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Travis Kroot

Travis Kroot

Cumberland, Maine
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Travis Kroot is a cyclist from Cumberland, Maine. Join Strava to track your activities, analyze your performance, and follow friends. Strava members can plan routes, participate in motivating challenges, and join clubs. Get started by signing up for free.

Monthly Activity Distance

  • 0 mi
  • 170
  • 340
  • 510
  • 680
  • 850
Oct 2014
Jan 2015

Current Month

  • 198.5mi
  • 10h 2m
  • 8,661ft


Distance 2,888.7mi
Time 202h 10m
Elevation Gain 185,118ft
Rides 134


Total Distance 31,612.9mi
Total Time 1860h 4m
Total Elev Gain 1,429,724ft
Total Rides 1102

Recent Photos

  • Second time up Cadillac earns some liquid gold by @untappedmaple. #maple #maine #stylepoints
  • The kit feels even better than it looks. @racingdowneast @castellicycling
  • @untappedmaple & @iamtedking in one. #maple and #love of cycling combine forces.
  • All I remember was seeing a "Bomb Diggity" Flag and the next moment I was sitting right here with a big smile.
  • So there actually is a perk to waking up early for a workout! Portland, you look pretty good. #sunrise #dowork @sustainableathlete
  • @untappedmaple spotted at @tandemcoffeeroasters. And a sticky bun. Some of the @racingdowneast boys holding down the fort at home. Wishing fast legs to the boys at Battenkill!
  • This is how you do a recovery ride. 130W and a @ScratchBakingCo cookie.
  • Putting the Good in Good Morning. #espressoporn
  • Making friends at bike races. Best prime ever! The Easter Bunny loves @racingdowneast blue.
  • First @untappedmaple and I see this sign. What's in the bottle? Maple Lemonade powder drink!
  • Maple Latte, best beans in the biz @speckledaxcoffee, and a photobomb by @gorhambike. First outside maine ride of 2015, and I caught some flurries for the like 25 mins!
  • New toy #1. Garmin 510, the 500 had reached an age where it had fallen behind the times...might still use it for racing, the 500 was a perfect size...
  • Next stop: Ye Olde Craggy Gardens. Straight up for 30K...
  • 30K and I'm here. Ye Olde Craggy Dome. #EarnYourTurns #MileHighClub. First ever Double #HC #HorsCategorie Climb Day in the books...not a Double Lemmon, but I'll take it.

NC, I will miss you dearly. Thanks for the trials of miles and endless smiles. You're a good ol' chap. #backtothetrainer
  • Serene.
  • Yeah, the Giant #propel doesn't have a problem with the highest peak east of the Mississippi. #ridelife #ridegiant
  • That time on the descent when I noticed we had ascended 10,000 feet
  • #Luck of @theprobar with me on today's haul. #mintchocolate #green #stpattysday. #milesofsmiles
  • Nice lookout right by the @racingdowneast crib. Thanks to @abramsonstuart for the long ride home with views and windy roads.
  • #nofilter #nolegwarmers
  • Break in ride with the boys. First road rode on the @giantbicycles Propel and very pleased!  @racingdowneast does #Asheville
  • Another day in Paradise @sugarloafmountain #bluebird #shredgnar
  • Holy #tbt. #URXC hat, hi-viz, AND going running. It's back to 2010, people.
  • Pure classic.
  • Coffee ride with some killer min intervals and this bro, Mr. @dfred86
  • A little #selfie off the front of the TNR. #airattack leads the pack. Thanks @girosportdesign for supporting @racingdowneast!
  • Finished the ride just late enough for this.
  • Maine glory. With @mr_jayriley
  • ....probably not viewed as intended...
  • Michelin PRO4 Service Course. Lifetime, complete.
  • Sponsors, they make us love riding and simply waking up every morning. Doesn't get any better than that. Thanks @girosportdesign and Moses Dyer Coffee!
  • Coffee + Bikes. Moses Dyer Coffee delivery ride to various members of the team. Had to have some for myself.
  • Rolling with the boys
  • Cold. But with this bike, warm and today. Now time to get back inside... #RideLifeRideGiant
  • Can't complain.
  • This fuel should get me home. 20 more miles.
  • A latte for the water bottle on this day's HK2 Elementary after school program! Rain is worth it for the kiddos.
  • Picture 1 of the day. Back in Maine for a bit
  • Someday,  my friend, we shall meet....
  • The first of the day. That 10% section is long...
  • Final foto. Back home we go.
  • Last time wearing this number this season. SIPC has been a great 7-week series. Big thanks to Jim, Taylor, @GorhamBike, and all the riders for being there with us every Sunday morning and making this a great local series.
  • Sweet shoe pic. @GiroSportDesign Trans *4
  • @docsterling9, this one's for you!
  • How. The. Bleep.
  • Thrashed. TNR style
  • Now that the weather is nice, I felt it proper to bring out the fresh @GiroSportDesign Trans for their first outdoor voyage.
  • Streaked mountain is not quite as pretty today
  • Broken spoke #selfie. 1 hour or more til my ride arrives. Sadface.
  • Fresh and about to be dialed. #sram
  • Spotted on today's ride. Save the amphibians! Also, turtles too. Cc: @allcyclists and @timjohnsoncx
  • One of those days. Hey @adammyerson! Limon Pepino on the East Coast!
  • Look who I ran jnto post Raymond Loop!
  • @trophiesorscars with a MAGNIFICENT save on the falling ice cream tower!
  • Checking out the windy 'drome
  • Streaked mountain. Maiden voyage! #RideLifeRideGiant @racingDowneast
  • Oh, no you can't. #Maine #RideLifeRideGiant
  • Tucson, like an @iamtedking!
  • Sunset @ Gates Pass. Just missed prime time.
  • Getting my Buzz on with @GorhamBike to ride across 5pm. Maybe I'll just take the Loop...
  • Back at it, and enjoying the intense sun
  • It may have tried to kill me but I am here! Hello 45mph and snow...
  • More fun...rocking @iamtedking shwag. #stylin
  • Chillin at the bottom of lefthand.
  • Gateway!
  • Gorgeous despite the crosswind practice I'm getting.
  • Hi there cutie. #GalaxyS4Active I'm more active today than I was yesterday. #reflection
  • 2 hour mark feed zone presented by @theprobar
  • World might be ending...time to invest all that dough into maple  reserves. #liquidgold
  • Good start to the morning spin. Toe - 0... Ottoman - 1.
  • 550W for 2 hours...hmm @quarq are you messing with me?
  • I think someone spilled a bottle today. Nope, sadly, just sweat. #oldmansweat
  • One of my single favorite views on a bike ride. Made that much better with all the snow.
  • @theprobar is as great indoors as it is out. Perfect stocking stuffer for your athlete who cares about putting in work with clean fuel!
  • End of an era: I'd rather be here than skiing (maybe not if ski & ride was an option).
  • End of an era: I'd rather be here than skiing (unless I could ski & ride).
  • Wicked cold ride powered by @iamtedking flannel jersey. 10F, a bit o' wind, and a lot of balls (actually just stupidity). Maple latte and gingerbread doughnut :)
  • @theprobar Bars on bars. Literally. Happy bday @dfred86.
  • Carnage from todays sesh. A touch over 3 liters.
  • Fresh cinnamon raisin scones, on a fluffy snowy day. A proper pairing if I could say so. #superdomestique #baking #scones #snow
  • For those who want to protect your bike when riding the trainer: old long sleeve t-shirt pull it off and leave around wrists. Saves a lot of sweat from hitting the front end.
  • Winter riding means bike cleaning happens more than normal.
  • Beautiful New England riding here in CT. @theprobar saved the day, as excitement led to bonus climbing! #probarians #rideclean (thanks @cosmocatalano for the route)
  • Cyclocross Sundays p/b @cxhairs #Svennes2_8 and Superprestige Geiten.
  • Most of my favorite things. In a single photo.
  • With @mr_jayriley & @kingoftheapples. Quality day.
  • Cutting it close! Apparently gets wicked daahhk...
  • Today's location of fun #theonlywayisup
  • I found a new helmet @iamtedking! #flannel #pro #iamnottedking
  • The support crew!
  • Apparently these are "horrible colors to see" for the guy who almost hit me on my run today, solely because he came around a corner over the white line. So it was all my fault. Ignorance is not bliss, people. #carmagnet
  • Road bike gnar.
  • Dropped by @mrjayriley
  • 80 miles Streaked Mountain group
  • You don't have to be @iamtedking to look this good, @iamnottedking
  • Depot suffering woot woot
  • Justin's Buttahh
  • @cartermhall. FLUFFERNUTTER tge real way. ALMONDS
  • Rest stop #2
  • Another awesome day in the saddle. Complete with ~30K on dirt.
  • Hello Aston Martin on Woodville Road.
  • Technique work on the trainer. At least NCIS is on woohoo!
  • The good old days: with Lex, Jase, and the rents. Here's to a great weekend and raising a huge amount of money for DFCI and cancer research.
  • Big day all around. With Mr. Reid Morris.
  • #CX #twinbrooks
  • Relay name: The Man Cave
Swim Cap Color: Light Pink
  • That feeling you get when you return to your car with 1min left on the meter. #precision
  • Winner Swifty Durrin with his PROBARs!
  • When work and working out try to battle one another, PROBAR saves the day. #nevergohungry
  • Double jetpack, double homebars, double @theprobar, passport. Canada, here I come!
  • Never thought my first solo century would be 20mph!
  • Bike down long dirt roads and this is the view you get.
  • Outright necessity. Nuff said. #jetfuel
  • Mmm. Makes the coffee stop much better. #thesegenesareclean
  • Slice of Life is officially Blood Red...not plain red. #fresh #makeover
  • Despite Neva's affinity for tequila, Jase is getting (read forcing) her into some goods Reds!
  • On year ago today I broke my collarbone. Feels like two years.
  • This could beat a sunrise.
  • Virgin Frosty's donut. @kperham I am a new man.
  • Open-faced, vegan style.
  • Best. Thing. Ever. Following a 3hr windy rider in 35deg. #heatedseats #Maine #hotass
  • Rocking the @nextlevelrun apparel. @nextlevelrunning I'm digging this hoody. #money
  • Bye bye Slice of Life. It was real. Photo: left BB shell (good), right BB shell (dead), one last picture. On the bright side, a huge thank you to Giant for the warranty and rushing it out of the warehouse before the holidays came along! #bestcompany #bestbikes
  • Sunset up at Auburn, reflection off the car. #ricochet #sunset
  • #GFV Pancakes. First attempt by making 1/4 of a recipe without any semblance of precise mesaurement...delicious!
  • Working on a Sunday? No conplaining here :)...thanks to catching up on U23 worlds
  • The Subaru has her identity,  officially.
  • New chain, new cassette. A good dose of Freshness. #SRAM #force #red #SubaruPhotobomb. #irideeleventwentyeightsandloveit.
  • Metal @Specialized bottle cage. 41.3g. #CarbonSlayer
  • Putt the "rain" in training with @theprobar for company
  • The "new" ride :). Now I am really excited for Puerto Rico!
  • Not a bit shabby. And we gots a casino!
  • Neither gluten free nor vegan. But very good!!
  • #saltywatts
  • Hardest climb I've ever done! 4.6K @ 9.4%
  • #doughnutwatts do exist! Called #donawatts here in PR. Cc: @skiandbikecmh
  • I found an outstanding bakery. Part 1 of food/coffee ride :).
  • Anddd part #2.
  • Ever since the avoidance of tainted beef c. 2011. #agua #paniagua
  • If there's gonna be a traffic jam, well it better be a tractor, man.
  • Tall socks. Errday. @pearlizumi #socksonshoes #PIday
  • 2600kJ. 1 @thePROBAR
  • Dang it guys, I said put my house on the yard, not in the road!
  • Almost time for Tucson, no?
  • #bikeporn speed weaponry. @ZippSpeed
  • Team Kroot flag flying high!
  • Back cove 2.0
  • #jimmyfundwalk #TeamKROOT 13.1 crew taking off from Babson
  • WE'RE OFF #jimmyfundwalk #TeamKROOT
  • 26.2 meets 13.1 #jimmyfundwalk #TeamKROOT
  • Last mile! #jimmyfundwalk #TeamKROOT
  • First REAL hazelnut butter I have had. This stuff is legit. Thanks to @iamtedking's posts for the intro to this glory
  • Rob's first ride! In yellow!
  • He won't even take a hand up! There's a lot to teach this boy :p
  • Dingy BB
  • Bringin sweatshorts back. #sweatshortseason
  • Keys to life.
  • When you get #sbuxrewards, go all out. $6.38 saved.
  • Fuel for the #motomeetscycling ride, thanks to @theprobar. #theprobarians #MMC
  • Marblehead noodling
  • Good thing new chainrigs arrive tomorrow!! #derailed
  • Let it be known. First at @dsquaredjava
  • 3x Ted King on RT88 #300noton100
  • Maple latte anyone?
  • Bubbly with the #300noton100 crew. @iamtedking @ryantkelly @johnswah
  • #300noton100 in magnetic word art
  • Sweat, #300noton100 style.
  • Drawbridge was up. Means one thing: Pitstop at Scratch!!
  • Hello Autumn in the best viewing area, @sugarloafmountain
  • Segways, Sugarloaf, realllyyy?! Is it this Subday River
  • Beer & Bikes.
  • Maine start
  • They're off!! #MM2013
  • Leaders at 2K #MM2013
  • #MM2013
  • Speed. #MM2013
  • 6 miles  #MM2013 FAST
  • Relay leaders. Brett making moves
  • Workout before it's light, thanks to @theprobar I have no complaints. Well, it could be a touch warmer outside...
  • Nighttime hammertime.
  • How many miles left on this ring? #pooched #clapped
  • #mechanicscars
  • Apparently running is NOT "just like riding a bike". I seemed to have forgotten! 5K of trail fun with @roc7 :)
  • Bikebling.
  • #moderatelyfarbackMonday
  • #InstaBikeRide2013
  • #SoftwareWorkProblems
  • Nice!!
  • Bag o' Awesome!