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Guf Gufler

Guf Gufler

San Francisco, California
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Guf Gufler is a runner from San Francisco, California. Join Strava to track your activities, analyze your performance, and follow friends. Strava members can plan routes, participate in motivating challenges, and join clubs. Get started by signing up for free.

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Monthly Activity Distance

  • 0 mi
  • 60
  • 120
  • 180
  • 240
  • 300
Oct 2014
Jan 2015

Current Month

  • 39.6mi
  • 6h 35m
  • 3,453ft

Recent Achievements

  • PR on Trail Traverse
  • PR on Downtown Downhill Stretch
  • PR on Zwift W Broad St Sprint
  • PR on Max Speed


Distance 1,512.3mi
Time 283h 20m
Elevation Gain 183,186ft
Runs 235


Total Distance 7,687.8mi
Total Time 1286h 44m
Total Elev Gain 686,545ft
Total Runs 1081

Recent Photos

  • Both dogs trying to pretend they don't care about the bacon on the side.  #malamute #frenchie
  • #shatterday
  • Reposting @dolphin13_  amazing photo from #ph15 (Europe 98). Not sure what the heck I'm doing smiling in the center of all these peeps. But happy this picture survived all these years
  • #frenchie
  • #litterati
  • #blazeon #zwift
  • #malamute #frenchie #friendsforlife #supermoon @fantasticcoco
  • #headband 50k aka. #headlands50k #ph32
  • Carb loading
  • Weekend shakeout
  • #eastcoast
  • Headband50k recon
  • Hello Matt Davis
  • Is this why people run early?
  • #shatterdaytnight
  • Tuesday hills
  • Walking dead season 6
  • #frenchie butt and #ph32 webcast
  • #ph32 set break run
  • #malamute
  • #frenchie #headband
  • Monkey face
  • I think I'm afraid of heights
  • #warrior2 #wanderlust2015 with @Ithyle
  • Ocean roll with @ithyle
  • We are everywhere #trey50 #ph32
  • #WhatISeeWalking
  • #riverlife
  • Pretty sure I'll regret drinking this whole pop here at the summit.
  • Doyle Drive recon
  • The holy Trinity #malamute #frenchie
  • No big deal : bobby wearing a " let Trey sing shirt"
  • Southside
  • Feel much better now that these guys are here
  • Lake shore trail  running
  • #summeriscomming
  • #gd50
  • Pre show run
  • Ocean view Tuesday #gd50 #seeyouinsantaclara
  • They got the neighborhood blocked off for #Obama. Cool. #malamute #frenchie
  • Long way to go for sunshine
  • #dipsea2015 new segment
  • #malamute #raccoonwillie
  • #malamute #fairfax
  • Tam #6
  • Now a view from the bottom
  • So glad my new plates came in
  • For those of you that are into 14$ 10oz jars of nut butter this stuff is definitely top5. Thanks for the protip @josephison
  • #frenchie
  • @fantasticcoco #malamute #frenchie #olives
  • #northside
  • #westcoast
  • 58 miles in
  • I was so excited to take photos of the coffee extraction I forgot the cup
  • Obligatory biking shot
  • I'm not really sure of riding etiquette but I think you're supposed to take a picture of your bike when you get up to the top?
  • Morning coffee with @fantasticcoco @ebaypoet and barista @junichi_yamaguchi
  • Recovery walk through some arches
  • Recovery stairs
  • 12 k
  • ugh.::.just under 3:15
  • Bag check perfection
  • Shakeout run
  • Moats
  • Miwok
  • Pretty sure this is @mike_gordon at the start of #coastalviewtrailrun
  • The heat coming in fast
  • No traffic
  • Flarida
  • Whoa  alligator
  • Post run gluten
  • This is called a 9 and 4. (The 4 is a modified 4 because Otis is big) © @fantasticcoco
  • Mike 8
  • Mile 17
  • Mile 33
  • Mile 42
  • Mile 42
  • Special guest appearance from jessica #mypetcat #shatterday
  • Olly  #2
  • We should get some cool letters top of mt tam
  • On your left
  • Afternoon miwok
  • Tam #6
  • Uggg still running
  • Mile 0
  • Mile 21 for everyone else. Mile 23 for me. I got lost
  • Pretty cool the crosswalks are now rainbow in the Castro
  • #fairfax #malamute
  • #frenchie #malamute
  • @fantasticcoco and @deidrenorman #yogaadventures2014
  • #dogclouds
  • Not happy #malamute
  • Bridges fog sea level. Great to be home
  • @foggypaws go buffs!
  • #burningman2014
  • Getting wet
  • #theplaya
  • Mile 6
  • Mile 21
  • my boy Otis looks the same after all these years
  • Had to get a little more distance and some moe elevation but I made it to the sun.
  • Thought I'd run here to get above the @karlthefog and catch some sun. Geezus I was wrong
  • #malamute
  • North side #fairfax
  • Ugh... It's early
  • Maybe the only time I'm in front of @1jorgemaravilla
  • I'm gonna try one of these to the show. Hella nervous
  • Woohoo I'm on a bike!
  • Epic matchie matchie outfit put together today with the help of @sfrunco.  gray ON could surfers with light blue aftermarket laces from @jennymaier.  Trendy summer 2014 khaki green @salomonrunning shorts also with light blue accents. Finished off with @phish  antelope tech tour shirt light green and of course light blue and green  lyrics.  I will be debuting this amazing outfit in public-  15 minutes in golden gate park.
  • Morning coffee
  • #malamute #ws100
  • #malamute
  • Summit 3.
  • #Curbalert! 43rd & Cabrillo
  • Lots of action today
  • Silent disco party #westcoast
  • From the top.
  • Mt Wilson #kingofPrussia
  • #malamute
  • #yogajourneys #yogaadventures #burningman2014
  • Welcoming committee for last half mile
  • Geezus this is far
  • The beach
  • #fairfax
  • Summit number 2, for the year.
  • Bro on the mountain. summit 1
  • Sink hole at the cliff house
  • Cold and wet