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Anton D'Auria

Anton D'Auria

San Francisco, CA
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Anton D'Auria is a cyclist from San Francisco, CA. Join Strava to track your activities, analyze your performance, and follow friends. Strava members can plan routes, participate in motivating challenges, and join clubs. Get started by signing up for free.

Monthly Activity Distance

  • 0 mi
  • 70
  • 140
  • 210
  • 280
  • 350
Oct 2014
Jan 2015

Current Month

  • 155.3mi
  • 13h 4m
  • 10,486ft

Recent Achievements

  • PR on Hwy1 Panoramic to Mill Valley descent
  • PR on TEMP - Panoramic to road stoppage
  • 2nd fastest time on Short DH
  • 2nd fastest time on 4 Corners Loop


Distance 862.2mi
Time 75h 33m
Elevation Gain 54,518ft
Rides 28


Total Distance 9,309.6mi
Total Time 670h 50m
Total Elev Gain 514,944ft
Total Rides 272

Recent Photos

  • Made a coaster to test out stitch and leather that I'm planning to use for a closet curtain
  • I thought I smelled something different today, and there they were!
  • Returned to Redwood Regional Park again for a light and aromatic 5.5-mile hike
  • First California poppies of spring!
  • Ventured to Hawk Hill for a late afternoon climb
  • I think these will make nice pendants in the kitchen
  • Fascinating sediment layering in the headlands on the way to Hawk Hill
  • The sun broke through the fog briefly on my way to Mt Tam.
  • I barely stayed ahead of a rainstorm on my Alpine Dam ride today! The sky actually looked like this! Not lifting shadows or using filters, folks.
  • ????It's been a long time, now I'm, coming back home????
  • Mesmerizing Pacific on my way to Alpine Dam
  • Working on my vitamin D deficiency
  • Doing my part in celebrating the one year anniversary of Maidan (the Ukrainian protest that toppled a Putin-friendly kleptocrat) by having borscht on my way home from a 63-mile ride to Alpine Dam
  • I wonder what cutie was just on our trail
  • Wintry Bon Tempe Lake
  • Tidepooling in Half Moon Bay. So sticky!
  • Anemone open for edibles
  • Half Moon Bay explorations
  • Fresh grass in Napa. It actually is this bright.
  • Overlooking a waterfall
  • The air is so cool and crisp here that I feel like I'm in another country in early winter. I'm so excited for the low 40°s on this hike! Perhaps I can have something like the experience of seasons in SF...
  • Borscht, pelmeni, and kvas with @dgorbik  make for a nice recovery meal after a 65-mile reverse Alpine Dam loop
  • Vassily is coming to life! I was able to send Pegoretti, the maker of the frame, Kandinsky's "Moscow I, 1916" for inspiration.
  • Climbing Bolinas-Fairfax with @aaptho
  • Taking a redwood shoot from Alpine Lake to try to raise it at home
  • Riding over the Seven Sisters to Alpine Dam... I can't imagine getting tired of this place.
  • Looking down toward Muir Woods while biking up Panoramic to Pan Toll.
  • Wild blackberries in Golden Gate Park
  • Rode through Golden Gate Park after work today. Ocean Beach looks different every time.
  • A quick Golden Gate Park loop before lunch
  • An hour before sunset at Mt Tam
  • I'm back from New York...
  • Ascending Mt Tam before my flight to New York
  • Ascended Radio Rd with Justin
  • Trying something something different on a Golden Gate Park loop
  • Taking the new wheels for a spin with @dgorbik
  • Walking to a grocery store in my grandma's neighborhood. It's almost 9 a.m. and it's still dark outside. Medvedev's daylight savings reform was rolled back by Putin this year.
  • Pee break
  • Climbing out of Alpine Dam
  • No word yet on what’s actually going on, but I think I see something dangling in the center joint of my middle finger. I jammed it playing bball three months ago and it's still swollen.
  • SF2G Partycar on Caltrain 277
  • Ascending Tam from Alpine Dam with @sunshinerun and @tshortli
  • Approaching Tam
  • The sun's a setting
  • 35 minutes from home
  • Presley has a new Italian hat
  • Evening ride through Golden Gate Park to the Pacific
  • Sunset over the Pacific Ocean #nofilter
  • It's been five years since my first commute from SF to the South Bay. Mmm, numbers.
  • Monthly pancake ride up Mt Tam
  • @sfbikerboy watering down his noggin near Railroad Grade and Pan Toll
  • Look Ma, no hair! Celebrated Bike to Work Month by waxing my legs last night.