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Nic Newby ARCC-OZ

Nic Newby ARCC-OZ

Elsternwick, VIC, Australia
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Nic Newby ARCC-OZ is a cyclist from Elsternwick, VIC, Australia. Join Strava to track your activities, analyze your performance, and follow friends. Strava members can plan routes, participate in motivating challenges, and join clubs. Get started by signing up for free.

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Monthly Activity Distance

  • 0 km
  • 180
  • 360
  • 540
  • 720
  • 900
Oct 2014
Jan 2015

Current Month

  • 138.1km
  • 4h 27m
  • 486m

Recent Achievements

  • PR on 13km of laps
  • 2nd fastest time on Beach Road Nth (Buff Road to Bridge St)
  • 2nd fastest time on Glen Huntly Rd to St Kilda St
  • 3rd fastest time on Ingles St Dash


Distance 4,181.9km
Time 144h 57m
Elevation Gain 27,006m
Rides 174


Total Distance 18,315.5km
Total Time 633h 52m
Total Elev Gain 119,393m
Total Rides 679

Recent Photos

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lovin it.
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  • Back on the road with this guy. Winter is here
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  • The summit.
  • The end of Dads ride xxx
  • #iseefaces
  • Mandem Kingsmen Crew. Full Noize....... HUZZAR !
  • Look who rocked up as the cheerleader squad for tonight race......i did not deliver, but we're drinking beers anyway
  • Electric Blue
  • Bloody Austtalia. The Animals will get ya.
  • Roll to tge crits. Stop it Bellarine. To pretty down here!
  • OGE controlling the race
  • The speedster, Ewan.
  • Pink is my colour #ARCC
  • Phil Liggot getting his notes wrong.....Standard
  • 7:30 and its 31 degrees, with a howling northerly. Tough ride ahead
  • 7:30 and its 31 degrees, with a howling northerly. Tough ride ahead
  • This is were i train.......its now 34 degrees at 8.00am.....
  • 10:00, 38 degrees and rising. Thats the end of my ride. I will be in the sea when you read this. Sweltering victoria.
  • The views of the Bellarine
  • Geelong #nofilter
  • Big ships and the bay
  • Glass of the bay
  • Sunday racing. Love it..... Cracking day
  • New socks day. Yeah Boi. #prohours #summerushere #proridewithsimongerrans
  • Rolling with the Aussie Champ. #gerro
  • Its seriously nice out there.
  • Rolling to Mordi with Koen de Kort #prohours #protan #easyrider #ARCC-OZ
  • Good morning
  • Flynn laying down some watts
  • Cornering 101
  • Commute part 2. What a day Melbourne.
  • Spring comuting. Love it
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  • Spring time la di da.
  • First crit of the year. Booyakasha
  • Family hot date. Radio ???? Mexico
  • Two hangovers. Urgh
  • Amy gillet gran fondo, 120km of amazing scenery and many pain caves
  • Post ride views
  • The road to the pain cave
  • Happy fathers day to all the dad's. And thanks to my beautiful wife for a great day ahead. Race in the morning followed by surprise afternoon. So exciting.
  • Spring is in the air
  • N+1 after a 5 year absence Trinity is back in my life. P-mac the 2nd won't be too pleased, not sure phoebe will either. Let's roll, it's velo time.
  • 50km into the epic,  sun's just come up,  legs feel good. Let's push on
  • Coffee and jaffells before Ste's big surprise
  • Surprise Ste, we're climbing to the top of Arthurs seat
  • That,ll do nicely.
  • Beautiful morning
  • It's like a millpond out there. Beautiful autumn commute home.
  • ALBA done it !!
  • Alba rollin
  • ARCC -OZ on the road to Buller
  • Hi HO hi oh it's off to Buller we go
  • Another race, another beautiful evening. Happy days !
  • The MCG in its summertime glory
  • Airwolf !!
  • Beautiful Mornington
  • Large waves, big gears !!
  • Loving the ride this morning. Stunning views
  • Point break MoFo's
  • Riding through Jurassic Park. !!
  • Flying the Rosé in Brighton, Australia
  • Autumn riding. Beautiful !
  • Garmin. Leading the way !
  • My niece is now officially taller than her horse. Happy birfy for Tuesday ZaZa @bellarinerose
  • The views!! First Sunday ride since the arrival of Sebastian. @notbeachroad
  • Tempting!! @beersmidride
  • Primed for the weekends racing. Amazing what a good clean does to P-Mac !!
  • Cocky madness !!
  • Easy Fridays !!
  • The route home. Lucky hey !!
  • Another successful accent of lake mountain. Go us !! You were missed Ashley Crawford and Rob Millington !!
  • Morning shake down, post lake mountain. A perfect boulevard !
  • Point break !! No doubt
  • Mondays !!
  • Australia
  • Top 10 poisonous in the world. Brown snake. Just a baby, and I think it's dead, but not taken any chances !!
  • Great stuff, wet but fun !!
  • Boom !! Promotion to C-grade. Flynny, the awesome 2 some are back together !!
  • The home of horsepower.....we will see
  • Views !!
  • Afternoon spin. Splendid !!
  • Toasty !! Black kit was a bad idea !!