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Heidi Swift

Heidi Swift

Portland, OR
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I ride for pie.

Monthly Activity Distance

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  • 150
Oct 2014
Jan 2015

Current Month

  • 92.1mi
  • 8h 21m
  • 3,010ft

Recent Achievements

  • PR on 5th St: Lombard to Western Sprint
  • PR on Heart of Beaverton
  • PR on Semiconductor Slam BAM!!!
  • PR on Heart of Beaverton


Distance 268.0mi
Time 22h 9m
Elevation Gain 19,869ft
Rides 18


Total Distance 17,697.4mi
Total Time 1315h 26m
Total Elev Gain 1,139,528ft
Total Rides 633

Recent Photos

  • Hello, gorgeous. Made a new friend in Lisboa. Thanks @joaoisme - she's perfect. #ingamba #pinarello
  • The climb up Arrabida is totally worth it. #portugal
  • Riding bikes down stairs through castles #portugal #ingamba #pinarello
  • #re-gram photo by @miguelcrandrade : @luisluciogomes and I walking up the steps at Pousada de Setúbal.
  • View from the @brevet coffee shop ride to Lake Brienz. Watch out, mountains - we're coming for you.
  • Descending off Col de la Croix into Les Diablerets with @brevet. For @pelotonmagazine.
  • Dear @gjacksonontheroad : The lucky socks you gave me climbed Col de la Croix today. Thanks again!
  • Little tiny sun-drenched farm roads en route to Col de la Croix with @brevet crew.
  • That moment on a #soloride when you realize that everything is totally fucking perfect.
  • Mid-ride recovery cider with @pedalpedal on top of Schwägalp. Kilometer 70 of 140. #latergram
  • Chasing the tiny speck of @pedalpedal up Hulftegg Pass.
  • From the epic rest stop category: Simon swears this Gerstensuppe with wienerli is just the thing to get me through the final 70k home. I hope he's right.  Cc: @pedalpedal, @judythewolf
  • I think my heart stopped a few times today. Possible candidate for the most beautiful ride I've ever done.
  • Secret roads with @pedalpedal and @judythewolf. Holy fucking shit, Switzerland!
  • In the Grisons now. How adorable is @judythewolf's mother's welcome sign on my bed?
  • Descending Swiss gravel with former pro downhill mountain biker @pedalpedal  makes for a very good day.
  • Four of my favorite things: @pedalpedal, Swiss cow, sweet new pavement and @judythewolf (she's inside the phone).
  • Morning rides. Best ever. #nofilter
  • My shecko with the Gue sheckos.
  • Chef Drew keeping me moving with inspirational sandwiches.
  • Big Hole Road to Deep Creek Road heading towards lunch at Sugar Loaf Lodge. 90 miles of awesome. Again.
  • Pig tails at roll out with Lizzy English.
  • Having a business meeting.
  • Alpenbrevet training.
  • Heading up Saltzman
  • Early morning light. Adventure begins.
  • Good morning, Sauvie.
  • Bike practice keeps turning into flat repair practice. On the upside, I'm getting really fast (at flat repair instead of bikes unfortunately).
  • Still life: rear flat in the rain.
  • This ride could take a while. #photocrazy
  • Yup, I'm still here buddy.
  • Sunday century martyr. #churchofbike
  • Rough week. Calls for gravel therapy.
  • Saltzman with @salvatorebondi
  • She's still a little bit shy.
  • Think if I ride with this #ingamba luggage tag in my pocket I'll get shipped back to Italy in case of emergency?
  • Good day for @bettydesigns attack bottles and @iamspecialized 2013 Ruby post jet lag shakeout.
  • Getting a little tired now. When the legs run out of juice, we put shiny juice on the legs. #magicfeather #tricks #ingamba
  • These days are as close to perfect as I've gotten in a while. I love this #ingamba women's trip crew.
  • Three of my favorite things. #ingamba style.
  • #ingamba gelato stop! With @a_rippers!
  • Mironda's all smiles on the final climb to Lecchi. 70k with 4,000 feet today for #ingamba women's trip day two.
  • The #ingamba service course in morning light. Ready to receive riders. @joaoisme
  • Water from the local Lecchi fountain makes magic #ingamba bottles.
  • Raul tried to trade his Pinarello for a Ferrari. No luck. #ingamba
  • Even my #garmin has my name on it. #ingamba PRO style.
  • Today's ride route had officially been amended.
  • New team kit. Stupefied "not enough coffee" face. Sweet @iamspecialized 2013 Ruby for testing. Also, did you know it's National High Five day? High five!!
  • These little guys are sooooo excited to go back to their homeland next week to play on Pinarellos with @joaoisme and the InGamba crew.
  • If climbs were friends, Northwood would be one of my besties. #skinnytiresondirt
  • Dear Portland, I take back all the mean things I said about you this winter. Thanks for this morning. Xo, Swift
  • Come to think of it, Greenleaf never gets old either. It's good to be home.
  • Tagging along on @salvatorebondi's commute never gets old.
  • Love some of the details and color on the old, kitsch motels in Santa Cruz.
  • So long, Santa Cruz. #latergram
  • Custom InGamba luggage tags, too. The PROness overwhelms me. Classic @joaoisme attention to detail.
  • Wow. Honored to have words published in this beautiful InGamba welcome book. It contains all the information for the trip from ride routes to personality profiles. Also serves as a diary with room to make notes on rides, wine and meals. One week until I get to share my Italian home away from home with a small group of awesome ladies. Thanks, @joaoisme, for making this happen!
  • Coming home is always good. Coming home to family dinner at Cloud City is even sweeter. See you tomorrow @easysqueezy, @thisisrad, @copymatt, @shalikesyou, and @sarahcgallagher !
  • When I think of @californiaolives, I think of squished PBJs, Ibuprofen and morning-after-scorpion-endo crash hangovers.
  • Sunday girl date. More of this please.
  • Sunglasses at breakfast. @ldavison shreds the fruit bowl. So much stoke in Santa Cruz.
  • Fell in love with a forest today.
  • Absolutely love this tribute to Burry Stander on the back of the Specialized Racing kits.
  • There was beer. And the beer was good. But not as good as the trail. #spreadtherumor #specialized
  • We shredded. God smiled and then shot sun rays at us. #spreadtherumor #specialized
  • Lea Davison = mega ham. Pre-ride leg warmer show. #specialized #spreadtherumor
  • Damn. @leadavisonbikes giving me serious shoe envy. #olympic games limited edition.
  • Turns out I didn't need these sunglasses.
  • Blustery Sunday. Just worked 10 hours straight. Three more to go. But first time to take this yummy stuff and go set my head right.
  • Lemonade stand stop. Best way to end a century. Ever.
  • ... @stravacycling ambassador kit! Great Pumpkin Swift rides again!
  • Guess how excited I am that @rapha_n_america finally made women's bib shorts?
  • Good morning, sunshine.
  • Ohmygod It's happening! My first bare arms and legs Portland ride of 2013.
  • Chasing pink @upperechelonpdx blurs through Mosier Tunnel.
  • Pit stop before Sevenmile Hill. With @upperechelonpdx ladies attack brigade.
  • 22 ladies for today's @upperechelonpdx team camp ride. SOLID.
  • Remind me never to try to ride a road bike up a 24-mile dirt climb into 35 mph gusting headwinds again. More later!
  • Ok, @pelotonmagazine, let's see how this goes. 24 miles to the top.
  • Oracle is rad. Thanks @bh_bikes_usa for the demo rig! @pelotonmagazine adventure ride about to commence.
  • Biosphere 2!
  • Final race prep last night was a frantic nail painting sesh. Ready!
  • Start ready: @looneysonya and Marla Streb. I'm so screwed :)
  • Guys guys, lets do this. @upperechelonpdx in my heart and on my leg!
  • It's happening its happening! Race start with @the_wilcox and @hansnowayrey! #mtbayiti
  • My first @upperechelonpdx  ride in more than a year! Love these ladies.
  • Pink lady ride. @upperechelonpdx represent!
  • Little Sally big rainbow.
  • Century-spent legs that have been forced to sit in a car for three hours deserve something this good.
  • Happy Mothers Day. My favorite picture of the woman that made me.
  • Pump track therapy.
  • Ninja suit, suspension and my favorite socks in the world (@REVWW)
  • International Cycle Sport 1979 - Kneteman and Moser. These old magazines are an endless source of entertainment.
  • Holy Bluebird day for knobbies!!
  • Always wondered if the unpaved part of Springwater was rideable on a road bike. It is.
  • Miles and miles of farm roads today.
  • Fender on Ridge Road.
  • Sarah W killing it today with violet @thehunterboots and @lululemon top. She's so cute I want to beat her up.
  • What flu?
  • Took off on my own today. No idea where I am. The hill is very steep. Music in my ears. Everything is perfect.
  • Uh oh... It's going to be that kind of lunch with @ingambatoursagain ...
  • This recycling lineup is a lot classier than my usual...
  • How can I take a rest day with a pro set up like this?
  • Sitting on @truebs and @bikebeth's wheels today. Trying anyway!
  • Rest stop in Panzano with @ingambatours.
  • RaulSTRONG!
  • Don't show this to @Andrea_Morelli. I'm not eating! No sir.
  • Three hours training in a downpour. Lots of Shabazz Palaces in my headphones. Still smiling.
  • Every ride should be a coffee shop ride. Were headed to @joaoisme's favorite spot.
  • With @truebs in Castelnuovo Berardenga.
  • Perfect.
  • The man, the myth. @joaoisme ;)
  • @truebs is sort of killing it in salmon pants and his new Alessandro Stella boots.
  • It's a slow morning here. @truebs is spending some QT with the neighborhood capo.
  • It's like Pinarello heaven in the @ingambatours service course.
  • You gotta hand it to @joaoisme: sweet kicks.
  • I'm getting ready to steal @truebs's bresaola. Yum.
  • Coffee + water stop in Dudda.
  • Missed my babies so much.
  • This summer base layer from @capocycling is one of my favorite pieces. #revetour
  • Little @jenniferjean0 playing Twitter in her cute @capocycling gear.
  • It's pretty here. #revetour
  • Hey oh! @capocycling represent!
  • Smokin. Lauren is a graphic designer for @ridecannondale.
  • Chocolate milk break with Kym Fant's hair.  #revetour
  • Joe, my favorite wrench at @pbicyclestudio
  • Florence and the Machine + my favorite "road" in Portland.
  • Paid a visit to DMT while I was in Italy. They just sent me the most pimp custom shoes!! And yes - I said pimp.
  • I love riding with @jenniferjean0! She sees a baby goat and hits the brakes. As it should be!
  • Also, cute goat loves our bikes!
  • Last goat photo, promise. But I forgot that they were dancing!!!
  • Stopped for water to find that @salvatorebondi hid a lucky cat in my ride wallet! Ballast!! (cute ballast)
  • My après ride arrangement of heart dress and bright red-floral-print @sorelfootwear Tivolis make me look a little like a deranged 4-year-old.
  • About to have dinner under this little covered oasis. #revetour
  • Officially this ride never happened. But it was awesome when it did.
  • I'm going to go sit down next to @kymfantshair. #solucky!
  • Lovely brick bikeways.
  • The lovely @kymbo75 on the ride that never happened.
  • Gadget junkies unite! POWER!
  • Boom! A @sportiqueUSA army to keep us rolling! #revetour
  • Is that a tower in your pocket?
  • @kymbo75 and @muddylegs in our sweet new kit.
  • Mess hall! #revetour
  • My life for the next 3 weeks. #revetour
  • #revetour ladies on #tdf prologue course!!
  • The Flechage are out early today. Good boys!!
  • Stage Four #revetour
  • Schoolchildren chanting, "tour de France!!" to us. #revetour
  • Maria named him Frederico. We're going to keep him.
  • The unstoppable @kristentri. This woman is stupid strong. My rock.
  • Leaving our mark on France. #revetour
  • The stunning Julie Krasniak came to meet us at the finish in Metz.
  • Revetour ladies did 98 miles with 10k of climbing today (stage 8). 7 climbs: 1 cat four, 1 cat three, 4 cat twos, 1 cat one. Zap! Now inhaling pizza while sitting on the sidewalk in Switzerland....
  • Start. Stage 9 TT. #revetour
  • Oh la la! @kymfantshair sees the sights.
  • If anyone asks, this never happened.
  • Thank god @muddylegs is on top of food procurement. She doesn't mess around!
  • Dude. Grand Colombier made @kymfantshair ANGRY style. Kymfantsdreads.
  • View from finish of Madeline. She's actually quite lovely.
  • View from the climb up to Sete. Steepest climb I've ever done.
  • Resorted to drawing on myself.
  • #revetour TT day!
  • Hey @cyclofemme, check how I'm rolling to Paris!
  • Yeah!!! #revetour!!!
  • Uh oh. I think @joaoisme may have inadvertently sold a @pinarello_com to @salvatorebondi. His first ride in Tuscany...
  • I cugini! @salvatorebondi got to see his cousin Mauro today after ten years away!
  • Gave @salvatorebondi some strade bianche for his 42nd birthday.
  • My high school sweetheart is still one of my best friends. This morning I got to ride bikes with him. Thats pretty rad.
  • Crown Point
  • For the most part I fuel with real food while riding but Enervit is still my favorite "break in case of emergency" liquid pick-me-up.
  • Who needs Catholicism? I have Porch Kitty to give me guilt. She does this for 5 or 6 hours a day. #notmycat #really
  • Hi-vis gilet from @rapha_n_america makes me feel really safe. (And giddy!)
  • Silver Falls #mirrorgram. #latergram  With @copymatt
  • Tuesday morning ride with @copymatt
  • Perfect chilly but dry fall weather for a long ride with friends. Last one to the shower is a rotten egg!
  • Quiet morning climb through the cemetery. Thanks @salvatorebondi for the motivation.
  • Thankful for @salvatorebondi and 24-mile climbs.
  • About to mow down this descent with @salvatorebondi. Hey @copymatt, where the hell are you?
  • The only way to make a perfect ride perfecter. This @10speedcoffee macchiato was velvety goodness!
  • No one belongs here more than you, @salvatorebondi.
  • Ride snacks, euro style. Chèvre and honey. Ill think of you @kristentri!
  • I love you, Buttercup!
  • Finally landed in bike nerd heaven @iamspecialized. They made me their queen when they gave me this crown (they just don't know it yet)
  • I'm right here. And I really really wish that @salvatorebondi was with me.
  • Also. This.
  • Making friends pre-ride.
  • Hard to beat sunshine + California climbs + @ritajett + @yokoteute + @thenoodleator + @californiaolives.
  • I could get used to these California convenience store rest stops...
  • I'm right here.
  • Heading that way.
  • It must be Fate... Because I'm in love. Thanks, @iamspecialized, for the test rig.
  • Recovery. Sicilian style.