Recent Achievements

  • PR on The Lawton to Lincoln Lunge
  • PR on Laguna Honda to Lincoln Blvd.
  • PR on Woodside/Laguna Honda descent to Clarendon
  • 2nd fastest time on Clarendon to Lawton Sprint


Distance 3,576.2mi
Time 292h 10m
Elevation Gain 268,002ft
Rides 438


Total Distance 30,149.3mi
Total Time 2174h 12m
Total Elev Gain 2,202,615ft
Total Rides 2418

Recent Photos

  • So much color.
  • Kaboom!
  • One of my favorite details.
  • One of my favorite views in San Francisco.
  • I ❤️ SF.
  • Crushing the third Street traffic.
  • New cap day! #capsnothats #cyclingcaptuesday thanks @rotheracycling
  • This route can only mean one destination.
  • That's right.
  • Time to buy myself a scooter. They are getting way too fast.
  • That's a lot of scaffolding to just replace our railing.
  • Forever and always. #cantwontdontstop
  • Up yours.
  • Second breakfast, because I had to try this.
  • 790 Tennessee. New letters!
  • Illinois Street traffic jam.
  • Grey day Bay Bridge
  • Good show tonight for the Wolfpack hustle
  • Hey most important trip to the grocery store.
  • White fences.
  • Dirt roads, beaches and lots of trail runners.
  • North tower.
  • Impromptu.
  • So sad.
  • Twice in one day. Still foggy though.
  • What month is it, Fogust?
  • What started as a road ride rapidly improved.
  • Epic views today.
  • No sun up here either.
  • Two Fish? More like boo hoo hoo fish. Hope you come back soon in one form or another. @twofishbaking
  • Until next time Black Point beach.
  • Grape bunch from Whistler Vineyard.
  • Sand crabs that are bigger than frogs.
  • Sea Ranch has a rather healthy community garden.
  • Token bike pic.
  • No @karlthefog today. Not even off shore.
  • Chiton.
  • Tide pooling.
  • Read the fine print. @superproracing
  • AT&T fiber going in.
  • This road is like an old friend.
  • Pretty good for a plan b route.
  • Nice spot to fix a flat #tubelessnomore
  • Blue skies, green trees.
  • Sea Ranch Frog.
  • Sunny here.
  • Good roads.
  • Noce today, maybe tomorrow.
  • Picked the right bike.
  • Another day another photo.
  • Little breezy, but at least @karlthefog is taking a little off-shore holiday. #dogsofinstagram
  • Post a letter.
  • New roads
  • Coffee and where's my bike. And where's @john.maniquis
  • Still trying to figure out what ship that is. Says DE 7 on the side.
  • Something seems out of alignment.
  • Spire moon. #calisucksdontcome
  • Fantastic morning.
  • Token bridge selfie.
  • Almost mountain bike tires.
  • Not quite as hot out, but still hot enough for an affogato.
  • Making up for yesterday. #coffeeandbikes #socks @sockguyluv
  • Now this is a sweet ride. #coffeeandbikes
  • My sister took Otis to the beach. Looks like he misses me. (Not) @awvalko @cheekipix
  • New bottle day. Thanks @fatcakeclub cc: @cryan415
  • New old road
  • Tourist pricing $4.50 cappuccino. #coffeeandbikes
  • Fog City.
  • Plenty warm out today.
  • Columnar basalt
  • Water lines.
  • Bridgeview sights @bicigirl
  • Poop colored paint for bald out. I guess we know have a city feels about these.
  • It's true! Thirteen out of ten people do love this place.
  • Always spectacular.
  • A Berkeley institution.
  • Closing this summer.
  • Well that ride happened again. #slurpeeride #seveneleven
  • I earned it! #slurpeeride #seveneleven
  • New ride different direction.
  • Look what I found in Cape Cod. Cc @bicigirl
  • A natural destination for a family bike ride.
  • Sure, why not.
  • So prehistoric. Molt?
  • The belly.
  • I'm renting a fat bike next time.
  • We ride for ice cream.
  • Super secure.
  • 55 razor clams.
  • Blistering barnacles.
  • Short lived village.
  • Tides going out now. #tiltshift
  •'s s in.
  • Tides coming in.
  • Total destruction.
  • You don't have to be so crabby.
  • Every day I'm fiddling, fiddling...
  • Bike car with repair station and they sell beer and wine. What's not to like?
  • Better. #scenesfromatrain
  • Photos from inside a train are hard to get right. #no filter
  • Into the light
  • Cold brew flight. R to L; Cold fashioned, cold brew, Nitro.
  • And avo toast.
  • The west peak marker is gone.
  • Yellow peach.
  • It's a lollie afternoon.
  • How the adventure really went with @jakebayless #latergram
  • Upper market should be closed every weekend. #pride
  • It's where they wanted to go.
  • That's better.
  • Shadow bike on Twin Peaks. #cantwontdontstop
  • Looking good @sutrotower
  • Had to.
  • The morning I stop by The Market, @john.maniquis is not in yet.
  • There's the serial number.
  • It's that kind of day #coffeeandbikes take two.
  • Big changes out here.
  • Find the coffee. #coffeeandbikes
  • #alwaysreadtheplaque @theromanmars @samlistens @mrqjohnson #latergram #mondaymorningmeetinggram
  • Kinda like an #UTBAPH but it's a UTBATB. @theromanmars @samlistens @romanmars
  • This looks right. @sysbeep #outsideisfree #outsideisnew #strava
  • Milagra is new.
  • Going over there.
  • Happy Father's Day!
  • Sights on Notch trail.
  • What goes down must go up higher good
  • Adventure.
  • Was there.
  • Now that's more rideable.
  • Look @karlthefog retreating.
  • The sign said Detour Bridge Out. We ignore it. #adventureride
  • Another trail new to me. #outsideisnew Half Moon Bay coastal trail. #mup
  • I was early. #coffeeandbikes
  • Looking good Otis. #dogsofinstagram
  • Meeting the family. First time I've stopped at the tower.
  • Always read the plaque. @theromanmars #99pi
  • The correct time not adjusted for DST.
  • The cyclosaur and I waiting for coffee @philzcoffee. @sockguyluv
  • It's still unclear to me why they put a sundial out here.
  • An ambulance to firetrucks in a cop car meet at a coffee shop…
  • The plan was to climb until I found sun. That was easier then expected.
  • This was totally the most direct route to work.
  • The real rabbit hole.
  • Look ma, no kickstand. #bikechurch
  • The right place to park the car.
  • Views.
  • Look who was on Alemany.
  • If it wasn't already taken this could have been Broad Street.
  • Tower views.
  • Progress!
  • There's a new caffeine slinger at Neighbor. Coffee art is not her thing. That everything croissant though.
  • There's a joke there somewhere I just put my finger on it.
  • Plugged that hole in the #rer map. Found a new, yet to be completed, one while out there though.
  • Lunch.
  • New frame is getting made.
  • Bridge views.
  • Looks like I'll be back again. Dammit. #rer
  • Different day, different shot, same place.
  • Nice man hole cover. @theromanmars
  • Aptly named.
  • Misty orb web.
  • Morning mist. Thanks @karlthefog
  • Oh hello there. #roadiedirt
  • Bay trail.
  • Peeking Shoreline.
  • So many seats. So little use.
  • My bike is in good company.
  • I'm on the bay.
  • Creek trails are the best.
  • Riding a bike to the game would be totally viable. Wonder if they have bike valet.
  • Blinding light.
  • Commutes that don't suck.
  • Grey day on the longer route to work.
  • Interesting boat in the dry dock.
  • Riding on water.
  • And the walls, come tumbling down.
  • Going, going...
  • Aptly named. My Trail Gator bit me.
  • Lunch pop-up.
  • Not our typical sunset. #datewalk
  • Morning views.
  • Redone "convenience station". #veryimportanterrand
  • Another gorgeous day at the beach. Yep ocean's still there. #veryimportanterrand
  • Epic views today. #cantwontdontstop #veryimportanterrand
  • I successfully navigated jury selection. The case settled. #juryduty
  • Side exit onto Redwood. #treealley
  • Second stop? #clockride suggestions welcome.
  • Look up every once in a while
  • My home for the next few hours, hopefully not days. #juryduty
  • Searching for Cosmo. @cosmocatalano
  • Token summit photo of city. I found my group, but they were rolling just as I got here. #latergram
  • Not many pyramids the wild.
  • Checking up on the big sundial.
  • Pretty sure it's burning off.
  • Looks like a good day for a barbecue and pool party. @cryan415
  • Giving that ship a little tug. @cryan415