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Flandria's Adventures

Flandria's Adventures

Chamonix, Rhone-Alpes, France
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"Dreams lead to goals. Goals become plans. Plans produce workouts. Workouts build fitness. Fitness makes dreams come true." - Joe Friel

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Monthly Activity Distance

  • 0 mi
  • 130
  • 260
  • 390
  • 520
  • 650
Oct 2014
Jan 2015

Current Month

  • 52.0mi
  • 15h 31m
  • 16,510ft

Recent Achievements

  • QOM on Vaudagne Climb Half Way
  • 2nd overall on Ancienne Voie Communale N°7 D'Argentière Au Col De La Balme Climb
  • 2nd overall on Chemin Rural De Passy Climb
  • 2nd overall on Chemin Rural De Plaine Joux Au Châtelet Climb


Distance 1,528.1mi
Time 183h 18m
Elevation Gain 230,436ft
Rides 55


Total Distance 1,741.0mi
Total Time 207h 11m
Total Elev Gain 232,238ft
Total Rides 78

Recent Photos

  • Body dancing!
  • final stretch...yay!
  • I called this tsampa dough goodness "Alex Honnold's Big Balls" at camp...LOL!
  • It's the Oh Shit trail!
  • On the Annapurna Circuit...
  • just follow that senior bushman with slippers on!  that's a hard
  • finally Jagat but a big drop!
  • We did it! So insane...
  • Shanti Pagoda
  • Khardung La behind...intimidating
  • Shanti Pagoda and Doug
  • old painting
  • World Peace Pagoda
  • 14,460 ft !
  • chortens!
  • road to Stok
  • Stok was a really nice loop back to Leh
  • on the way back to Leh from Stok
  • Spitok Gompa
  • awesome ride from Leh to Stok
  • flat bread...yum
  • quiet back roads
  • Stok Palace
  • Gorgeous day in Chame! View from the dining room
  • Creek crossing!
  • going to get some water
  • she is so adorable!  I asked for a photo and she posed! ha ha ha
  • Camelback day!!! yah!
  • beautiful morning!
  • Yep...V0 climb
  • breaking in the pumpkin color shoes!  ha ha ha
  • last few rollers made me swear bad words...
  • post run food...
  • Mom took this picture from Lake Aloha as the sun rose in the morning, wow!
  • assorted German bread, post run snack!
  • wow...good morning!
  • omg!
  • It's here...good morning!
  • happy to be out!
  • my hunny
  • Going for a ride with Eligo Hydrate!
  • Eligo...very cool!
  • love it!
  • Salomon pack is great for cyclocross, shouldering bike is no problem!
  • Just untwist to remove and an hour ride, I can re-use the electrolyte...very cool!
  • heat is not my friend...
  • going to be a smooth ride...
  • Santa Cruz
  • Big Basin
  • Red manzanitas
  • so pretty...
  • Blackberries are still around this late in the summer...
  • Hiking!
  • a slug!
  • clearing out...
  • Solo warm!
  • another humid day!
  • I just ran to get groceries!  Yeah! now to run home...heavy
  • I love my Sense Mantra...
  • I really like the tan color I got from a bad sun burn on the JMT...turned out ok
  • on the bike love...
  • this picture does not need filter...our view first
  • posing...
  • some SFR this morning...
  • Thank you Flandria!  Ahhhh...
  • Castle Rock morning!
  • Post run with 15lbs pack at the Baylands
  • Yah!!! Bomboloni time!
  • Heat...yuck
  • Hey! Prayer flags galore today!
  • A path to finding Buddha...
  • So happy to be with Doug today!
  • I really dig this place!
  • A prayer wheel in the mountains of Santa Cruz...
  • We found Buddha...happiness
  • Om-mani-pad-me-hum...
  • Another Buddha
  • Pet cute
  • Prayer flags on the this Shangrila?
  • I love this place!
  • Damn...that was hard...
  • It was misty up on magical!
  • 2.2 more miles! Gah, I can now feel the 12 lb'er...hang in there and don't break form!!
  • I was over there...
  • Vineyards by Fremont Older
  • Towards a hidden farm...
  • Archery on Mt Eden, so that's what it looks like!
  • I can see Montebello Vineyards!
  • Heading to Lookout trail...2 miles of single track heaven
  • Lookout trail...I got very excited
  • Oh yeah...start of single track love
  • Nice...
  • finally got my Garmin mounted!
  • a very misty morning, free facial!
  • Brooks trail...
  • first creek crossing!
  • that final downhill!
  • love...
  • my hunny...stud
  • Good morning!
  • such a nice pleasant day...
  • He is here! Love.
  • Cool breeze and warm sun felt so nice
  • I looked up and saw...
  • ...I saw the beauty of life!
  • ...then I touched and felt life's energy
  • Wow...Baylands!
  • New shoes!
  • Start in San Jose!
  • Lake Cunningham start of the mother stage ATOC
  • nice lake...
  • happily sending out prayers...the breeze felt glorious!
  • I felt peace as I closed my eyes to feel everything around me...
  • wonderful day with Doug...
  • Ohlone is still a bit temps today!
  • hiking on Ohlone...
  • Cave Rock trail...
  • Indian Creek trail...
  • I forgot my socks so I went sockless!
  • Yummy!
  • Good morning!
  • good morning dead legs, wake up!
  • Good morning!
  • Steepola!!!
  • Gah!  Skyrunning madness...
  • warm morning run!
  • Sense Ultra Soft Ground, 2nd time worn...f'ng fast shoes, makes me work!
  • Bomboloni run!!!
  • Baylands morning!
  • good morning!
  • early sunrise...always so cool to watch
  • doggie bone!
  • watching Boston marathon...
  • All mine! Lunch!
  • Doug also has his favorite!
  • Baylands in the morning...peaceful
  • a little dirty now...
  • a clear day today...
  • at the small pier...
  • checking out the mud...
  • warm morning!
  • a brighter morning run...
  • Rest day...
  • another gorgeous day!
  • Day 2 on Ohlone Wilderness
  • the hills are alive!
  • 5 miles of pure climbing goodness!
  • Ohlone Wilderness is massive
  • all sweaty...LOL!
  • Going up...
  • Juicy trail...I drooled
  • At the start, looking all fresh...until later
  • a tree on the trail whispered in my ears
  • silent tree
  • so beautiful today!
  • exploring Ohlone Wilderness!
  • Laurel Canyon
  • Poles and 9lbs back pack today
  • lots of wild flowers and all kinds
  • on the other side of Mission Peak
  • Sunday morning buckwheat pancakes!
  • active recovery day...thank you legs for the great weekend
  • great workout at the gym this morning!
  • Good morning!!!
  • Tuesday is Bomboloni run day!
  • A very green Harvey Bear!
  • It felt very tropical today!
  • Anderson lake was calm...
  • I was filled with happiness meeting all of the California Poppies!
  • we met a few deers and turkies
  • single track heaven
  • recharged, refueled, ready...
  • whoa...
  • I love the morning sunrise today!
  • a bit cloudy at the top...
  • muddy today in some sections but not shoes is no longer a virgin :-)
  • Good morning!
  • Bomboloni!!!
  • love!
  • Good morning!
  • let's do this!
  • getting there...
  • last big steep hump!
  • looking back...
  • single track and California poppy heaven ahead!
  • oh nice
  • this is insane
  • the hills are alive!
  • hello there!
  • Wilson Peak!
  • happy to see wild California poppies every where along the trails!
  • I love wild flowers! Spring is here...
  • all downhill of this...I love it!
  • I go slow...I savor...I like...
  • Amazing.,.day but really pooped today...
  • got a bit of sun!