Terry Ike Clanton - Baghouse ⚡️@Bionic_Vegan

Terry Ike Clanton - Baghouse ⚡️@Bionic_Vegan

Norco, CA
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ⓋEGAN + PACEMAKER POWER -- Medtronic dual-ventricular cardiac pacemaker, fueled by high carb, low fat, low protein, plant based nutrition. Ⓥ Train and eat smart, monitor your heart. MY STORY... I never thought I would ride my bicycle again. I was on a low-carb (Atkins diet) trying to lose a few pounds. It was 2010 while on a training ride that I collapsed alongside of the road with third-degree heart block. Pacemaker implant surgery followed and today I'm 100% pacemaker dependent. I never gave up, I continued to fuel my cycling obsession with daily training rides on my mountain bike. Since my pacemaker was implanted I'm blessed and proud that I have been able to ride over 18,000 miles and climb over 1.9 million feet of elevation gain. In July of 2015 I changed to plant-based (vegan) nutrition and have found great success both on and off the bicycle. I went back to school and received my certificate in plant-based nutrition from Cornell University. If you’re looking to lose weight and better your performance on the bicycle, plant-based is the the way to go. I have experienced a long list of health benefits by going plant-based. For “Daily Veg-spiration” and facts about plant-based nutrition, follow me on Instagram @Bionic_Vegan SPECIAL THANKS TO Baghouse The Industrial Team, Cosby Oil Fuels, Team Swolen Active Wear in Anaheim, Incycle in Chino, Wahoo Fitness, G's Cyclery in Whittier, Sandia Seed Co, Haunted Hotel in Tombstone ~ New sponsors are welcomed. I want to thank everyone that follows me here on Strava. Your kudos, comments and continued encouragement mean a lot to me.

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Monthly Activity Distance

  • 0 mi
  • 80
  • 160
  • 240
  • 320
  • 400
May 2015
Jan 2016

Current Month

  • 306.2mi
  • 34h 58m
  • 78,378ft

Recent Achievements

  • PR on Martinez Sprint
  • PR on Whittier blvd to La Habra blvd sprint
  • PR on Mills to Gunn on whittier
  • PR on Pioneer to Hadley via Greenway


Distance 1,465.0mi
Time 160h 4m
Elevation Gain 242,549ft
Rides 116


Total Distance 19,428.2mi
Total Time 2167h 22m
Total Elev Gain 1,990,643ft
Total Rides 1616

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