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Steve Coughlan

Steve Coughlan

Alfredton, Victoria, Australia
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Attempting the "Beating Bipolar, Defeating Depression & Living Life 100,000 Kilometer Challenge." The challenge is to complete: 300 x 100-199 kms "Beating Bipolar" rides (30,000 kms min) 200 x 200-299 kms "Defeating Depression" rides (40,000 kms min) 100 x 300+    kms "Living Life" rides (30,000 kms min)  Total = 100,000 kilometers minimum ____________________________________________ Cycling - An Antidote to Depression! :-) My 2014 Strava story: FAV QUOTE: "A stranger is just a friend I haven't met yet." :-) KUDO POLICY: I try to kudo every activity posted as I believe simply making the effort to get out there & exercise - not just the distance traveled, average speed, etc... - to be worthy of a kudo! :-) ____________________________________________ WEBSITES Imgur:  Instagram: YouTube: Vimeo: Facebook: ____________________________________________ STRAVA LABS Check out an animation of your activity here - Pretty cool! :-) ____________________________________________ STRAVA ENHANCEMENT SUITE If u access Strava on a laptop or PC & use Google Chrome, here's a cool add-on - .  Among other interesting features, it embeds an "Activity Playback" button on ur activity page, so u can view a "flyby" of ur activity with one click! :-)  P.S:  If that link doesn't work, go here: ____________________________________________ AUSTRALIAN WEATHER CONDITIONS Great map of the different climates in Oz - ____________________________________________ MUST HAVE EQUIPMENT: Italian Road Bike Mirror USB 1200LM Lumen CREE XML T6 LED Bicycle Light XIAOMI 10400mAh POWER BANK ____________________________________________ My photography gear: Photos Samsung ST150F Smart Digital Camera Videos Toshiba Camileo X-Sports Action Camera Xiaomi Yi Action Camera

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Monthly Activity Distance

  • 0 km
  • 740
  • 1480
  • 2220
  • 2960
  • 3700
Aug 2014
Jan 2015

Current Month

  • 1,688.3km
  • 68h 26m
  • 9,011m

Recent Achievements

  • KOM on Way to go when the southerly doth blow.
  • 2nd overall on Russell st off road climb
  • 6th overall on Napoleons Pan
  • 2nd fastest time on Russell st off road climb


Distance 17,378.5km
Time 731h 26m
Elevation Gain 101,043m
Rides 222


Total Distance 54,474.6km
Total Time 2243h 47m
Total Elev Gain 345,545m
Total Rides 718

Recent Photos

  • #sunset #dusk #ballarat #theballaratlife #stravacycling #stravaphoto #stravaphotos #nature #sky #skyporn #beauty #weather #instagrammers #igers #thevividworld #naturelovers #landscape #clouds #igphotoworld
  • The final goodbye.
  • VIDEO:  Windswept sunset - 270815... with yours truly making a very brief cameo appearance. :-) Will post a couple of pics shortly. :-) #sunset #dusk #timelapse #ballarat #theballaratlife #stravacycling #stravavideo #stravavideos #nature #sky #skyporn #beauty #weather #instagrammers #igers #thevividworld #naturelovers #landscape #clouds #igphotoworld
  • VIDEO - Just testing out Instagram's new (finally!!!) landscape option.  The vid is the original version of "Windswept Sunset", which I posted earlier... but without the zoom effect.  The natural panning motion is simply my bike slowly falling over as it was on a bit of a down slope.  Thankfully I caught her before she toppled! :-)
  • Sun setting over Lake Wendouree, 23/8/15.
  • VIDEO: Pretty cool cloud formations sweeping across the sky as the sun sets. :-) Have uploaded a 30 sec version of this to YouTube, which looks a little better than this. Same footage, just slowed down by half.  If u can't see the link for my YouTube channel in my Instagram profile, just go to YouTube and do a search for Steve Cycling. :-) #sunset #dusk #timelapse #cycling #strava #stravacycling #stravavideo #stravavideos #cyclingvideo #cyclingvideos #cyclingvid #cyclingvids #lakewendouree #ballarat #theballaratlife
  • Just having a play with some different effects on this one. ☺
  • Ever wondered how many of those super cool, panning timelapse videos are done?? Yeah, thought not.  But I'll tell u anyway.  They're made using the old camera mounted on a cooking timer trick! :-) Hat-tip to whoever it was on YouTube that first showed me that technique.  Mind u, using the suction mount to connect the camera to the timer was my idea... which I'm most proud of.  Doesn't happen all that often! ;-)
  • #lakewendouree #theballaratlife #ballarat #sunrise #nature #sky #skyporn #beauty #weather #instagrammers #igers #thevividworld #naturelovers #landscape #clouds #sunset #igphotoworld #dawn #ToshibaCamileoXSports #strava #stravacycling #stravaphoto #stravaphotos
  • Apologies in advance for all the lake pics. Just shots taken during the week and now's the first chance I've had to upload them.
  • Accidentally left my main camera at home so grabbed the Toshiba Camileo X-sports cam off the handlebars and took a few snaps. Must admit, doesn't take too bad a pic!  Each of the following pics is unfiltered.
  • VIDEO - "Waking Up... to tranquility." - Latest in my "Waking Up.." series on YouTube.. and my first ever attempt at a mechanical "panning" timelapse vid. 
Full version (in real-time, not timelapsed) at -
  • "Black Swan at Dusk."... with obvious apologies to my good friend, @gerard_cogger, aka "The Mailman". ;-)
  • The lake truly is a wonderful place to be at dawn. :-)