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RightcoastRad DC

RightcoastRad DC

Washington, DC
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RightcoastRad DC is a cyclist from Washington, DC. Join Strava to track your activities, analyze your performance, and follow friends. Strava members can plan routes, participate in motivating challenges, and join clubs. Get started by signing up for free.

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Monthly Activity Distance

  • 0 mi
  • 150
  • 300
  • 450
  • 600
  • 750
Oct 2014
Jan 2015

Current Month

  • 153.9mi
  • 9h 59m
  • 7,068ft

Recent Achievements

  • PR on Gulf Branch Nature Center to summit
  • PR on Chesterbrook to Little Pimmit Run
  • PR on Kirkwood downhill
  • PR on Porter St NW; Connecticut to Klingle


Distance 4,808.6mi
Time 367h 45m
Elevation Gain 279,760ft
Rides 198


Total Distance 25,288.1mi
Total Time 1871h 14m
Total Elev Gain 1,536,152ft
Total Rides 887

Recent Photos

  • Libby Hill pavé
  • Trail find
  • Receiving line. #bikedc
  • Yellow cake stop at Graysill Mines. Crazy views on the way up to Bolam Pass. #ESF #DurangoMoab #Day1
  • Aspen groves. Big skies. #ESF #DurangoMoab #Day2
  • Rolling out Day 5. Destination - those mountains on the left. #ESF #DurangoMoab
  • Last day preps. Day 6. Enduring stage. #DFIU #ESF #DurangoMoab
  • Last day preps. Day 6. Enduring stage. #DFIU #ESF #DurangoMoab
  • Moab = Victory - rhymes with brewery. #ODM #ESF #DurangoMoab
  • Looking back on the climb. Your setup @colbythor
  • The other CJ. #Hurryupboyz #ESF
  • #DC
  • #DC #MTB #Rideabout
  • Ramadan Mubarak. #DC
  • #DC
  • #DC
  • #DC That is water - I think.
  • Benevolence. #savethesingletrackturtles #ESF
  • Nice big smile for the bike pimp. #newbikestoke #ESF #localpoach
  • The benevolence has landed in complete disarray. #ESF #PMBAR
  • "This is not looking good..." Pisgah-1 / XTR - 0 #ESFnotwinning #whatderailleur
  • The backup bike will travel (nyuk, nyuk). Hope the 100mm HT is working for you @mhudson_nc
  • On top, getting ready for the long down #BlackMountain
  • Podium boy. #Thor #Wallerbeast #ESF
  • Lucky.
  • Poe Paddy vista. #ESF
  • Rail trail.
  • Appalachian gravel grinder. Chicken line.
  • Payback for a rough start to Spring
  • Gospel Brunch against the big sky. Sundays at temple. #ESF
  • Off to see a man about a horse.
  • Rio muy frio
  • WallerBeast and the Beauty (aka Kinger, aka Little Yeti, aka the best looking man in MTB'g)
  • Deeeeeeep thought. #JulieWolfeDesign
  • Sketchy. Tires froze. Most of the trails are full sheets of ice - skating rink.
  • A pretty good bad decision. Snow, ice, 4 Juggs - and empty trails.
  • Oh yeah. Brompton arctic ops.
  • Sunrise.
  • Christmas Day JRA. Post turntable-installation rideabout. #LedZeppelin #BlackDog
  • Commute just got better.
  • #JRA
  • City view #JRA #JulieWolfeDesign
  • Figure this one out café girl #notBC
  • Hardworking muthas. #Stoopid50 pre-ride. #JuggernautESF
  • Ops test. #Stoopid50 #JuggernautESF
  • Form and function. Don't miss this place if in Berlin. Crazy collection of the coolest stuff ever.
  • Wise man once said #ODM
  • Juggs at altitude #ESF
  • Finishing up the day #ESF
  • Trophy shot
  • Day 1 done #JuggernautESF
  • "Let me help you down sir" And some in the crowd are yelling for the tazer. #merica
  • Some other 'mericans. #queens
  • One word: fricking bad-ass bike.
  • Lunch ride
  • A girl and her bike
  • Sorry dudes, but can't resist. Hope Poolesville is bitchin' #viewfromtheride #douchebraggery
  • Paradise. #JuggernautESF #headwest
  • Bike test. 2 rides, 3d bike. #carbonrules
  • Rig for night time. #BakersDozen #ESF
  • The dirty double - slush and salt causes rollers then trainer. Maybe tomorrow.
  • Post ride training table. This ought to be good.
  • A couple of sweet bikes - getting to go ride one of 'em.
  • The hell of the basement and The Hell of the North.
  • I prefer sun in the morning ...
  • Road kill
  • Skating on the Hill
  • More skating on the Hill
  • paint-knolling on the third floor
  • pre-race gear check
  • art on the third floor // groove motion protein series
  • Juggernaut: kitted up for an early spring session
  • mid-Atlantic not north Atlantic (or thereabouts) ... bikes not planes
  • Dammit!  Hate it when I do that ... one large, one medium. Embarrassing.
  • in praise of long days - 5:30 and already starting to blush. commutus commencus...
  • JUGGERNAUT: pre-race preppery
  • JUGGERNAUT: post-race recovery (Editor's note: I do not know this Zoo of Drama, but what a great place ... potentially)
  • Winds from your direction in summer are good
  • the rest of Penn Ave
  • been to the bike pimp. giving the new hoops a lift home.
  • blagden alley @eviephoto
  • Made it. To Mecca.
  • yep
  • actually the middle of July, but you know what I mean
  • JUGGERNAUT: the pain has arrived
  • F'g sweet.
  • late afternoon miles - ten bullets looking east
  • at the divide
  • so fricking far away
  • they brought in some talent
  • iconic - i've seen this before
  • going to friends' for din-din
  • Old cars on the hill taken by Evie wolfe
  • critical decisions about stuff
  • That is correct. Collages.
  • Fall in the city.  Predicting rain.
  • not just a project anymore // the talented ms julie wolfe
  • the same, looking down // the talented ms julie wolfe
  • Bouncer. Ask - nicely - before you approach the cooler.
  • Never not epic. Depot-level maintenance in the park-and-ride. Or is it brake doping...? The Dickey
  • Good time of year
  • It's a great day for the race. #ESF
  • a busy birthday girl // custom work // the talented ms julie wolfe
  • Yo Hansel. Bigger bread crumbs please.
  • and so ends this commute
  • "Yeah..." "...yeah..." "...well". How to express oneself when reviewing such fine work. #JuggernautESF
  • A bit hard to describe other than to say, "surgical". #precisionappetizers
  • Beware the WV tree bandits #scoutingsingletrack #elevationgain
  • see you soon // the talented ms julie wolfe
  • more activity - just a bit different // jw
  • skunk works // installation test-run
  • setting up Rewilding // jw
  • Race well Juggernauts, while I rest and prepare for future assaults.
  • The welcome home bird. Little guy is hanging out.
  • Juggernaut compliant: post-commute uniform check
  • starting up some follow-on experiments // jw
  • Early. Before the spectacle. #JuggernautESF
  • ....aaaand the spectacle. #DynodoesBaker's #JuggernautESF #WorldCup
  • Winner winner the Juggs rode mountain bikes all day
  • With the follower board #JuggernautESF
  • ManBearPig #Juggerling
  • Ready to rock. #JuggernautESF
  • and so it begins #JuggernautESF #TSEpic
  • we do weddings - or wedding photo shoots
  • well actually, no. I'm like way faster than you #weddingphotochallenge #JuggernautESF
  • Alcohol-fueled dragsters - Lane 1 the winner
  • Aero #soapboxderby
  • Helmets: these days, and back in the day #JuggernautESF #TheBlackKnights
  • About to give the new kid a quick test ride - w/ an old friend to wish 'er well. Still #ESF. #trekbikes thanks for the help Mr @jonrourke
  • Digga' these...
  • What's on the @jadickey training table? Pre-race snackies. #TheDickey
  • A Belgian Birthday
  • Panzier ops with the Juggernitas. #ESF
  • Gremmie ops #JuggernautESF
  • Juggernitas rocking the roots. #ESF
  • Wet cobbles - the stuff of dreams. #Juggernati
  • On the descent towards Greve-in-Chianti ... then right back up the other side
  • Nice view of Florence ... and my rental helmet. All clouds, rain, and wet roads yesterday. Today was perfect.
  • Brompton in Athens
  • Speed Racer / d**king around while Nero fid... mm, dicks around #Bromptonops
  • Spring Classics training #Bromptonops
  • Last night - tequila; today - we ride. #hairbandmustride #ESF #BigAxe
  • Leafy Cabin Johns. Just past noon and already a low sun angle thru the trees - great time of year to #rideyourbike!
  • Juggernaut New Year's resolution:  Ride more bikes. #ESF #ODM
  • Should've gotten out earlier #slog
  • Good day at the 'shed; really only one (two) things could make it better in @colbythor way of thinking: 7/11 #pizza and a #donut #JuggernautESF #trainingtable
  • Made the right choice on the drive this morning
  • Sledding bucket list
  • Misty Mountain Hop #JuggernautESF
  • We ride bikes, we pose for parking lot photos. Committed professionals. #JuggernautESF