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Patrick Herlihy

Patrick Herlihy

Redwood City, CA
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Monthly Activity Distance

  • 0 mi
  • 200
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  • 600
  • 800
  • 1000
Oct 2014
Jan 2015

Current Month

  • 143.2mi
  • 9h 51m
  • 8,629ft

Recent Achievements

  • PR on Dam Road - Morrow to El Portal eastbound
  • PR on junction function wall
  • 2nd fastest time on 1/2 Amador
  • 2nd fastest time on Amador Ascent


Distance 5,243.7mi
Time 374h 25m
Elevation Gain 302,920ft
Rides 77


Total Distance 46,768.4mi
Total Time 3560h 49m
Total Elev Gain 3,942,539ft
Total Rides 884

Recent Photos

  • Truth, apparently
  • All the humids
  • Waterfall lookout
  • Stairs!  Civilized!
  • At the top - going to be a slippery descent!
  • Hmm raining
  • Rotting guava smell
  • Can't decide if this is cruel or awesome!
  • Feeling good at 90 miles in - finally warmed up - so we get to wait and regroup at the top of the climb
  • Ice cream break before Cardiac #fuckyeah
  • Reached our penultimate control and have to hang here for 2 hours - oh damn!
  • DART team + Mark out of shot
  • It's going to be a wobbly sprint to Davis
  • Beer goggles
  • Pre-ride breakfast was excellent!
  • Banksie is on the ride with us
  • First long climb
  • 100 miles done, 530 to go.thanks
  • Shasta City for lunch - 114 mi/7150' biggest climb coming up
  • About to start the big climb!
  • Approaching half way up the climb
  • Just chased @genericbeckham down a 10 mile 4000 ft descent with Eric Larson clearing the road in his car. OMG that was fun!
  • Kevin had a private beer stash for me. KEVIN IS AWESOME!!
  • Done for day 1!  203 miles, 15,000 ft climbing. Three hours sleep then a bigger day tomorrow!
  • Quick dinner, more beer (100 ibus!), 4 hours sleep, hopefully
  • 4am and we're off
  • Bonus unbirthday 200k
  • Very clear! Mt St Helena visible
  • Beer o'clock at Cazadero
  • Second beer o'clock
  • Oh ok!  It's empty!
  • Grapefruit Sculpin - mmm
  • Fastest commute yet on the rocket ship - 20.7 mph avg
  • Ooh going to be a great sunset!
  • Yep!
  • Will never tire of this view!
  • DI2 is awesome ... until you forget to charge!
  • Nice clouds!
  • Low tide
  • Mirror morning
  • Charlie's Labor Day Skeggs to HMB ride (sans Charlie)
  • Score!  At Kings Mtn Art Festival
  • Safety September 200k with Jason & Roy
  • When in Moraga
  • Where I met RickC!
  • Pink dino rando
  • The Junction will be closed, so stuffing our faces at Lick Observatory
  • What's stupider than climbing Mt Hamilton  on fixed gear?  Descending the back side - and when The Junction is closed!  Pudu and I like stupid
  • CalFire has water out - nice!
  • Big dogs!
  • Checking out Arnold Ranch...
  • SO CUTE!!!
  • Gelato trick right next to our cars at end of ride!  WINNING!!
  • Into the lair of the ranger nazis
  • Jason gets bonus climbing!
  • This brevet not sucking
  • And done!  First brevet since ... Um, I can't remember!  Don't tell Jason, I'm stealing his new bike!
  • First dirt since April 29… Hell yeah!
  • Good morning!
  • And so begins training ride for a PLC
  • It's so beautiful! Half done!  Hot. Beer o'clock
  • No sign of Tesla fire!
  • TOTD on Mines Rd
  • And done. Last 200K before Oregon
  • Great sky!  NVIDIA bike club!
  • Feeling Moody
  • Leaning on Roy
  • Beer o'clock
  • Goat flat at Wild Flour
  • UnPBP ride!
  • UnPBP ride
  • Wild Flour hours - the more you know!
  • It's 100° out - yay for A/C and lemon ice blocks!
  • That was an awesome HOT ride!  Beer o'clock (Jason taking his in a bowl)
  • Runner girl is back
  • Bald eagle spotting
  • You know the wind is up when the kite surfers are out!
  • Good to be back in humidity!
  • We're off!
  • Lake number 5 at a campground - 12,000ft
  • Mirror Lake
  • And done!
  • Heading down - Brenda got the dreaded altitude sickness
  • First lake
  • Sunrise over Lone Pine
  • Rocky rocks
  • The 3rd beautiful lake
  • Nvidia bike  club – record turnout!
  • Club summits "mount" Eden
  • Watching the final stage from trainer central, finally
  • Mmm long way home
  • I so love riding this bike!
  • Sawyer Camp Trail is blissfully empty of pedestrians
  • Mandatory sunscreen application before a roasting commute home
  • Not good but does have calories necessary to get home
  • Brenda's halo clearly visible in this shot
  • Herlihy bike to work day
  • Birthday hike
  • Keep the chill out
  • Bridges
  • Beautiful coast
  • Beaches
  • Purisima Creek - native Americans lived here for 10,000 years! #shutuptrump
  • End of Purisima Creek
  • End of trail
  • NorCal coast
  • Beach access
  • Peet's Loop
  • Crystal Springs. No bald eagle sighting
  • Tree tunnel
  • Attacking Alp d'Huez
  • Damn!!
  • Fixed!
  • Monty Pythonesque
  • Fishing for dinner
  • Always wanted to ride the Zampa bridge
  • Second praying mantis of the ride!
  • Lunch in St Helena
  • Ceiling cleaned in Turtle Rock!
  • BEER ME!!!
  • 200+K done (132 miles) and R24!!!
  • Amtraklyf
  • Berryessa Brewery closed - boo #latergram
  • First ride without splint - hell yeah!  Long 8 weeks!
  • Outdoors has clouds!
  • Wow, gorgeous stage of TDF today!
  • What a day!
  • Cat's safe place during remodeling
  • My trainer coach is unimpressed with my effort
  • View from the trainer
  • Stalking her
  • Mountain therapy
  • Redwood therapy
  • Someone made the world's smallest omelette
  • Still stalking her... Shhh
  • Runner girl runs!
  • Back pounding the pavement
  • Very pretty this time of year
  • Wilson hill. Yay
  • Awesome ride -45 days since my last
  • Lunch at Occidental - hope it works!
  • Post rid pain killer
  • Grave discussion
  • Gay Paris is gay!!
  • Thanks for the music - Jim Morrison
  • Old cemetery
  • ND selfie
  • Arc de Triomphe
  • Sitting on the Champs Élysées watching the world go by
  • Egalité!!
  • Egalitè
  • For the last one (this trip)
  • N'oublions jamais
  • Thanks for the music - Chopin
  • Tour Eiffel by night
  • Grave poetry
  • St Pete's Basilica dome
  • Home of his popiness
  • Rolleiflexing his popiness
  • It's a 2+ hour wait for St Pete's - get a guided tour, so much better
  • Beggars right in front of the Vatican -pretty much all you need to know about the Catholic Church
  • Almost like we're the only ones here!
  • Love at the Colliseum
  • Arch of Titus - first stone arch
  • Raphael's tomb
  • Rolleiflexing in a crowd
  • Rolleiflexing this Colliseum
  • Imperial Palace where Romulus founded Rome
  • Rolleiflexing the Pantheon
  • Coliseum tour time
  • Trevi Fountain in restoration - no good luck to be had today
  • Pantheon - all praise FSM
  • Underground
  • Underground
  • Perfectly spherical
  • Rolleiflexing the Colliseum
  • Spanish steps!!
  • Bellini cocktail - Manhattan was tempting though
  • Cindy a little easier to find
  • Athens city tour time
  • Where humans first ran :)
  • Greek graffiti - USA could use some of this
  • First views of the Acropolis
  • Many buses of riot police near the government buildings!
  • Need some ribs and a margarita
  • Sea of humanity
  • Day... umm...not sure how many anymore!  Off to the Acropolis
  • Rolleiflexing Athens
  • Acropolyptic TOTD
  • Parthenon - lots of optical illusions
  • Propylaia
  • Yanni's theatre!
  • Once upon a time
  • The Caryatids
  • Greek coffee (so different but good!) and dark Greek beer
  • Graffiti is everywhere in Athens.  How did we reduce it in the U.S.? Control of spray paint sales.  How about that. Of course, prohibition parallels only apply when it's drugs vs guns, right gun nuts?
  • All praise
  • Last minute shopping in Athens- so cheap here!
  • Athens metro is amazing
  • Have picked up a cold in Greece but need to same brews anyway