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Elle Anderson

Elle Anderson

San Francisco, California
Follow on Strava - 5th World Cup #1 Valkenburg NL, 2014 - 15th Cyclocross World Championships, Hoogerheide NL, 2014 - 2nd U.S. National Cyclocross Championships, 2014 - 3rd Superprestige Diegem, Belgium, 2013 - 1st Gran Prix Gloucester, MA, 2013

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Monthly Activity Distance

  • 0 km
  • 220
  • 440
  • 660
  • 880
  • 1100
Oct 2014
Jan 2015

Current Month

  • 305.6km
  • 15h 19m
  • 5,463m

Recent Achievements

  • 2nd fastest time on 4th to the Freeway
  • 2nd fastest time on Golden Gate - Divis to Gough
  • 3rd fastest time on 4th street - avoid wayward cars and central subway construction
  • 3rd fastest time on Golden Gate Ave Tenderloin Green Light Sprint


Distance 5,473.7km
Time 245h 25m
Elevation Gain 71,078m
Rides 132


Total Distance 49,354.4km
Total Time 2040h 18m
Total Elev Gain 553,033m
Total Rides 1333

Recent Photos

  • I deserve this, right coach??
  • Glad my socks know their purpose in life.
  • Grinding up hills, flying down descents
  • Non-clock sights on the clock ride #SF
  • Gratitude for mornings like this. #classic #SF
  • New roads and empty space.
  • Getting out to the port ride
  • Riding above the fog
  • Stairs to nowhere
  • Somehow I feel like I've brought the wrong equipment #notskiing #happytooth #rideblue
  • Should we buy it? Car shopping at BMW Elk Grove aka photo shoot and team ride @bmwhappytooth
  • Cool.
  • bar tape. So many cool new things today!
  • Great training session with the Chicanes in the sand. I had such a blast! Ready for Koksijde @challengetires
  • America meets Belgium. Couldn't taste better :)
  • Goede morgen! Breakfast European-style.
  • Ride with Dad, just like old times.
  • The real thing. Coke and a hard ride.
  • Must be getting ready to ride @osmonutrition
  • With @vanderkitten teammies on a damp ride home from the coffee shop. Ladner Crit is tonight! #tourdedelta
  • Well, at least it's sunny somewhere #carlthefog
  • Great night at the port!
  • Watching the men at #nevadacityclassic after finishing our own grueling race! @megalderete @vanderkittenofficial
  • Sometimes you just have to push the slow motion button on life.
  • The crew! Coffees before previewing the Philly Classic course @vanderkittenofficial
  • Sunrise
  • Paradise Loop, 65 degrees
  • Viansa
  • Stopping by the Viansa Winery on our way back to SF
  • After a beautiful ride
  • Sunset over the pacific
  • Stunning, every day
  • It's early
  • Raindrops
  • Just a typical view
  • Alcatraz and the clouds
  • Containers
  • Heading out into the Pacific...
  • Alcatraz memories
  • LOVE
  • A nice sight
  • Tanker
  • Alcatraz in the morning
  • Yes it is just this hot. And I raced. And it was very hot.
  • I saved a seat for you...
  • What a beautiful place
  • New #ladiesfirst kits!! Inaugural ride, dirt in the Headlands, sunset.
  • Headlands on a cross bike. Love #cyclocross season
  • From the heavens.
  • Mike's excellent photography skills...providence CX
  • Another day, another cool-down...
  • Awesome.
  • I got this bike when I was 13.
  • The birthday crew.
  • 26% grade but the view was worth the climb.
  • Surfing and shipping
  • The Trestina coming home.
  • Strava office treats:
  • Shadows
  • Post-ride, cafe, cappuccino, tired legs, one happy Vanderkitten
  • One of each please.
  • Wilier team bikes @Osmo HQ @vk4life
  • Putting our feet up
  • Great ride in sunny Palo Alto @vanderkitten then tour of @CanaryFound
  • Yep.
  • Prepping for team camp day 3
  • Bright shoes. Striped socks.
  • Bridge under fog on morning ride.
  • Frank dog was my reward.
  • I love swans!
  • Soaking up the California sun.
  • Riding weekend in Napa has begun!
  • Mikey and the yellow flowers
  • Endless vineyards
  • Best start to a ride.
  • Henry Haus. Blacksmith and wagonmaker.
  • Poppies welcomed me home.
  • A beautiful evening with a run in with Rapha
  • Top of Tam
  • Teamies!!!
  • Ready to race!
  • SoCal...
  • My ice cream is being carefully made with liquid nitrogen.
  • Home.
  • ToC ride
  • Yeah!
  • Diablo
  • Rock caves on the way up Mt. Diablo
  • Devils elbow and the Strava crew.
  • Intervals hurt but the view doesn't.
  • Kerin
  • Good morning Tulsa!
  • That's the money shot right there. @starlat @lizarocket @moneil17
  • Night raid
  • Track legs
  • Why thank you very much! I AM going to enjoy my $14 mid-ride snack #overpriced
  • My new VK socks go well with the floro shoes! It's a wonderful and cool summer day here in Tsawwassen BC Canada. Say that 5 times fast! About to meet teammates for a ride and shake out the legs for the first crit tonight.
  • Coffee ride!
  • I have a pretty cool number for BC Superweek Tour De Delta!
  • Vanderkitten Ophelia is playing in the dirt today #thedirtsearch
  • The land of 1,000 rabbits and I might be on a CX bike.
  • City in a lake of fog
  • @vk4life
  • I love this summer's finally arrived for SF
  • Someone was riding in the dirt today!
  • Berries ride
  • It's like Christmas in September.
  • Cyclocross is in the air!
  • Big thanks to these guys in the red hats keeping the bikes running smooth @calgiantcycling @iamspecialized
  • Love this place!
  • Hope you're not sick of bridge pictures...
  • Fall is nice in the middle of the country.
  • Snow shadows
  • A cold ride
  • Feels like it should be a ski race
  • Sunny Petaluma ride
  • A cozy Belgian homestead for camp's home base complete with chickens!
  • The mechanics are busy guys.
  • A rare blue sky with curious green trees lining an avenue in the town of Vorselaar. Today Courtenay and I rode around the rural farmland and along the canal. Flat but beautiful and peaceful. We even found a permanently marked Cyclocross course in town!
  • There is always a church in the center of town.
  • First World Cup is done! Namur was a memorable and (fun) experience. Can't wait for more.
  • We found a castle!
  • 1742
  • Start/finish of the Zolder World Cup. Today was a great race. Tons of fun and sand and technical sections in the forest. Legs were having fun too and I eventually crawled my way up to a group of three racing for 8th place. With just half a lap to go I got a flat tire in the front. I ran for a long time to the pit and switched bikes to finish. Despite the bad luck I'm still happy! It's great to be racing in Belgium. #livingthedream
  • Diegem, a perfect cyclocross venue
  • Racer registration through here.
  • My workout partner this morning courtesy of @drummondcycles. Sunrise on Hawk Hill after a few very hard intervals #iamstrava #stravaproveit
  • Sunny girls ride on a perfect Saturday with @libbycaldwell @vanderkittenofficial
  • The steps. Elite Men #nommaywc #cyclocross
  • Allez allez! The French spectators turned out in some good numbers at the Nommay Coupe du Monde. It was great to be back racing in Europe.
  • Can't believe how much @stravacycling activity there is in the Netherlands heat map! The Strava Route builder took me for a lovely ride today.
  • Glamour shot #colnago
  • In between sprint drills @vanderkittenofficial team camp
  • The open road. @vanderkittenofficial team camp 2014
  • Early morning cliff house
  • City sights
  • @lentinealexis you inspired me this morning with your savory oats and eggs! Here's my version. Off for an epic Mtb ride now...
  • Some homemade sticky snacks for the ride made the effort that much more worth it!
  • One muddy @vanderkittenofficial - @limar_helmets @osmonutrition @defeet - Too much fun on the trails.
  • The perfect find at a street-side junk sale. A 1940s classic.
  • Awe...more coffee please!! #troublecoffee #sunnyinthesunset @vanderkittenofficial
  • Something about Pikes and a Peak and some cogs.
  • At the top.