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Douglas Kubler

Douglas Kubler

Thousand Oaks, California
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Winner Strava Mt. Baldy Amgen Tour of California Challenge (most climbs).  Climbed 1.5 Million feet in one year (1.0Million on a singlespeed). Two time Fargo Street Champion. Two time Geoladders annual leader. 1 of 4 Santa Cruz Hellriders (2008). Vision Quest finisher 4 times, once on SS. KOM Furnace Creek 508

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Monthly Activity Distance

  • 0 mi
  • 110
  • 220
  • 330
  • 440
  • 550
Sep 2014
Jan 2015

Current Month

  • 48.0mi
  • 6h 57m
  • 8,965ft

Recent Achievements

  • PR on Forest Frolic
  • PR on DoTL Deer Trail
  • PR on JOB
  • PR on Valley Crest Half Marathon mile 2


Distance 2,662.4mi
Time 333h 19m
Elevation Gain 378,773ft
Rides 173


Total Distance 50,450.1mi
Total Time 5632h 19m
Total Elev Gain 6,480,600ft
Total Rides 3058

Recent Photos

  • Ants don't have a chance
  • Oxnard farms
  • One big root
  • Fairy circle around old stump
  • Water dog lake
  • Bike and drop
  • Occasional shade
  • Bay
  • STIL
  • Climb out of Sullivan
  • Let's go!
  • Survival of the fastest. Beware the desert anaconda.
  • Super humid thanks to coastal fog
  • Soaked in sweat, everything
  • Down less than a mile I found hot dry air. Goodbye sweaty clothes.
  • Mulholland from the sea
  • Climbing a bit
  • CSUCI or CSI:CU?
  • Checking color  Lo-fi
  • After the rain
  • Busy trail!
  • Cool start
  • Another climb
  • fog over the other Trail
  • Like an airplane view
  • I'm going left.
  • Made it up!
  • Looking back
  • Fog rolls in
  • Keeps on rolling in
  • Rocky ride up, worse going down!
  • Fog creeping over the coastal range
  • From the peak
  • Oxygen
  • 98% blood saturation.
  • Makes one work
  • With sweat bands
  • Finally get through the fog
  • Going to the clouds
  • View from the peak
  • There's a trail here somewhere
  • Finally clearing
  • Backbone trail in foreground, Zuma Beach at ocean.
  • Multi-purpose bike.
  • Starting the climb
  • Where is that Spring weather?
  • Very windy day!
  • Road work in both directions
  • Keep going up
  • View with a breeze
  • Nice way to start
  • Very windy
  • Big grind
  • 18% grade
  • A few steep diversions today
  • Fun track
  • Vertical nemesis
  • Wave at the snake
  • Last step on the wall
  • Close call with the giants
  • Hill part two
  • Hill part one
  • Roadrunner pecking at its reflection in the window.
  • Fun hills
  • Mustard
  • Some steep areas
  • Keep low
  • Singletrack, yeah
  • More singletrack
  • Up Sullivan
  • Down Sullivan
  • Winter's casualty I guess
  • Camera doesn't show enough of this great view of coast and island
  • This gets interesting
  • This means no cars!
  • We're going higher
  • Trees are getting bigger
  • Hand gliders launch from this ridge
  • Mt Abel and Mt Pinos
  • I can see oil platforms in the channel
  • These mountain sides are steep
  • Last tracks of the season. I said it was cool here.
  • I was down there
  • Yes there was snow around 7000'
  • Nice, some trails to ride
  • Ok I know the rules
  • Looking back at #1
  • Heading to third peak
  • Made it
  • Second mountain too much poison oak
  • First mountain too windy
  • Easier than carrying it of the woods
  • Sheriff chopper arrives for lifting practice
  • Add some dew and it's slickrock
  • By the river
  • STIL
  • Cool start
  • Rocks ahead
  • Steep but a sea breeze for cooling
  • Once upon a time
  • Too rough to ride
  • Making progress
  • Creek side track
  • Flood damage
  • Waiting for prey
  • Everywhere you look
  • RTIL
  • Trail needs a little work.
  • Rain brings flowers and floods
  • Into the canyon
  • Surfer bailing
  • Some mud
  • Made it to the coast
  • Start climbing
  • Santa Monica bay and Catalina island.
  • Storm on the way. Clouds ripping across the peaks.
  • Snow down to 3500 feet
  • Don't miss the turn. It's a long way down.