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steve winder

steve winder

Epsom, Surrey, United Kingdom
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Epsom CC rider (road and MTB). Recently I've also been doing a bit more running (have long been a member of Epsom & Ewell Harriers) in road and XC races.

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Monthly Activity Distance

  • 0 km
  • 290
  • 580
  • 870
  • 1160
  • 1450
Oct 2014
Jan 2015

Current Month

  • 52.3km
  • 3h 7m
  • 798m

Recent Achievements

  • 2nd overall on Tyrell's Wood
  • 3rd overall on Headley Lane Steps
  • PR on Headley Lane Short Blast
  • PR on By the fields & up the Bull


Distance 6,836.9km
Time 277h 8m
Elevation Gain 80,392m
Rides 142


Total Distance 38,046.5km
Total Time 1627h 22m
Total Elev Gain 469,561m
Total Rides 858

Recent Photos

  • Slough Lane Speed up
  • "While you're at it mate!" - industrial bush trimming holds us up on Lodgebottom Lane
  • Spotted cycling legend Graham Degg wearing a marvellous T-shirt
  • Speed puncture changing (and raffle!) champion
  • GG and Karen finish early in tight formation
  • ACBR after party
  • Local scaffolder made a massive temporary bikerack
  • Helium Balloon reduces tyre rolling resistance apparently
  • just like her dad.. sun shines out of helmet!
  • Impromptu kids' pursuit race
  • Top Bombing Josh :)
  • Loving the shoes G
  • Balloon makes it home
  • Borrowed Jocky Wilson's number for the race and managed a bit faster than he would :)
  • Perhaps premature?
  • NDW everywhere you look
  • Isaac Bosh!
  • Washy at top of Ditcling Beacon
  • Avin' it seaside style
  • Seaside Rendezvous with the Rascals
  • Regrouped at the top
  • Washy arrives a bit sooner than I expected :)
  • Evenings closing in a bit now
  • Jess out front as usual
  • Gigi breaks away from the support vehicles
  • Little rise causes bunching
  • Farm Lane Lake makes a summer cameo
  • Middleton Top.. beautiful spot. I came up the 1 in 8 side
  • Middleton Top Winding Station
  • Not needed this time
  • Punctuation fail #2... Interesting jams oop north
  • Punctuation fail #1... good job they have a licence for that Wifi-hot-tub-pizza oven
  • best deal in the area? at least for a considerable radius :)
  • Steep up from The Family Tree
  • Leawood Pumphouse, Cromford Canal
  • End of the line.. Cromford Wharf
  • (Tiny) Tor Café.. been serving cyclists for donkey's years
  • Kazza passes the loading gauge
  • Pedalo battle.. kids much faster tho
  • Jess gives "the look" before attacking
  • Bumper Boats in Stanley Park
  • 4-way crunch coming
  • Possibly a fan of Blackpool FC, but unlikely of Hugo Boss
  • Great trainspotting form.. Thomas the Tank Engine #1 ... tick
  • Superb inscription on the back of Dave's hoodie
  • Cavendish & Sky on the front of peleton lap 2
  • Breakaway group of 5 with 2min advantage on 3rd Ranmore lap
  • Ranmore sending the pros round the bend
  • Rohan Dennis & Mark Cavendish with small lead on Gimcrack Hill
  • Getting close to the action on A24 by Denbies (end of final lap)
  • who left that bike and jersey there? :)
  • 7 mins to start!
  • old skool fuelling strategy
  • allez allez!
  • quiet at the finish as a bit ahead of schedule :)
  • Met the legendary Barrie Robinson of PedalActive at the finish
  • Winder Bros at the end.. mission accomplished!
  • Old Haunts
  • Claim to fame of Streatham.. rather a lot of pedestrian crossings as well
  • Hoping it doesn't go zeppelin on me
  • CS3 nice new up n over bit through St James' Gardens
  • New bit
  • Possibly overkill for a cycle lane, but much appreciated (apart from when I nearly got sprayed with molten tarmac!)
  • Always :)
  • CS3 cable street looking east
  • CS3 towards Tower Hill. much nicer and safer than The Highway
  • About to get green light for Tower Bridge
  • Heading Sarf on nice new surface
  • Pigeons' Paradise
  • Cable St / Lehman St junction
  • Made it to Outwood Windmill
  • Grandstand finish!
  • Chalk Lane summit
  • Denbies descent
  • Denbies down
  • Made it to top of Whitedown
  • Tanhurst torment at top
  • Looking pro apart from shopping on handlebars!
  • Wow that was exciting
  • Easy Rider
  • Only one left on Tiger's wheel on the climb
  • Motley Crew - Winder & Moy 7.5-up
  • Guess we'll park the bikes then
  • made it to the "green pond"
  • Bulging Saddlebags
  • Shame I couldn't draft behind myself today
  • something missing here?
  • no pedal so bottle cage used as footrest
  • Shear bad luck :)
  • Lead us not into temptation!
  • Postman Brings Relief
  • Grev Girls hypnotised by ice creams
  • District schools athletics at Effingham.. exciting finish to yr6 boys 800m
  • Wimble Hill saved for another day
  • riders 2, 3 n 4 having a regroup
  • Cheesy looking strong, Bramwells digging in
  • Some great scenery and quiet rolling roads in North Hampshire
  • great views on this ride
  • on Flip Flop after remounting
  • Papped
  • Summer jersey, winter helmet light.  Polesden carpark
  • Whitedown topped
  • can you guess what's coming?
  • spoiler alert :)
  • Feeling 14 again today
  • almost ready for the off... just going to clean flies off first :)
  • alps await under a waning gibbous moon
  • on Marmotte start line
  • slightly nervous grins from Asa n Howard
  • arrivé! hardest race ever
  • never been so happy with a 481st position :)
  • taking it easy today
  • quick stpp to admire view
  • driving me round the bend :)
  • Factorial warning near the top?
  • usual rubbish swiss scenery
  • as usual Asa is a blur on the descent
  • Rog, Howard & Asa in photo finish
  • bit casual in finishing sprint
  • Col d'Ornan
  • Mouche Muncher in chief
  • Asa still hates the mountains
  • Col d'Ornan start.. my compradres are up the road in background
  • Rog descending Alpe d'Huez .. Dutch Corner
  • Dutch corner view when descending
  • Pass the Dutchie
  • old favourite!
  • 2nd Col of the morning
  • un paradis de cyclisme
  • not sure about this idea
  • handy when your mate's spare bike is an R3 :)
  • Paraglider just jumped off right in front of me. Great views but not a game I'd like to try
  • Mont Blanc and Lake Geneva from top of La Barillette
  • Today's happy ending! should make Alpe d'Huez feel moderate next week
  • Brian & Phil after tri
  • La Barrillette radio mast. reminds me of Ventoux, but the climb isn't as long
  • beaten by Tina up the Marchairuz, partly due to handicapping error
  • Vallée du Joux triathlon.. great scenery
  • whoops joined in on the triathlon bike leg
  • Tina passing triathletes :)
  • got near La Dôle observatory.. one for another ride
  • La Dôle (top left) md La Barrillette (top right) from the bottom.. 1000m up
  • Mont Blanc and Lake Geneva from top of La Barillette
  • Paraglider jumped in front of me and then caught a huge thermal (Mont Blanc and Lac Leman in the background)
  • Harriers mob-handed again! HortonParkRelays
  • Harriers mob - handed
  • Finally met Clive Wickham!
  • Bit of a blurrr at the start
  • Small gap behind me at the finish
  • Epsom CC 25mile TT start line
  • #1 (Harry Turmbull) gets a push-off
  • Harriers team shot
  • Andy Fay looking like he could do it all over again, ideally after eating one of the medallists to refuel :)
  • Ruth Hutton charges in
  • Simon Bean
  • Determination + Technique = Success!
  • Phoebe on a flyer
  • Sophie gets double papped at the finish
  • Red and Yellow racekit.. fluoro bumbag, asics trailshoes and flaming mayflys for the turbo bit
  • decent turnout for Guildford Parkrun
  • Team Lomas warming up for Guildford Parkrun
  • green bike means go
  • cobble meister!
  • tricky secteur
  • view from back as peleton hits the pavé
  • Lomas-Winder crew in the woods
  • Team leader does a big turn on the front
  • Jess still hates cycling
  • Emma looking cool
  • Sophie stylin
  • Mums not quite holding the wheels!
  • Huge crew today
  • Av It!
  • Yellow jersey smashes it
  • Buzzin through Belgium
  • Err who's my roommate at this stop?
  • Not sure where to start with this image :)
  • Gabby of Parris_Travel leads the ladies
  • After a v tricky sandy section Andy chose the perfect moment to pull out his Twix
  • Border incursion. no shots fired
  • pointed my camera backwards without looking
  • Who's that on my wheel?
  • windymillers
  • Borderline Babes?
  • Parris_Travel crossing the line again :)
  • naughty guys at the back of the bunch
  • bang bang border guards
  • great ride by the tiddlers today
  • peleton drilling it through the woods
  • helpful sign
  • station approach
  • lovely views
  • cultural centre
  • students' cultural centre
  • found a little cobbled climb :)
  • Drunken students in failed "backy" attempt
  • wooooaah! I didn't quite capture the subsequent "off"
  • Paul Thompson & his speed machine
  • Brian "Benny" Hill into his 54th season of racing!
  • 10mile TT is just a little short of Kenn Jordan's ideal distance :)