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Andy Montgomery

Andy Montgomery

San Francisco, California
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Andy Montgomery is a runner from San Francisco, California. Join Strava to track your activities, analyze your performance, and follow friends. Strava members can plan routes, participate in motivating challenges, and join clubs. Get started by signing up for free.

Monthly Activity Distance

  • 0 mi
  • 40
  • 80
  • 120
  • 160
  • 200
Oct 2014
Jan 2015

Current Month

  • 6.0mi
  • 0h 59m
  • 1,219ft

Recent Achievements

  • PR on MLK (9th to 5th)
  • PR on Stow Lake to Kezar Dr
  • PR on Panhandle -- Stanyan to Masonic
  • 2nd fastest time on Stoneman to Bernal Heights Park parking lot


Distance 306.0mi
Time 57h 14m
Elevation Gain 52,959ft
Runs 47


Total Distance 3,377.8mi
Total Time 632h 10m
Total Elev Gain 473,711ft
Total Runs 496

Recent Photos

  • Laps. #mountmarathon
  • Standin on top of the world. Took @stevaker on his first Tam summit which properly kicked his ass.
  • Saving Daylight Time
  • Bagged Maggie's Peak
  • From the highest point at Heavenly. #skimo
  • Foggy Golden Gate Bridge crossing for a foggy run in the Headlands with @karlthefog and @joshrosso
  • Dem redwoods with Joel
  • Today, after wandering around, traversing through farms, being chased by dogs, bumping into neighbors from SF, and then a few wrong turns on the trails, we made our way to the highest point in the area, Monkey Mountain, at 1100 feet. The views were spectacular and I'm thankful to add one more summit to the list in 2014. #xmasinmexico #sayulita
  • Appendix-free @josiahq
  • And... Back to work...
  • View from the outdoor office
  • Taliesin
  • Vacay...
  • Taliesin + bunny
  • Lovin' the weekend growler lineup
  • Lucinda waking up
  • Sunday rituals
  • A little gift from Gainesville. (Yes, that's 5 pounds.)
  • Colorado...
  • New bike :)
  • Yin Yang yeggs
  • In which a horse joins us for the Monday trail run
  • Good food, good beer in Durham
  • Ah Two Hearted Ale, how I have missed you in Colorado
  • Mom's quite the green thumb...
  • Things I will miss about CO: Running up Bear Peak with spikes on
  • Things I will miss about CO: Stout Month at Southern Sun
  • The extent of my possessions at present
  • Microinteractions wisdom from @odannyboy #ixd13redux
  • Trail run sunset
  • Tuesday trail run
  • Sideshow Bob appears to be flourishing in my absence
  • Hash House Harriers. Look it up.
  • Me, dad, and Alcatraz. Happy Father's Day!
  • Trail running with @karlthefog
  • From the top
  • Weekend long run with a 1/2 marathon PR -
  • Of course @karlthefog has to take 1/2 the picture...
  • Sun set. Moon rise. Trail run. #nofilter
  • Fog free running
  • Post-run cool down swim
  • What's the point? This is the point. #tomalespoint
  • I just found my new happy place
  • Sunrise over Angel Island #riseandclimb
  • SF, mountains, Sutro - left to right. #hailsutro
  • Entering the wilderness #beforepicture
  • Always leave one at the trailhead
  • Good morning SF... #riseandclimb
  • Sunday morning Mt Tam "service"
  • SFRC night run + tacos + beer
  • Sunday morning dose of Tam #riseandclimb
  • Summiting Hihimanu in the rain
  • Kalalau Trail. 22 miles of incredible beauty.
  • More Kalalau
  • I'm the one in yellow
  • Just a morning jog on the PCT #cabinlife
  • Post holing
  • More altitude training #tahoe #blue
  • Foggy chilly city trail run today. Finally some real deal SF weather!
  • Is it still a city run if you pass a bunch of bison at mile 3?
  • Red Hot 55K finish line!
  • Saturday morning run with @sfrunco and @natehelming. Best way to start the weekend!
  • Top of Miwok with @klmn
  • #hailsutro
  • Sunset on Hill 88 with the @insidetrail crew. Good to have the gang back together with some new faces. The blood moon didn't hurt either.
  • Between two peaks #twinpeaks #urbantrails #riseandclimb
  • Peak sunrise photographer
  • Saturday morning jog to Ocean Beach. So lucky to live 3 miles from this view.
  • Mornin' Dolores...
  • Racing @karlthefog to the top
  • Sometimes you eat the fog, sometimes the fog eats you
  • Sanitas summiteers! #boulder #memorialday2014
  • In which we wear red dresses and drink beer and run on trails. For a good cause. And for fun. #boulder #memorialday2014
  • All fog, all the time with @sfrunco this morning... #riseandclimb
  • Happy National Running Day from the top #riseandclimb
  • Ocean of clouds and Diablo in the distance #riseandclimb
  • Foggy, windy Tam summit #3
  • Recovery run in GGP and a neighborhood coffee. No complaints...
  • @karlthefog v. @lordsutro #hailsutro
  • You say brunch, I say Mt Tam summit. #riseandclimb
  • Thanks for the trail reco @gregtarnoff. That did the trick. Sunset didn't hurt either!
  • Just another #nofilter kind of evening trail run in the Headlands
  • On top of the world. Well, my world at least... #riseandclimb #mttam
  • Foggy night trail run atop Hill 88 with the old crew (photo thanks to Amy)
  • Current status: Deadwood Peak
  • Tuesday night trail jaunt with @insidetrail and the gang. #stravaproveit
  • Headlands group run with @sfrunco and @karlthefog #stravaproveit
  • Neighborhood mornin run
  • Heat training! 97° before 10am! 59 feet of climbing in 10 miles. Welcome to Florida... #flat #vacation
  • Breffas o' Champions #greenstuff
  • SFRC dogs in the fog run
  • Coming down Mt Whitney in a hurry, trying to stay warm! (Photo by @tomallenrn)
  • Headlands sunset
  • A little Sunday morning quality time with the GGB and @karlthefog
  • From the gunsight
  • It was a Twin Peaks kinda morning
  • Mornin' Sutro
  • A slipping sliding day on icy trails in Boulder
  • Hard to complain about running on the roads with this backdrop
  • The Walker Ranch Turkey Trot ;)
  • Bringing the @sfrunco gear to the top of Bear Peak in Boulder #stravaproveit #windy #turkeycoma
  • Birthday run with Old Man Hamaker #birthdayboy
  • Descending