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Dave Cairncross

Dave Cairncross

San Diego, CA
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Soledad...It's a giant Cairn (pile of rocks marking a road) with a Cross on top! bernies bike shop

Monthly Activity Distance

  • 0 mi
  • 170
  • 340
  • 510
  • 680
  • 850
Oct 2014
Jan 2015

Current Month

  • 106.2mi
  • 7h 5m
  • 6,237ft

Recent Achievements

  • PR on sunset cl
  • 2nd fastest time on Sage Canyon to East Ocean Air
  • 3rd fastest time on Hill St Westbound
  • 3rd fastest time on Descent to the Tide Pools


Distance 4,946.5mi
Time 365h 0m
Elevation Gain 385,118ft
Rides 192


Total Distance 28,779.6mi
Total Time 1891h 50m
Total Elev Gain 1,798,661ft
Total Rides 1003

Recent Photos

  • What kinda snake is this cute little fella?
  • Clouds from Torrey pines
  • The one and only Steady Eddie
  • Japatul Country courtesy, bike rack, drinking fountain, and a bench with shade ???? #outsideisfree
  • Deer horn Valley #outsideisfree
  • #ghost bike
  • Ready for 4 July
  • Thanks Stu
  • Country club climb with Encilia access road in the background
  • Takin a break on the trail from sorrento valley to East gate
  • Ruocco Park
  • These look fun
  • Two bridges
  • Hillside trail
  • #Biketoworkday
  • San Diego Mission de Alcala
  • #SteadyEddie rafters
  • Joe Bell Faema Beauty
  • #Marion bear park
  • Los Penasquitos
  • Our city lets utility companies leave our streets like this. Pinch flatted my front at top of Alta LJ and had a hella time getting stopped.
  • #alpinechallenge It takes a special kinda stoopid to toy around in the hypothermic zone. These saved the day again.
  • Stumbled onto a Hubbel by Kate sessions
  • Tumor survivor
  • #munchkinland
  • #dirty devil start 127 miles
  • #Crew classic
  • Fiberglass bridge on Mount Etna Trail
  • Wonderful green Space right in our backyard
  • Derailleur suicide ended my day early
  • TheGlass gauntlet
  • Lunch spot ain't so bad ????
  • Morning trail
  • Come on people pick it up and put it in a trashcan
  • Douche bag got away
  • A friends car was hit/run out front.  Jack and I followed the fluid trail thru the hood but he's gone.
  • Such a gorgeous day
  • Cresting the Sescrest trail
  • Questhaven goodness
  • Goleta beach
  • Santa Barbara foothills
  • Training with the pros Kelly optum benefits pro team on Gibraltar rd
  • Figueroa mountain
  • Happy canyon
  • These scenic empty road just go on for miles
  • Refugio road
  • Near the summit and you ride onto the pine trees
  • Summit of Gintaltar rd
  • Black canyon diets
  • Henshaw from mesa grande
  • Why do I have thestrongest craving for a burger after following Paul for 80 miles
  • Am trail ride
  • What did I just say not to do. #Great western Loop#crracks r3w
  • Cousin STEVE'S two projects at windansea.
  • Windansea right now
  • Perfect day again
  • Incredible sunset at Dr Anza cove
  • Refinish complete on my 83 Colnago. #colnago #baaw #sdbikecommuter #STEELISREEL
  • Boulder creek#baaw
  • Boulder creek
  • Climbing fuel
  • The greatest lunch spot. #baaw #outsideisfree
  • Seaquest Trail
  • Quest haven trail
  • Artesian Street
  • #sdbikecommuter tag o Rama caught
  • Spy joker ride
  • At least we didn't have to do double peakbl
  • #outsideisfree I love the old two bridges route
  • Not missing the job site #outsideisfree
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  • Soledad day
  • Romero/Brodeia great pave
  • Perfect day
  • Christmas parade
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  • Soledad Giant Chicken day
  • Turkey day podium
  • At the LBS. Bernies Bike Shop an institution in Ocean Beach.
  • CABRILLO...this place just never gets old!
  • Crossroads
  • My house....for lunch break anyways.
  • My absolute favorite beach house in San Diego.
  • #chargers
  • #lakemorema
  • Nate Harrison
  • Summit lunch stop
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  • #bikeorama
  • #ljaudioy my awesome brothers shop
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  • #kenwalton #caf #memorialride
  • #CAF #kenwhalenmemorialride
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  • #bootcampchallenge
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  • Soledad doesn't have #ridgelinetrail
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  • #boatfire #informationcenter
  • #colnago my new bici
  • Cleared for work
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  • Inspired x2
  • Carmel developers :(
  • Windy am dusty Fiesta Island, swamps rowing team boat.
  • Retro Eddie.
  • Omar is fine and having a beer!
  • First laps on the track
  • I built this one
  • Steady Eddie
  • 80s Hutchinson 5 speed time trial