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Bruce Rollerson

Bruce Rollerson

Perth, WA, Australia
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Bruce Rollerson is a cyclist from Perth, WA, Australia. Join Strava to track your activities, analyze your performance, and follow friends. Strava members can plan routes, participate in motivating challenges, and join clubs. Get started by signing up for free.

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Monthly Activity Distance

  • 0 km
  • 350
  • 700
  • 1050
  • 1400
  • 1750
Oct 2014
Jan 2015

Current Month

  • 247.1km
  • 8h 50m
  • 769m

Recent Achievements

  • 6th overall on Waterford wend West
  • PR on grow a set
  • PR on Narrows to Canning Bridge
  • PR on Narrows to Preston


Distance 11,303.9km
Time 417h 29m
Elevation Gain 53,147m
Rides 438


Total Distance 43,060.9km
Total Time 1655h 22m
Total Elev Gain 313,153m
Total Rides 1534

Recent Photos

  • Sunset made up for a long day.
  • So many insects flying into my right eye on the way home!
  • Will this be enough?
  • And done!
  • Pre-Raphalites
  • Typical audax - we average 30kph into the wind then stop for a leisurely breakfast.
  • Half-way.
  • I never thought I'd arrive in Jarrahdale and think I'm nearly home.
  • Good morning!
  • I like these longer evenings.
  • Had to chase a turtle off the bike path.
  • Dolphins and pelicans.
  • At least I'm not the only rider with a squeaky chain today.
  • That should be: 'Have you tagged off?'. We're not Americans. #grammarnazisunday
  • The Hokkaido party pack has arrived! ありがとうございます、 @konyut . The Yebisu is already in the fridge!
  • And the customers thought we were just having a late coffee. #tastytreat
  • Friendly shag at Claisebrook.
  • By the river.
  • Just the last of the rainbow.
  • A couple of Bianchis in their natural habitat.
  • My town.
  • No thanks.
  • Chong says it touches 30%.
  • Two cannons.
  • Mufti day.
  • The king and me.
  • Free coffee!
  • Lost my water bottle on the corrugations on the way up. Hope I can find it on the way down.
  • Ubiquitous.
  • Found it!
  • Another morning, another jetty.
  • On the way home.
  • Winter is here.
  • It's hot cider weather! But not yet, for heaven's sake. It's only half past seven in the morning.
  • I think we know how the rest of Sunday is going to unfold.
  • Just about to get dropped.
  • Just got dropped selfie.
  • Might as well take it easy. It's not as if anyone can see me any more.
  • Good morning Perth.
  • Back in People's Cycling Republic of Maylands.
  • Off road.
  • Lunch date.
  • The White Lady says she needs Campag. Chorus or Record?
  • There will be no indiscretions on the corner of Lyon and de Haer this morning.
  • Daily commute's not pretty bad just now.
  • Maylands-San Remo #msr
  • It's warm out today.
  • @djay49 Damian - as ever, you are far, far too kind. I'll enjoy reading these and look forward to a chance for us to ride together again!
  • Work.
  • Quick break from the commuter world championships.
  • Easy Sunday
  • I like summer.
  • One of these lights is the moon.
  • I think I broke ????? again.
  • It's ice cream weather!
  • Good morning!
  • ZOMG! This can't end well.
  • Now he looks happier.
  • Big Ben's actually the name of the clock or something, you know.
  • Milton Keynes: imitating life since 1978.
  • Concrete cow selfie!
  • What's inside? It's an Enigma.
  • Living the high life in Milton Keynes.
  • Found some sheep.
  • I think that's a castle in the background.
  • Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine I would find myself in the presence of the Burton brewing system.
  • And now for the tasting!
  • And here's tonight's accommodation in the Peak District.
  • Good morning!
  • And here's your obligatory Tour of France selfie.
  • So this is Leeds. Nice of them to let me keep my bike in the hotel room.
  • So for the next few days if people ask me whether I reckon I'm of to the Tour de France, I can say yes I am.
  • So this is the national cycling network route 22, eh?
  • National cycling network. Route 61.
  • Must remember to look up while tuning gears on the road.
  • Hmm. Winter.
  • City's looking good this morning.
  • Night ride to Mandurah.
  • Someone should start a tumblr called bikes on jetties. It would be really exciting.
  • Bike on jetty.
  • Bike on jetty.
  • Bike on jetty.
  • Bike near jetties.
  • Bike on jetty.
  • Bike. Jetty. Boat.
  • Bike on jetty!
  • Jellyfish. Trust me, the bike's on a jetty.
  • Yes, that's what you think it is.
  • 200km in and I've had to stop for a rest. Just another 100 km and I'm home.
  • Did you know there's nowhere to get a drink between Beverley and Canning Road? I'm pretty thirsty.
  • Late start = longer commute + breakfast.
  • Farewell old chainring. We had some times together, you and I.
  • Struggling a little on the soft Munda Biddi.
  • Tingle tree
  • Still working on these vanity photographs.
  • Found a mystery trail.
  • How about that one, David Ferguson?
  • Good morning!
  • Valley of the Giants.
  • Conspicuous Cliff. It's not too be missed.
  • Peaceful Bay
  • Holidays at last.
  • Little bit passive-aggressive there, Walpole.
  • Taking her off road today.
  • So yes, it'll do the Mundabiddi.
  • ... for it is rich?
  • And here's the new one.
  • Perth's "Best".
  • Good morning!
  • I like Friday.
  • No rain!
  • Intriguing.
  • Little windy. Even Willem is getting blown over.
  • There's a dolphin in there somewhere.
  • Breakfast pie.
  • Test riding the Infinito CV.
  • Bianchi Infinito CV
  • Oops.
  • Cold drip.