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Justin Weeks

Justin Weeks

Tucson, AZ
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I ride bikes sometimes.

Monthly Activity Distance

  • 0 mi
  • 250
  • 500
  • 750
  • 1000
  • 1250
Oct 2014
Jan 2015

Current Month

  • 444.5mi
  • 27h 20m
  • 21,252ft

Recent Achievements

  • 5th overall on Short cut hill climb
  • PR on River - 4 Winds to Shopping Center
  • PR on River Sabino Cayon Rd. to Craycroft
  • PR on Final Sprint to top!!


Distance 8,521.7mi
Time 572h 53m
Elevation Gain 763,346ft
Rides 219


Total Distance 31,324.9mi
Total Time 1919h 36m
Total Elev Gain 1,846,785ft
Total Rides 999

Recent Photos

  • Not a bad place to be. #wymtm
  • We forgot the sandwich.
  • Almost beat the rain, 2 miles before I was at my door. #wymtm
  • Pleasant
  • 50 of 280km
  • sil·hou·ette
  • #teamdreamsunsetchasingteam
  • #lightbro
  • The wind was not our friend. #roadslikethese
  • Tunnel vision.
  • I'm back.
  • My knee hurt on this mornings ride so I didn't push it an went home.
  • #teamdreamsunrisechasingteam
  • Another early morning
  • #teamdreamsunrisechasingteam ?
  • #latetobedearlytoshred with Kim
  • Got lost so I bought a coke.
  • California it's been rad as expected, thanks to everyone for giving me a place to crash and showing me around. #teamdreamsunsetchasingteam
  • Cliffs and shit #blackrockalypse
  • #rapharising
  • #LAsucksforcycling
  • It's been a crazy day.
  • #teamdreamsunsetchasingteam
  • Private roads are always steeper.
  • #roadslikethese
  • Rode up here to watch the storm but then got caught in it #bummersummer
  • Chasing Kim all morning
  • #lightbro
  • #lightbro
  • #circlemirrorselfie
  • Gotta beat the heat #latetobedearlytoshred
  • Reunited @ride_eat_repeat #lightbro
  • Track bike rides are few and far between but it was a nice change today.
  • Being alone on the road with your thoughts is the best medicine, not to mention at sunset. #roadslikethese
  • It's hot but I'm staying hydrated thanks to @godandfamous #chamoistimeistanningtime
  • Sunset rides are the best. #roadslikethese
  • Rode my bike to watch this.
  • Today I decided being sick in bed was less fun than being sick on the bike. #lightbro
  • #seekanddiverge
  • #notabadplacetopee
  • Single track. #seekanddiverge
  • Obligatory. #seekanddiverge
  • Beautiful is an understatement #seekanddiverge
  • #flattimesatridgemonthigh
  • #hunt4 Day 2 complete ???? 110miles 10k elevation.
  • #circlemirror
  • SAG #seekanddiverge
  • Elevation is a whole different ball game here. #seekanddiverge
  • Things have been steep #seekanddiverge
  • And we're lost
  • Pillage the loaf. #seekanddiverge
  • #hunt4 day 1 complete.
  • #seekanddiverge
  • Test ride #seekanddiverge
  • Top secret specialized wind tunnel. #seekanddiverge
  • Today #huntingpractice has come to an end, but tomorrow the Hunt begins. SF here we come.
  • Sunday training ride must have.
  • White socks and rain, not my favorite combo.
  • They never last.
  • The end of the line.
  • It's a dry heat.
  • It's windy and I'm all by myself.
  • Wind that way ????
  • KOM. Supplied by the great people of @forzetri ????
  • Ride over ????
  • Cruising around. ???? @ktgies
  • Wide open desert roads are usually fun, but today I left too late. #huntingpractice
  • A little shade break.
  • Up here again ????
  • You have so much to live for. Don't do it.
  • #huntingpractice
  • I'm obligated to take photos of dirt roads. #huntingpractice
  • #huntingpractice
  • #huntingpractice
  • #huntingpractice
  • #hardstylewednesday
  • Tanning, I mean training. #circlemirrorselfie
  • The downside to roadbikes offroad is ruining my favorite socks #whiteissoeuro #forzetri
  • Mouth-breather selfie #shorthairdontcare
  • Now back to our regular scheduled programming.
  • #latetobedearlytoshred
  • Lost in a great way #huntingpractice
  • ??
  • #sportgrus
  • We're not in Tucson anymore.
  • And so it begins #adventuretraining
  • #strawva
  • Self explanatory #huntingpractice
  • ????????????
  • #adventuretraining
  • This could be the end of Jweeks, double flatted and phone of 5% in the middle of no where. I'm sending out an SOS!
  • As the road turns up
  • #adventuretraining
  • #lightbro
  • I didn't kr00ze today.
  • Breathe it in.
  • It's almost summer ????
  • Uneventful recovery ride
  • Is hiviz still trendy? #nogarminnorules
  • Trespassing. #hunt4?
  • Pretty much sums up today's ride.
  • Rough but fun day with @deuxnorth
  • Long overdue.
  • This fucker attacked the climb when I was trying to take a photo...
  • Shoe/sock combo
  • Good to be back.
  • Favorite spot.
  • Awesome day on the bike with a new friend @rmdub
  • Tippy top.
  • We've found snow.
  • #latetobedearlytoshred
  • Blood is leaking from my nose. ????#epo
  • Mentally exhausted.
  • #circlemirror
  • Officially a home owner.
  • #roadbikesoffroad
  • Found a little store on a dirt road #adventuretraining
  • Back to our old ways #roadbikesoffroad
  • If there's donut and bikes, I'm there.
  • Go fast uphill, go fast downhill.
  • Lemmon party
  • Always. ?
  • Make it rain.
  • #yourwintersucks
  • She doesn't know what a little ring is.
  • Kim and I are in paradise.
  • It wouldn't be a recovery without a tasty treat #jimmiedoping
  • @elizabethmarie2992 is tardy.
  • More of a practice in changing punctures ride than a recovery #flattimesatridgemonthigh
  • Living dirty, feeling dirty, riding dirty, and dying dirty.
  • Colton's always getting dropped.
  • #stubblebro
  • Coffee cruise
  • Reverse breakaway
  • Literally the best socks I've ever worn @forzetri
  • Everyone in Tucson should stop by and check out @transitcycles the new shop is right near A mountain.
  • TT into the sunset
  • The scent of tequila lingers.
  • You know that mid road race insta @dscrib3
  • #jockeypose
  • Down.
  • Fresh tarmac.
  • Warm up for my second race of the day.
  • Is this real life?
  • An old couple on Lemmon asked if I would like my picture taken.
  • Used and abused #hunterproject
  • Déjà vu
  • Dropped.
  • Powermeter.
  • Long days on the saddle are what I live for.
  • #toleroracing
  • Another day living the dream.
  • Suns out, guns out. Interval time.
  • #lightbro
  • King of the mountain.
  • Kim got a flat, so I took a photo
  • Winter.