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Michael Roper

Michael Roper

Lynwood, WA, Australia
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Michael Roper is a cyclist from Lynwood, WA, Australia. Join Strava to track your activities, analyze your performance, and follow friends. Strava members can plan routes, participate in motivating challenges, and join clubs. Get started by signing up for free.

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Monthly Activity Distance

  • 0 km
  • 110
  • 220
  • 330
  • 440
  • 550
Oct 2014
Jan 2015

Current Month

  • 164.0km
  • 5h 53m
  • 684m


Distance 4,235.4km
Time 155h 56m
Elevation Gain 19,112m
Rides 327


Total Distance 30,819.1km
Total Time 1117h 9m
Total Elev Gain 126,667m
Total Rides 2104

Recent Photos

  • Monday morning? Nailed it.
  • Yep, that'll do it. #screwed
  • Took my new #Fly6Cam for a spin this morning - will see how it holds up in the storms tonight!
  • Cycling past this sign makes me laugh uneasily. "Is she talking to me?" Haters gonna hate.
  • Gooood morning Monday! :|
  • Golden hour on the Terrace (featuring a wild @suttol, loitering with intent)...
  • Tinkered with the rain bike. Yes, I put brifters on a single-speed. Making hipsters cringe since nineteen fixie-two.
  • File under: "Things you don't really want to happen in front of a bus in the middle of St Georges Tce."
  • Trying the coffee for free today at @voltageespresso
  • Greening the screen..
  • Empty..
  • Picked up some hot Turkish bread (cooked as I waited) on the way home, where wife's nice curry was waiting.. =D
  • Frogger..
  • Likes being in at work early, no fluoros on, just the morning sunlight through the blinds..
  • The @SPRouleurs crew cheering for our guys at the UCI Road Race
  • Water bottle duties with @Global_Bean
  • Everyday. (waiting for the #SPR crew to roll past.)
  • First utter drenching of the season. Just try and wipe the grin off my face. =D
  • Hitting the hard stuff at 3pm.
  • Everyone wantsa the cheap fuel yah! #dumbestidea
  • It was a nice shade of purple-orange out my window, but that has just disappeared to grey..
  • The morning after a DIY haircut - always wondering how badly I've butchered it.. #smileFAIL
  • Some serious track-laying action going on.. #thunderloopthriller
  • Prohibited.
  • Afternoon sun up the terrace
  • Happy dinner! :)
  • A nice night for some backyard camping... marshmallows up soon!
  • Psyching myself up for my #foxtel_lap
  • Bikes on bikes on bikes, as far as the eye can see..
  • Just the right about of clouds in the sky..
  • Bon voyage, 2011...
  • Fast? Never on a Tuesday..
  • New shiny round things, yay!
  • Guess who bought a thermometer off Amazon, and expected the numbers to make sense? This guy. F is for #FAIL.
  • Friday afternoon terrace light.
  • What's golden...
  • Damned Murphy and his sense of humour... #halfwaythere
  • The reason why our bike locker at work ironically smells like a petrol station. #doingitwrong
  • Mixin, yo.
  • Sometimes brightly-coloured Lycra just isn't enough, so I like to ride with flowers strapped to my back. #likeaboss
  • One of those mornings where you realise you're eating breakfast from a Hello Kitty bowl, and you just don't care.
  • Office Emergencies: Monday Morning Kitchen Edition. No, not OK.
  • This boat has been there for about a year, and I’ve thought nothing of it, apart from it having an odd name… #ohhhh
  • Channeling my inner Heisenberg for our 'white'-themed work Christmas party... #breakingbad
  • Getting some value from my $3 reading glasses.
  • "So, how much money did you spend at Ikea toda-OH LOOK, DAIMS!" Classic misdirection tactics. She's good.
  • TIL there are mirrors above the listening stations for the Beats headphones in JB Hifi. Enough said?
  • As one who has resigned to never having nice things – like sunglasses – I’m well happy with my $16 Jawbone knockoffs!
  • No power at home to boil water for coffee, so finding my fix elsewhere...