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Adriano Castro

Adriano Castro

San Francisco, CA
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My mum says I’m special

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Monthly Activity Distance

  • 0 km
  • 320
  • 640
  • 960
  • 1280
  • 1600
Oct 2014
Jan 2015

Current Month

  • 102.4km
  • 4h 17m
  • 1,848m

Recent Achievements

  • 2nd fastest time on sweet house on the left
  • 2nd fastest time on Transverse trail from JFK to MLK
  • 2nd fastest time on Skyline power climb #2
  • 2nd fastest time on Big Ring Breh


Distance 11,228.8km
Time 415h 25m
Elevation Gain 149,256m
Rides 238


Total Distance 39,538.8km
Total Time 1552h 59m
Total Elev Gain 558,874m
Total Rides 753

Recent Photos

  • I ride what I can, because I must.
  • Half cooked cookie dough with melted chocolate inside and a bit of cinnamon on top — the world famous Tripa de Aveiro.
  • Smile for the camera I said. This is all I got out of @jandrosaurus.
  • Sunset. This doesn't need any filters.
  • I swear there were other people on the ride. I just like hanging out with @jandrosaurus. #brocycling
  • Catering to the immigrants of yesteryear. A Pan Am billboard on tile.
  • A church, more tiles. Portuguese people love tiles.
  • A perfect match.
  • Nice weather for bikes. #SFCC
  • The happiest concrete I have ever seen.
  • Mr and Mrs
  • @sfattoclothing, inspiration for a new kit? I get first dibs. :)
  • White road. The "road" in road bike is merely a suggestion.
  • From Águeda with love.
  • Graveyard
  • Calvary cross (ca 1630) and the Caramulo Sierra (where I rode to and from) in the background.
  • We're on a boat. Well a ferry.
  • Swinging
  • Wedding day, 9:30am. @diff_sky sips his coffee whilst @miss_michele gets her hair done.
  • Joker
  • 100% wool. Watch out @raphacycleclub.
  • Broadway Tunnel to finish off today's ride. Because: why not?
  • I hit a deer in Belvedere and all I got was this torn @raphacycleclub pro jersey.
  • Sausalito and The City from Strawberry
  • Hawk Hill
  • Up Hawk Hill, the dirty way.
  • Never gets old.
  • Caveman sketches from the Hawk Hill Palaeolithic
  • Waiting for the bros to catch up. Where the bros at? @dan_cx, @calebbushner, you there?
  • @biergartensf’s gnomes out for a ride.
  • Huge backpack, a kickstand and a triple. Unstoppable.
  • Cresting.
  • Into the sun.
  • Big backpack and a steel frame. It's @jimwhimpey in casual mode during this morning's @sfcyclingclub ride. #sfcyclingclub
  • A casual ride through the park. #sfcyclingclub
  • Multi-coloured and @polyrhytmical. Ryan is full of talents. #sfcyclingclub
  • Signature @jandrosaurus look. #sfcyclingclub
  • Look at @karlthefog being his usual dick self.
  • Alpine Dam
  • Today's ride temperatures ranged from 105F to 50F. Or #AfricaHot and San Francisco Summer.
  • It's so nice at @biergartensf tonight.
  • @calebbushner lubes @that_hill_kid's tip. Just the tip.
  • @calebbushner grinding up Pacific Ave’s 20.68% grade from Presidio Ave to Lyon St. With a backpack. And a smile. And making top 10.
  • The star of tonight's white knuckled descents.
  • Coloured phallic structure
  • Owning the Grace Cathedral steps
  • The Bananas Cycling Club was out today.
  • At mile 70 I did wish it was the end but there were still 35mi and 3500ft to go.
  • Quite the view at the end of Brighton Ave in Bolinas
  • Bolinas Bay
  • The coolest mountain lion ever.
  • So aero
  • @that_hill_kid rides for the kids. But he brakes for photos.
  • The Alps
  • Vizille
  • Chemin de Combet. #yolovelo
  • Luscious hills. #yolovelo
  • En route to L’Alpe D’Huez. #yolovelo
  • Nous sommes arrivé à l’Alpe d’Huez. #TdF #yolovelo
  • At the top of l’Alpe d’Huez. #yolovelo
  • Mine and @that_hill_kid’s bedside table. We put the “love” in #yoLOVElo.
  • I'M ON THE INTERNET. You can't stop me now.
  • Bonjour
  • Col du Glandon.
  • The peloton crests Col du Glandon
  • At the summit of Col du Glandon.
  • Heading down l’Alpe d’Huez early in the morning to ride La Marmotte before the roads are closed for stage 19 of the #TdF. #yolovelo
  • Made it to Allemond and even had time for one croissant, one pain au chocolat and an espresso. #yolovelo #LaMarmotte
  • Riding alongside Lac du Verney. #yolovelo #LaMarmotte
  • The scenery along Col du Glandon as we walk the last 2k after the first road closure. #yolovelo #LaMarmotte
  • More Col du Glandon scenery. #yolovelo #LaMarmotte
  • I couldn't put it as eloquently as this sign does. #yolovelo #LaMarmotte
  • Mont Blanc as seen from the summit of Col du Glandon. #yolovelo #LaMarmotte
  • “Hesjedal stands out for his lanky physique and his white sunglasses” – #yolovelo #LaMarmotte #TdF
  • No filter needed
  • We make 28mph pacelines look so easy.
  • This was the only available parking slot at @raphacycleclub. Fits like a glove after the Alps. :)
  • Fog so thick Pantoll was all wet. @karlthefog is quite the seducer.
  • Miwok Trail
  • The gracious style of @tylerdurden79
  • Sunset over the Headlands
  • The perfect bike for @sfcyclingclub’s coffee ride. #sfcyclingclub
  • @eddorsey1’s at it again.
  • A taster of today's trails.
  • Oh shit!
  • Making it look easy.
  • The problem with target fixation.
  • The Rapha Stammtisch crew rolling up Greenwich St.
  • The high point of today's Rapha Stammtisch ride.
  • Sutro peeking.
  • Now you see them, now you don't.
  • Waterford Nuevo-Coco Custom lugs.
  • Spotted on Baker and Fulton. @that_hill_kid, don't come home. It's not safe.
  • Lake Tahoe
  • A summer's night in San Francisco
  • Me and my BABS.
  • Today's sunset is brought to you by the sun.
  • Things that go bump in the night.
  • Sprinting up to the finish line at the Mt Diablo Challenge.
  • High flange.
  • Sunrise over The City.
  • @addiobc making their way to the #RGR on the @beardevteam van. Snapped up another sponsor. This time it's Chevron.
  • Chez @addiobc. #rgr
  • @addiobc be coming round the mountain. #rgr
  • The sun is shining, the weather is sweet, yeah.
  • Hi! – my usual riding ritual.
  • “I'm here to chew gum and brake carbon frames. And I'm all out of gum.” – @kylebeikirch
  • @kylebeikirch and his Marin Matching-Halfs bike.
  • 15 SPEED SHIFTING. CANTILEVER BRAKES. #oneoftheseplease
  • The Marin County Half Marathon: just look at these faces of pain, suffering and despair. @s_fox29 knows what I'm talking about. #neverseenarunnersmile
  • Postcards from Sausalito
  • The Dark Sunglasses Drinking Club
  • The wind on my face, the rain on the brim of my cap, the noise of the rubber rolling on the wet road. It was one of those “you had to be there” moments.
  • Grammin’ a grammer
  • Vive la Tarte coming 'round the mountain. /cc @arnaudgoethals @mudfootismurder #mudfootdirtyhundo
  • Peaking
  • @dkleincadence’s beautiful @ritcheylogic Swiss Cross. @justinlawrance had already told me about her but seeing it in person is something else. Looked like my very own Swish Posh’s evil sister.
  • Or the day after that, or the day after the day after that, or the day after the day after the day after that.
  • Looking down on Cavallo Point
  • Benvenuti a Lecchi
  • La campagna
  • @ingambatours’ first foray into le strade bianche
  • The start of a long, beautiful day with @ingambatours.
  • @ingambatours headed to Montalcino.
  • No obstacle is ever too great for @ingambatours.
  • One of the beautiful tree lined strade bianche in Tuscany
  • Postcards from Chianti
  • Heeeeeey!
  • The @ingambatours train riding towards Assisi
  • A few of my favourite things.
  • Air
  • @crosbeard and @eddorsed survey a small ditch just off Slacker Hill
  • Slackers up the hill
  • Deal with it!
  • Upping the #washthathelmet game. Everybody knows #helmetsneedwashingtoo. @anillo_grande and @bigbabyyogi know what I'm talking about.
  • Riding with the pros.
  • Bro, do you even bubble up?
  • Looks like a scene out of Aliens.
  • This is becoming a holiday classic
  • Take 2
  • As good of a cyclist as @polyrhytmical may be, his bike can't really ride itself back from the shop.
  • Ain't nobody got time to instagram this either.
  • Won the Winters Road Race E4 racing for @tmbequator in an @ingambatours kit. Worked hard on the breakaway with @virgoproz who ultimately set me up with a sweet lead out.
  • A 4th place at the E4/5 Giro di San Francisco — one of my favourite races of the year and the first I got to race with my @tmbequator teammates. First time wearing team colours too. /cc @tmbequatordevsquad @osmonutrition @equatorcoffees @theprobar #mikesbikes
  • On my way to cat 3 as I finish the season with a 2nd place at the Oakland Grand Prix E4/5 race. Michael Ubieta, racing for iRT, took the win with a perfectly timed attack. I couldn't match the effort for 1st and, in the end, had to fend off a strong sprint by Andy Garzoli, of Chico Corsa, who got 3rd. Maybe the last podium for a while? A big thanks to @polyrhytmical for the advice and encouragement. I hope @joaoisme is proud. /cc @tmbequator @tmbequatordevsquad @osmonutrition @equatorcoffees @theprobar #tmbequatordevsquad #mikesbikes
  • Pinch flats are for losers. #vivelatartecx
  • We grammin’
  • East Bay riding
  • An @ingambatours morning with @iamtedking.
  • Wrapping up the weekend with @ingambatours and @iamtedking. Cavedale Road and Oakville Grade really tied to ride together.
  • Hi mum
  • Can't believe I haven't been here before.
  • HAY GIRL!!
  • I battled my ass off for this 3rd place at the BASP B Men race. #vivelatartecx
  • Braving the National Weather Service’s wind advisory (25-35mph easterly headwinds with 40-50mph gusts) for stunning views of the Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area. I look overdressed, but I was actually lacking a bit for the 30F forecast. A bit thanks for @portlandbicyclestudio for setting us up with two great bikes and an awesome route.
  • Multnomah Falls
  • A gram isn't a gram unless you fought 40mph gusts of wind to do it.
  • Cold about town
  • Titty fools
  • The P/1/2 sprint for the win at the Giro di San Francisco. #GiroDiSF #GiroDiSanFrancisco
  • I’m on my wife’s bike.
  • Their mums told them to go outside and play. /cc @deanpogni
  • The Headlands
  • Coasting Mota
  • A different view.
  • @nickkova talks testicles, @eddorsey1 rides trails
  • Neon
  • ? @that_hill_kid’s wheels on my bike go wobble and wobble, wobble and wobble, wobble and wobble. ALL DAY LONG! ? @c_h_b is going to have to get his hands on my nipples.
  • :O
  • La Meije