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Matthew  Beaudin

Matthew Beaudin

Portland, Oregon
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baby we were born to run.

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Monthly Activity Distance

  • 0 mi
  • 220
  • 440
  • 660
  • 880
  • 1100
Oct 2014
Jan 2015

Current Month

  • 72.9mi
  • 5h 19m
  • 7,779ft

Recent Achievements

  • PR on G-town roller
  • 2nd fastest time on Cornell to Pittock Gate
  • 2nd fastest time on NW Westover / Cumberland Intervals (3 min)
  • 2nd fastest time on NW Saltzman Road (30 to Skyline)


Distance 5,620.0mi
Time 421h 7m
Elevation Gain 541,824ft
Rides 171


Total Distance 19,829.0mi
Total Time 1478h 10m
Total Elev Gain 1,952,812ft
Total Rides 645

Recent Photos

  • Went out for the lunch ride. Overheard "Hey Matt!" It was my mom. Hi mom! So nice to have the folks in town for a few days.
  • Richmond we are so into you.
  • Question in Flemish, answer in Flemish. Question in French, answer in French. Question in English, answer in English. I've always loved Tom Boonen's racing style but over the years I've come to appreciate his incredible professionalism. Always has time, always has a smile.
  • Tim and I may still be on the road but we #cantstopwontstop with the #nationalcoffeeday antics erryday of the week.
  • Vermont sunrise. #rpnewengland
  • Geeeez. #rpnewengland
  • Sooooo good to be back with the crew in Boulder.
  • Nice of @jpows to join the group ride for a while today...
  • Ran into this situation at the Gold Hill store. Great to see the @rapha_n_america ladies out crushing. Bikes AND beers.
  • Independence Pass was weird as ever.
  • This very second.
  • I started riding with a bag of ashes. I bet I threw the stick for the dog into this aspen stand 500 times. Maybe more.
  • And I just kept riding and riding. I'm sitting here now and it's so beautiful it's hard to move. Yes, that's the trail one climbs. It's incredible.
  • Always love catching up with my dude @coreymoxon
  • Fridayz.
  • I was taking photos of the new bike that just showed up and my mom goes, why don't I take one of you AND the bike. So here we are. Stoked!
  • Basic provisions before Larch Mountain.
  • These two lovelies -- my mother and sister -- manning @rapha_tillie in Steamboat today. @mochamolly still knows how it's done.
  • Larch Mountain road is fabulous! If you're into that whole 14-mile climb thing.
  • Drinking coffees this morning in my Portland apartment I looked around and thought geez it's lovely in here. The gift and curse when you grow up with a mom who naturally art directs her entire indoor environment. Thanks @mochamolly.
  • Top of the morning to you. And you.
  • Evening among the roses.
  • Space traveler.
  • Sandstone is the recognized Breakfast of Champions ™
  • ????????
  • It was weird up on Mt Baldy tonight. And freezing. I am now sitting at In-N-Out in my kit, impatiently waiting.
  • Here I was thinking we were doing a good job of marketing at the bike race. Then these hitters show up in kit, with cookies. I bought Thin Mints duhhhhhh.
  • PartytimeZ Sacramento.
  • Just take it easy, California.
  • Would you want this chasing you all day at the Rapha LA Prestige? Wait.  Don't answer that.
  • Just out there grindin.
  • The St Raphael squad taking a crucial stop and In-N-Out. #raphaprestige #rplosangeles
  • We did this for the burritos that followed.
And this photo of course.
  • Saturday.
  • Oops...
  • My younger sister @pixibelle is 30 today.
I still love you this much Carly! Happy birthday!
  • Turns out you don't automatically forget how to mountain bike when you go to work for Rapha. Thanks @conorfournier for the loaner @orbeabicycles.
  • Off we go for a two day haul. Up to Fortuna, then down the Lost Coast. Happy Valentine's Day.
  • Day 2 -- to the sea.
  • The Lost Coast. Absolutely stunning ride today.
  • Beach date.
  • Just out in the woods. "Don't get poison oak," she said. "What's that look like?" I said. We'll find out.
  • Pretty day pretty lady.
  • Cold, dark, damp morning miles above Portland this morning. But this almond croissant I scared up tastes really good.
  • Morning in California. Afternoon in Colorado, two days from now, Idaho, then Portland. Whoa.
  • Up on Ridgecrest, stealing a few hours from the winter.
  • Late entrants to the #festive500 but hey. @lauraomeara showing me around her old stomping grounds.
  • These winter base miles are just killing me.
  • A December day I'll not forget. Rode for hours. Constantly rewarded. ✌️, NorCal.
  • I believe in the specific term in regional dialect is "hella nice."
  • Great to get out for a birthday ride with @lauraomeara. Happy birthday darlin!
  • Wide open on the lunch ride.
  • #tbt to a very long trek with @ben_knight in the Upper Bear Creek basin, in Colorado's San Juan range.
  • Sunset from Berkeley.
  • Mom and I pedaled the tandem down for a birthday cinnamon roll delivery. She's perfect.
  • Maybe we should all just run out and roll around in the leaves.
  • Untamed roadie crossing.
  • This...
  • Then that.
  • Marin County natives?
  • Off we go into the big Saturday. What's the worst that could happen?
  • Rode right up to the edge of the earth.
  • The aptly named Sunshine Canyon.
  • Beautiful fall day on Emerald with @lauraomeara and @vdubstepper. These. These are the days.
  • Yea.
  • Rise and shine.
  • Tiny riders and big roads. Banner Colorado morning.
  • This is what 140 pounds of artfully dressed pain looks like.
  • The best way to climb on a sweet bike is to take the bus.
  • Big day in the Golden State.
  • Downieville is for leaning your bike against a rock and doing other stuff.
  • Sunset on Bolinas Ridge melted my face and heart.
  • Mornings with CF. A nice welcome home.
  • Out riding this morning I took an old county road outside Alma,
Colorado. 4, to be exact.
And now I know. Divine.
  • Race face @lauraomeara. Race face.
  • Germany loves to party.
  • We rode leg one of the MS 150 today in Colorado. Proud to say my uncle Tim (leading) was the no. 1 fundraiser this year for the cause.
  • That's the old ball coach. George Rykovich has coached the Mantiou Mustangs for more than 35 years. On his right is Mitch, who's helped out as a manager for as long as I can remember. The boys lost 13-7 in the third round of the playoffs today. I've always loved this field.
  • Lunch lap. Mmmm.
  • Germany
  • Evening ride. Windy. Lovely.
  • Just out. Pedaling the evening away.
  • Home.
  • Me and pop just out killing it, is all.
  • If you know, you know.
  • Toward Rollins Pass, well above Boulder, Colorado. Massive solo ride today. Perfect. Hungry.
  • One of those kinds of days. And nights.
  • Emerald Mountain.
  • The pedal up to 14,000 feet was long. Climb is 7,800 feet from Manitou Springs. At least there were donuts.
  • Go go!
  • It's pretty heady out there on the Gavia, in case anyone was wondering.
  • Plaster and surreal paint. The town of Marazzano has 800 people and 15 churches. Districts of the town are determined by the corresponding churches.
  • Must be choir practice...
  • Chill so hard.
  • A work of art. The Colnago C60, in a classic Colnago paint scheme. We're spending some quality time together in the Piedmont.
  • The sound of chatter, whirring cassettes, and of course remixes American pop music. The Italian gran fondo.
  • One of foie climbs... In the storm.
  • Sometimes you think it will just swallow you right up.
  • Sportive. (Liege-Bastogne-Liege.)
  • Woods. The best place I ever changed a flat on a road bike.
  • This must be the reason for my Amstel sportive loss. Classic.
  • The windmill series continues | Germany
  • Holland. Of course.
  • Grey day.
  • Morning mass on the Holy Cross in Junction.
  • Evening on Horsethief Bench | Loma, CO.
  • #tbt @josephbeaudin climbs the Stelvio this fall. #outsideisfree
  • Lunch laps.
  • Wide open.
  • Magnolia road, above Boulder, Colo. Also known as The Truth.
  • Look at this goddamn wolf pack. Beasts. Also, sunshine is tremendously good for the head and heart. The climb Sunshine ain't bad either.
  • Dirt road anthem.
  • Riders and greasy dirt roads.
  • Sundays with Dad. The best.
  • Golden day in the B.
  • The lost roads of the flood.
  • Desperate for some fresh air after being laid out for two days with the Boulder CX crud. Thankful.
  • Feet of a champion. The muddy legs of 73-year-old Julie Lockhart, of Dunstable, Mass. Note her world-champ socks.
  • Morning ride was a bit rough.
  • Cyclocross nationals.
  • Mandatory office meeting. Chris Case (@leicacase) trying not to be late to the headwind seminar.
  • Happy New Year.
  • Against the wind.
  • Doing some pre-ride essentials.
  • Was lucky enough to spend a few hours cruising and chatting with @jpows today in the people's republic.
  • The Incline in the snow.
  • Saturdays with dad: 30 degrees, wind.
  • Post buyer's guide bliss.
  • Good morning.
  • Ol Mox got blown off the road about 45 seconds after this. One of those days.
  • Golden.
  • Patty Healy gets a Thanksgiving Incline in. So brutal.
  • Even Tech Editors get the blues.
  • Welcome to Boulder.
  • Dogrun.
  • Beloved Barr.
  • Your road bike loves to party. You just don't know it yet.
  • Then I found this.
  • It started innocent enough.
  • Beautiful Bear Creek.
  • Just another parking lot.
  • Sunday.
  • Going to church. One of my all time favorites.
  • Trail.
  • Saturday pedaling.
  • Spring Classics?
  • Days are shorter, trees are thinner, rides are colder.
  • Big country on today's roll.
  • Dogrun never looked so good.
  • North Chute.
  • These two beauts.
  • Just some freezing-ass birthday miles.
  • Wilson Peak.
  • Ahh.
  • In search of levity. Found in the stand of backlit aspens, syrupy light falling through flickering doors.
  • Deep Creek Trail.
  • Telluride.
  • My favorite place on earth.
  • You could climb Pikes Peak on your bike, though I'd not recommend it. From Manitou Springs, it's an 8,000 foot climb, 24 miles. It may be fun later.
  • Evening at the bike park.
  • Serious adventures.
  • Hawk in repose, with dying snake.
  • Hay you pretty thing. Routt County dirt road tour, day two.
  • Steel bike, Johnny Cash, dirt roads. Home is good.
  • Sunrise by bike. The benefit and curse of jet lag.
  • DON'T let your old man go for a minute on the 20 percent ramp. You may not get him back.
  • Surreal climb.
  • The sun!
  • Soon it began to snow.
  • Yours truly on the Stelvio.
  • Andy Hampsten explains how and where rain bags were invented. At the bottom of the Gavia pass, about 100 feet away, by the 7-Eleven team. #classic #legend
  • It was snowing 10 minutes ago on the Gavia.
  • Yea.
  • Morning spin felt magnificent.
  • Heaven is a place on earth.
  • Eider. Love!
  • Mountain bike glory. Best ride ever.
  • Ahhhh.
  • 4 hours on the mountain bike. 4 valleys. Two different storm cells. Leadville 100 prep after a month at the Tour de France ain't easy.
  • Come to Telluride to ride bikes. Now.
  • They all welcomed me home.
  • Trying in vain to free this little hummer from the shed.
  • Col de Parpillion. 12 miles, 3500 ft, heaven.
  • Things were much better while this was happening.
  • The deepest crack of all time. At 122km of 128, on the flanks of the HC Semnoz climb at Etape du Tour. Proud to ride with so many people today. But I'm probably never riding again.
  • Bonjour from Etape du Tour.  128km, 4000 meters of gain.
  • 'The lake was a diamond in the valley's hand.'
  • Col de la Fasse cows and their bells.
  • Sweden. And yes that kit is loud. That's kinda the point.
  • Loungers.
  • Aspen.