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Brett Rivers

Brett Rivers

Mill Valley, California
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Owner of San Francisco Running Company. My amazingly adventurous wife Larissa Rivers is the Run Marketing Manager at Strava. We moved to Mill Valley from SF to be at the heart of the best trail running scene in the country. I write the shoe review column for UltraRunning Magazine.

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Monthly Activity Distance

  • 0 mi
  • 60
  • 120
  • 180
  • 240
  • 300
Oct 2014
Jan 2015

Current Month

  • 87.8mi
  • 11h 51m
  • 10,638ft

Recent Achievements

  • PR on North Side Service Road Climb
  • PR on Little Speedway Meadow Eastbound
  • PR on boggy meadow
  • PR on xc obstacle course

All-Time PRs

  • 2:38:07
  • 3:36:50
  • 16:20:06
    100 MILES


Distance 1,767.0mi
Time 251h 36m
Elevation Gain 284,026ft
Runs 191


Total Distance 7,783.2mi
Total Time 1136h 14m
Total Elev Gain 1,283,491ft
Total Runs 815

Recent Photos

  • @dylanbo heading up the last climb of #OCC to La Flegere
  • @magicsquid winding through Chamonix to the finish of #OCC
#SFRC #marintrailers #baybirds @baybirdsracing #FromageMoi
  • Just when you thought you saw everything on a morning summit! A big congrats to Sophia and Charlie #cands2015, sorry we imposed on the sunrise ceremony at the summit ???? Nice @oiselle runners wedding dress! #flystyle #oiselle #MtTam #mttamsummitrunners
  • Mt Tam summit run, no filter needed.
@nikerunning trail demo at #SFRC  Saturday at 8am, try out the #kiger2 #wildhorse2, join us!
  • Our #BrothersOfSurf across the street at @prooflab are having their big 10 Year Anniversary party and grand opening of the expanded Proof Lab Station this Saturday, congrats to the team there on the major milestone! Everything sounds rad, especially the dunk tank. Run #MtTam and then stop by #ProofLab and #SFRC on Saturday #ShopLocal #TamJunkIsWhereItsAt
  • Dos generaciones de cabra montés. Beyond cool to have a true legend of adventure running Buzz Burrell join us on a Mt Tam sunrise summit this morning @ultimatedirectionusa #brosonamountain #tamtuesday
  • Like the patch says, this Saturday's run will screw your shoes but man will your @stancesocks look good. 13-15 mile at 8am from SFRC and we will be joined by a special-guest Stance athlete. Post-run food truck, refreshments, foot massage, 1-day deals, additional all-around awesomeness #theuncommonthread #FYourShoesProtectYourSocks #SFRC #stance
  • To the runner that took our punk rock trucker on adventures all over Scandinavia and Iceland and sent us a note and photos, that is super cool! We are unsure who sent this, but thank you, it means a lot to us. Happy trails!
  • Big congrats to #SFRC GM @1jorgemaravilla on a 2:26 Win and CR at the hilly San Luis Obispo Marathon this morning, and to @relfashley @baybirdsracing for the 1:25 3rd place at the SLO Half! Fired up! Way to sneak in that #BQ Jorge ???? #powercouple #SFRCRacing #SLOMarathon @hokaoneone (photos by Erin Beck and @run_kels_run)
  • @victormier @stravarun segment hunting on his final week in the Bay Area, firing up the #Strava Uh Oh email servers on the Hogsback Descent, sorry @wasthatwrong, but you woulda been impressed, the Spaniard was literally flying. Gonna miss you bro, have a great adventure 'tripin around the US! #MtTam #runwithstrava #CR #mttamsummitrunners #SFRC
  • Downtown #SanFrancisco peeking through the haze and fog from the summit of #MtTam. Enjoying some warm sunshine at the top. #mttamhillclimb #mttamsummitrunners #SFRC
  • We had a blast at #Bay2Breakers, congrats to everyone who raced / paraded / wore clothes / went sans clothes. Always a fun morning and celebration of SF! Pre-race photo with @scottdunlap @joppedal @hrsports
  • Chasing @dylanbo @garygellin up Temelpa, @galengray's last as a south sider #mttam #mttamhillclimb #southsidersrule #mountainrunning
  • The MH stands for Mission:Hammerfest. 
16 tempo on the mountain with @galengray and @mhbreadbutter aka #secretfitness. #MHBB #mttam #trailrun
  • We are super pumped for Season 4 of @salomonrunning TV, the trailer is live on Salomon's YouTube page and posted on our FB page. New episodes starting Feb10! Thank you to the Salomon Running crew, Greg Vollet, and @taa_indiefilm for your continued investment in telling beautiful stories from the sport. (Photo re-posted from @salomonrunning Instagram) #srtv #DesignedForFreedom
  • Morning miles in the Berkeley Hills chasing the champs @mjlaye @runboulet @hokaoneone @guenergylabs #Hoka
  • A lot of fun at the #PhiladelphiaMarathon this morning. @larissa3963's 10 year anniversary from her first ever marathon back in 2004 which also happened to be at #Philly. @sfrunco new #PR in 2:38:07. #marathon #phillymarathon #TheRoadToWS100 @baybirdsracing
  • Our annual order of the @patagonia R1 hoody is here! One of our favorite pre/post tops, the #SFRC staff lives in theirs in the winter. These are always a very limited supply, they make an incredible gift if you need holiday gift ideas. Great new colors for winter 2014-15, a violet, green, and black for women, and a two-tone blue for men. All have SFRC #MountainRunning embroidered. #Running #Patagonia #TrailRun
  • #LaLuz Trail adventure run with my love @larissa3963 #mountainrun #NewMexico #thevertsearch #SFRC
  • The proper way to welcome @nikerunning to #SFRC. The #niketrail Kiger 2 and Wildhorse 2 for men and women now in stock! Lookout @afvarner we are coming for you.. #mttam #41 #mttamhillclimb
  • Summer above the sea of fog #35 #thevertsearch #tamtuesday #mttam #mttamhillclimb
  • The new beer vending machine at the top of Mt Tam was installed at the perfect time. Happy 30th Birthday @fernandodss! #44 on the year for  Fernando #mttamhillclimb #brosonamtn #sfrc
  • Dipsea, Western States 100, it's going to be a big June! A long one with @dylanbo and I can say that taking 29.5 mile route to the top of Mt Tam is definitely the longest route to the summit that I've done. Fired up for the June races! #dipsea #ws100 #mttam #suuntoambitions #strava @stravarun
  • Verna Dunshee overlook coming down from #mttam Hello SF. #24
  • @mjlaye at the summit above the fog #23 #tamtuesday #mttamhillclimb
  • @galengray nearing the top of #mttam on a fantastically warm morning on the mountain.
Join us TONIGHT 6pm for a run to Tennessee Valley Beach! All levels, 7 miles, our friends from @fitsok will be here with pairs of socks and swag to handout, will be a beautiful run to closeout the day!
  • A great way to close out April. #21 w/ @mjlaye @galengray @nunomiguelluis
  • Zach Miller & @afvarner dropped by after their 1st & 4th place finishes at #ls50.. We hope that you two take those #WS100 entries, we want to see you at Western States! Well done fellas #trackmeetatsquaw
  • Toasty at the top! Up Hogsback up Fern Creek #16 #mttamhillclimb #thevertsearch
  • @glbbenson CPA, drop off your taxes and run to the mountain from his office #BetterCallGreger #mttam
  • Congrats to all of the runners out at the Napa Valley Marathon today, great job everyone! We had a lot of fun cheering you on! #marathon #nvm
  • We raced the rain, we both won. Welcoming back the precipitation from the top of Tam, #10 #tamtuesday #mttam #mttamhillclimb #thevertsearch
  • Laye, Gates, Maravilla, Burrell, Gaylord, Bowman... It's official ladies and gentleman, we have a #SundayBroShred on our hands
  • Gotta start somewhere.. Mt Tam summit run #1 of 2014, already playing catchup to @dylanbo @glbbenson #mttam #mttamhillclimb #thevertsearch
  • Mt Tam summit run #64, and big #50 for @mjlaye Congrats on fiddy Laye! W/ @afvarner @fernandodss #mttamhillclimb #thevertsearch #mttam
  • Mt Tam summit run #63, Christmas Eve sunrise over the bay. With @glbbenson @mjlaye @dylanbo @maukarunner @broom00
  • Bros on a mountain with @broom00 @glbbenson @fernandodss @sharmanian @stricklanmj @dylanbo @mjlaye @ngiusto #mttamhillclimb #mttambreakfastofchampions #thevertsearch #tamtuesday
  • Mt Tam Summit run #61, great to be back out on the mountain #mttam #mttamhillclimb #thevertsearch
  • Great morning run in ATX with @scottjurek @tgaylord @injinji
  • Mt Tam Summit Run #57 with @mjlaye @dylanbo Chris C. and Michael H. Last dark one before DST. #mt#mttamhillclimb #thevertsearch #tamtuesday
  • Mt Tam summit run #58, back to getting the sunrise. With @mjlaye @maukarunner @nunomiguelluis #mttam #mttamhillclimb #tamtuesday #thevertsearch
  • Beautiful morning for a summit run #mttam #mttamhillclimb #tamtuesday @maukarunner @mjlaye @glbbenson @ngiusto @rioreina
  • Bros on a mountain @mjlaye @glbbenson @maukarunner @rioreina @ngiusto
  • Mt Tam summit run #56 w/ @mjlaye Chris C and Michael H. #mttam #mttamhillclimb #tamtuesday #thevertsearch #nofilter
  • Great presentation last night with Tim Fleming and Sunny Blende on Metabolic Efficiency Training and using fat as a fuel source. Thanks everyone for coming out, we are here as a home for the community! Come by if you have questions, we are here to help.
  • Mt Tam summit run #53 with @maukarunner Great to get some miles in before he leaves to go race in Brazil and Chile. Safe travels buddy and have a great adventure! Thank You to the running community for supporting us as we work hard to build a special shop! #mttam #mttamhillclimb #tamtuesday #trailrun
  • Mt Tam Summit Run #55 w/ @mjlaye @dylanbo @maukarunner #mttam #mttamhillclimb #thevertsearch #tamtuesday
  • The doctor @peterduyan at the top of Ocean View
  • Mt Tam summit run #54 with these bros. Back to back mornings up the mountain. @mjlaye @dylanbo @broom00 @stricklanmj @Fe rnandodss #tamtuesday #mttam #mttamhillclimb #trailrun
  • Mt Tam summit #52 w/ @mjlaye @broom00 @runphelps and birthday summit run with @maukarunner @stricklanmj @lauraomeara Clear view into the city!
  • Morning loop with The Baker @mhbreadbutter Great to catch up over some Tam miles
  • @glbbenson @broom00 @mjlaye @dylanbo @galengray 200+ summits among us on the year?
  • Mt Tam summit run #51, sunrise season is starting again. #mttam #mttamhillclimb #tamtuesday
  • @galengray at the summit #tamtuesday #mttamhillclimb
  • Mt Tam Summit Run #49, super pumped to now be working with and carrying @scottsports running shoes! They like dirt and rocks and long runs on the mountain. Check out the #Kinabalu and stay tuned for an upcoming demo run with #grandslam record holder @sharmanian #mttam
  • Mt Tam summit run #48 with @broom00 @dylanbo
  • @tgaylord and Kim at the top@of Tam, Mt Tam Hill Climb #mttam #mttamhillclimb #mttambreakfastofchampions @montrailrunning
  • Mt Tam Hill Climb, @galengray 1st in 33:2 @afvarner 2nd, @tgaylord 5th, @sfrunco 6th. 47th summit of the year #mttamhillclimb #mttambreakfastofchampions #
  • Mt Tam summit run #46 on the year, 4 more to the initial goal. With @victorysportdesign @maukarunner and filmmaker Sam Lueck #mttamhillclimb #tamtuesday #mttam
  • Caught @maukarunner getting high this morning #mttamhillclimb #thevertsearch #tamtuesday #mttam #trailrun @flotrack_trackisback @stravarun
  • Mt Tam Summit Run #45. Low fog to the south. Warm breeze and hit in the sun up at East Peak
  • Double Dipsea morning with @maukarunner Pretty rad when that counts as a serious business meeting!
  • Horse Hill, sun breaking through, with @tannerthepro
  • Getting the band back together with these two jokers @mhbreadbutter @peterduyan Mt Tam summit run #44 #mttamhillclimb #tamtuesday on an actual Tuesday
  • Log Drop, Muir Woods
  • Mt Tam summit run #43 with @dylanbo @maukarunner Rad morning on the mountain #mttamhillclimb #thevertsearch
  • Out and about on Mt Tam with @mjlaye @dylanbo @glbbenson @broom00
  • Mt Tam #42, white out at the top. @mjlaye new #mttamhillclimb PR in 36:30 #fkttt #tamtuesday #thevertsearch with @glbbenson @dylanbo
  • Emotionally not ready to already start #QuadDipsea suffering errr training :-)
  • Mt Tam summit #41 and none other than @therealjimmymac shows up 60 secs later, first time at the top.
  • A beautiful morning on the mountain, a run to the top with @mjlaye @broom00 @glbbenson
  • Mt Tam summit run #40, #45 for @glbbenson , #29 for @mjlaye , 6 or 7 for @broom00 #mttamhillclimb #thevertsearch
  • Places above and below the fog line
  • Fogbomb ninja loop #thereisacitybackthere #sfsummer
  • Inspired by ComicCon '13, Luke Skyrunner packed his light sabers into his batman utility belt #skyracetraining #matterhornskyrace
  • A bit 'o Fern Creek
  • Mt Tam summit #39 w/ @mjlaye (#27) @glbbenson (#42) @broom00 (he thinks 5 or 6) #tamtuesday #mttamhillclimb #thevertsearch
  • What do you do the morning after winning the @insidetrail  La Sportiva Mt Cup race? @galengray does a summit run to the top of Tam, #43 for Galen and #38 for me #mttambreakfastofchampions #mttamhillclimb
  • @galengray heading up to East Peak #mttamhillclimb
  • A Mt Tam morning with @galengray
  • Mt Tam summit #37 on the year. Solo, where the heck you at @mjlaye @maukarunner @glbbenson @gusgibbs ! At least @victorysportdesign has a tapering excuse for TRT. #tamtuesday #solotamtuesday #mttamhillclimb
  • Mt Tam summit #36, and #36 for @glbbenson Warm up above a sea of fog. Firefighter Doug manning the fire lookout. #mttamhillclimb
  • Mt Tam summit #34 w/ @mjlaye & @broom00, great to be joined by two speedy ladies @tuffyduffy & Magdalena! Pretty cool running to the summit with an Olympian.
  • Tahoe Miles
  • The new @scottjurek collection from our friends at #UltimateDirection us fantastic. Used the 2 bottle Endure belt at #SD100. Now up in Tahoe and the Essential belt is "pregnant runner approved" and recommended by @larissa3963 Happy Trails!
  • Mt Tam summit run #32, 2 summits 2 days. It was sunny at the top 14 hours ago, windy and cloudy at the top this morning
  • Summit run #31
  • Mt Tam Summit #30, a real serious business meeting with GM @maukarunner in the conference room
  • Bay Area women runners rock! Pregnant wife and two very recent moms heading up Fern Creek Trail on their way to the summit of Mt Tam. Love the energy! @larissa3963 @kgburrell @georgiayoung #badasses
  • Headlands Loop, brisk, bright morning.  @samm1821 looking out to the city
  • Mt Tam #29 with @mjlaye @maukarunner @victorysportdesign
  • Hammered the Ninja Loop, 1:21:58 and @victorysportdesign at 1:25:05
  • Mt Tam summit #27, #14 for @mjlaye and great to have the mountain goat @gusgibbs finally back in town
  • @gusgibbs
  • Mt Tam summit #26, a sea of fog 300' below, Mt Diablo out in the distance
  • Mt Tam Summit #25 with @mjlaye and @victorysportdesign up above the clouds
  • Impromptu Summit Sunrise to the top of Tam with @galengray , 24 summits for me, 22 for Galen, working towards the 50 Summits project
  • Mt Tam Summit #23 with @mjlaye fresh off a 2:28 2nd place at Big Sur Marahon, @1darkbeer1 and MB
  • Coastal single track above Stinson Beach, getting in the morning turns with MB
  • #sanfrancisco and the #goldengatebridge 4/25/13
  • Overlooking a fog covered #sanfrancisco before finishing up a morning loop in the #marinheadlands
  • Sunny at the summit with an all-star cast in town for the morning with @mjlaye @tgaylord @travisgaylord @mikewardian Victor Ballesteros and Dave Mackey
  • Well hello Bob.
  • @larissa3963 back from 2 weeks in Boston, so thankful for this run together
  • Mt Tam summit run #20. Heavy thoughts, heavy heart. For the past 6 or so years Mt Tam has been my sanctuary, my church, my therapist, my playground for adventure. I am constantly evolving as a runner and I feel that it helps to make me a better person. I run to the mountain for different reasons each time and today it was to think about everything that happened yesterday. Much love to everyone touched physically and emotionally by the senseless tragedy at Boston. Drop by the store if you want to talk, want to run, or simply want a hug from all of us. Peace.
  • Mt Tam Summit run #19, time to hammer the down to get to work and open the store in time!
  • SFRC run with Max King and @montrail_running - Perfect evening!
  • A beautiful Headlands morning kicking up dirt.
  • Caching up with Broom! Kezar to  Ocean Beach, a beautiful warm morning in Golden Gate Park
  • Summit number 17, up on East Peak back to back days. Amazing colors this sunrise, SF covered in low fog, with @mjlaye
  • Sunny at the summit, fog rolling over SF. A great way to spend a couple hours outside the store, 15 miles and a lot of vert for summit run number 16 #mttamhillclimb
  • Mt Tam summit #14. The GM convinced me of an early start. I wish I brought the tow rope!
  • Mt Tam summit #12, w/ @mhbreadbutter and @mjlaye - dark morning up in the clouds
  • Mt Tam summit #12
  • Good morning fog city
  • Sunrise summit thanks to the time change means great sunrises for a couple more weeks again. Foggy down at the start and throughout the bay. @mjlaye  #nofilter
  • Foolproof security! @jenniferpattee
  • a cast of characters this morning, @mjlaye @mhbreadbutter and I "ran" into @travisgaylord and @lydibug1984 at the start of Temelpa, everyone out on a summit run
  • Mt Tam Summit #9, with @mhbreadbutter @mjlaye @travisgaylord @lydibug1984
  • The city overlook, a bright clear morning running in the Headlands
  • Getting high with a little help from my friends
  • Rising above the fog.
  • Mt Tam ascent #6. Above the clouds looking out to Mt Diablo
  • Widowmaker ascent to the top of Tam. Brutal climb for Tam, awesome. Thanks @tgaylord @maukarunner @mhbreadbutter @galengray
  • morning on the mountain w/ Yanko and @peterduyan
  • Bachelor signing the summit book. Bunny Flat parking lot to summit of Shasta in 4:10 with the guys. Great effing day.
  • Doi Saket
  • DipFace morning, training for Quad Dipsea, training for North Face 50 @peterduyan @galenburrell @rickeygates
  • Golden Gate Park morning enjoying the weather, Kezar to Ocean OAB chatting with friends
  • Good morning from East Peak lookout #nofilter #trailrun
  • Runners be 'gramin. East Peak sunrise summit 1/13/13
  • Sunrise summit with @galenburrell and @mhbreadbutter, windy at the top, summit #3 for the year, 47 to go!
  • Tam Summit #4, clouds rolling overhead into the void, with @maukarunner and @galenburrell