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Andrew Touchstone

Andrew Touchstone

San Francisco, CA
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Monthly Activity Distance

  • 0 mi
  • 200
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  • 600
  • 800
  • 1000
Oct 2014
Jan 2015

Current Month

  • 137.1mi
  • 9h 39m
  • 9,116ft

Recent Achievements

  • PR on Sunnydale's B.S. North
  • PR on Mystery Lot to Radio
  • PR on Radio Road from underpass
  • PR on San Bruno Mtn- Price to Summit


Distance 4,361.2mi
Time 270h 7m
Elevation Gain 468,317ft
Rides 153


Total Distance 30,589.9mi
Total Time 1923h 12m
Total Elev Gain 2,221,512ft
Total Rides 863

Recent Photos

  • AM Playtime.
  • End of the road...
  • To the Roasters.
  • Running through the ranch. #bluffs
  • Started from the bottom, now we're here.
  • No matter you age, make time to play outside. Especially on the weekends.
  • Morning crew. #stravaphoto
  • Not the worst place for a flat. #stravaphoto
  • I like to get up early on Saturday and sport.
  • Moar of these trails please... #stravaphoto
  • New year, old port ride. One of the better opportunities for an hour of suffering at speed.
  • My view for most of the afternoon.
  • My view for most of the morning.
  • Diablo from the top of Tam this AM. #tamslam
  • Adventure time #fondoday w/ @chrisjcoble and @alockwood05.
  • Some wine, some pie, some cash. Bike racing!
  • Off-road road biking with James & Skyler. UCSC Reunion.
  • Making magic.
  • Back on the MTB.
  • Beach Day.
  • Today we charged Mt Tallac. Made it 90% to the top.
  • February in shorts and sneakers.
  • The bike that just works. #falconercycles
  • Stinson Saturday.
  • Adventurebiking.
  • You can't win all the sunrise mornings...
  • Day three. Solid crew. #thecoastride
  • Today...
  • Work meeting on the weekend. Ugh!
  • More of the same... and a @crosbyfreeman  caught 'gramming...
  • More #thecoastride, more faces...
  • We made it to Monterey... #thecoastride
  • Today was a #fondoday...
  • The right way to do Saturday AM.
  • Up, up and up some more...
  • New Year, New Chicken Ride.
  • The Chicken enjoys a well-earned cup of coffee...
  • Waking up in calm Boonville...
  • Heading out for a north coast weekend...
  • Saw blue sky today, and it was glorious...
  • Morning Meeting.
  • Land-o-Lakes
  • Morning Rollers
  • Back in the saddle... missed these mega Saturday rides...
  • Pretty epic day out there for Appetite Suppression...
  • These guys...
  • And these guys... #irishcoffee #mtb
  • Appetite Suppression (year 40)
  • One more from the knoll...
  • Got hungry mid-run...
  • Winner now gets a sticker. @danawilliams26 takes the 1st one... #chickenride
  • Finally Fondoing #fondoday
  • "You guys should totally ride this" - me
  • More of this...
  • Wonder if that caught anything, and if so, what it was?
  • Last day at the beach. Been an awesome trip living La Jolla life.
  • Gents make their way to groomsmen rehearsal #bbrweddingweekend #tandem #stravaproveit
  • Took it south for once...
  • Morning.
  • Happy 4th everyone!
  • SCA'ing w/ @joantouch
  • Park rolling.
  • We found a race on our morning jog, so we hopped in and ran.
  • Haifa from even haigher than yesterday... #haifastairs #honeybluemoon
  • My wife, looking cute before #thebenzvis #tlv #fiesta...
  • Our final day in the Cyclades. Back to Athens tonight...
  • Mornings on Milos...
  • Runtorini w/ @joantouch.
  • Santorini Run Fun
  • Runtorini w/ @joantouch. #honeybluemoon
  • Made it to Oia.
  • Mid-run OJ & coffee stop.
  • Run done, cooling off on the balcony.
  • Running around the old city. Streets were all closed for the pope's visit. Fun start to the trip... #honeybluemoon
  • The old city wall.
  • Refueling on our ride back from Pacifica...
  • @grwynne shredding...
  • First time riding out here. It's rad. Will do it more...
  • Riding with the Viper.
  • Observing...
  • Mile 110. #fondofilter
  • I think he's going hard?
  • It's that day again... #biketoworkday
  • Fondoing soo hard right now... #FondoDay
  • More fondoing... #fondoday
  • Bear Dev Fondo from afar...
  • Which rider is taller?
  • How a (really expensive) chair is made. Lots of springs and rope tied in knots...
  • Port Ride Piccolo Fondo
  • Windy Port Ride tonight w/ @ellebellerina.
  • BIG group! #chickenride
  • Post-Chicken Coffee #chickenride
  • Julian says it was definitely worth it. #doubleflat
  • Adventure Day.
  • Grey day today.
  • Green hills, blue sky.
  • Hike day with the wife.
  • Another Mt. Tam morning w/ @willriff...
  • Fondo Fuel.
  • Deer Park up, Coastal down. Nice day out here.
  • Doing the Strava Gran Jondo this AM.
  • Bikes and trains at the POO.
  • First Port Ride of the season is never fun.
  • Usually, we ride this road...
  • Ready, set, launch.
  • New bike day. Black on black on black.
  • In the Sunset at sunrise.
  • 'Everyone take photos' - @kyu474
  • Finished up the Piccolo GranFunBro with a fritter.
  • The Chicken Ride before it got really hard. Thanks for the effort @jlokke.
  • Faces of #thecoastride.
  • My helmet and lots of cyclists on #thecoastride...
  • We saw some seals today on #thecoastride...
  • We saw some seals...
  • 140ish riders rolling out of SF this morning for #thecoastride.
  • Getting ready to hit the new devils slide tunnel...
  • Day 1 now done. Time to upload! #thecoastride #stravasprinter
  • Saw these guys out on #thecoastride. Wonder of @chhh got a shot of me?
  • Waiting for sunrise this AM.
  • A few hours later, I found the rain... and my garage. Wet, but satisfied... #falconercycles
  • Fenders on. Hunting for rain. #falconercycles
  • No friends on the roll out to the #chickenride...
  • Epic Morning Time.
  • 1st Chicken Ride of 2014!
  • @buckski being @buckski.
  • A hiking view. Heavily filtered.
  • Festive fouls and free throws. #festive500
  • Festive Fuel. #festive500
  • When #festive500 goes wrong...
  • Winter bike, summer weather. Not a bad start to the #festive500...
  • Best way to start a Saturday: Reverse Alpine.
  • Great Highwaying.
  • Climbing up to the ridge.
  • Descending Inverness Ridge Trail.
  • The early risers... missing @willriff
  • Yup...
  • It's a Mt. Tam morning. Off to meet Roasters Ride, then Mt. Vision. Come join!
  • Maiden voyage, and the bike rides great. Thanks @coffeeandeggs for the perfect #falconercycles frame and @waltness for lacing the wheels.
  • Loch Lomond.
  • @joanlevy pausing during our run for a little tai chi
  • Ca phe da w/ @joanlevy after our morning run exploring Hanoi.
  • Cambodian Road Furniture
  • New day, new city, same outfit...
  • @joanlevy modeling her finest moto-chic look...
  • Cambodian Moto Selfie
  • Morning view. Making the most of the national parks closure.
  • We made it to the track. #iamstrava
  • @stravarun on our way to Kezar for some track time....
  • Looking forward to some long rides in overcast West Marin this winter. Fenders, booties, cape, cap, embro, go...
  • #squaready
  • Came home to find @joanlevy guarding the house from intruders in typical Marina style...
  • Lunch!
  • Having fun on the Fall Ride Crosby?
  • More Marshall Wall...
  • Olympic Club Fall Ride. Up Marshall Wall.
  • Just did the sports, now time for the bar part...
  • Cray Clouds
  • Selfie
  • Back to Dawn Patroll
  • Not even the NANOFLEX could keep me dry today. Fun morning though...
  • It was wet today...
  • May get soaked while riding today, but was a nice sunrise.
  • Never thought I would miss SF summer...
  • Awesome day on the coast today...
  • Up, up and away...
  • I got the memo for today's ride w/ Stu and JD. I just did not read it carefully...
  • Pine Mountain
  • BREAKFAST - Steel Cut Oats, Sunflower Seeds, Blueberries, Brown Sugar, Coconut Milk (Coffee not pictured)
  • Found this guy... Anyone have an extra Chorus crank bolt?
  • #sunhunting
  • Strava commute w/ extra credit...
  • #tbt from the scrapbook... 4th Grade CYO Basketball Team.
  • @grwynne = a mule among mules...
  • Morning photo shoot. The models...
  • Segment intervals w/ @joanlevy
  • Redwood roots are very shallow, FYI.
  • Fun hike on our way to Mendocino. Next stop the farm, then dessert tasting (which we earned).
  • Señor Fog & Mr. Tam. #youcantmakethis
  • Next stop, Hong Kong...
  • Ride reward.
  • Starting of #thedirtsearch in a mild way...
  • MTB Happy Hour.
  • This one is for you @jondreyfus...
  • Going to be hot up this thing... onward to Serpentine...
  • SF vacation extended one more week for this guy...
  • #commute
  • #coldupantol, here comes @stravacycling!!! #iamstrava
  • Burlingame bound...
  • UCI Rule 5632.6b: Team uniform color must be coordinated on all group rides [Fine = 75 Swiss Francs]
  • Going to be a beautiful day...
  • Post-Chicken Ride coffee... #itsfriday
  • Miwok.
  • Above the fog...
  • Nice up here!
  • Rolling home from #coldupantol
  • White Canvas. #dawnpatrol
  • Dawn Patrol - ready, GO!
  • Looking for the sun, found the Dipsea...