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Ken Murayama

Ken Murayama

Torrance, CA
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Ken Murayama is a cyclist from Torrance, CA. Join Strava to track your activities, analyze your performance, and follow friends. Strava members can plan routes, participate in motivating challenges, and join clubs. Get started by signing up for free.

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Monthly Activity Distance

  • 0 mi
  • 100
  • 200
  • 300
  • 400
  • 500
Oct 2014
Jan 2015

Current Month

  • 103.7mi
  • 6h 52m
  • 4,183ft

Recent Achievements

  • PR on Back Bay Gate to Civic Center Park
  • PR on Back Bay to University
  • 2nd fastest time on BB Trail Post Rest Point Power Sprint
  • 2nd fastest time on Back Bay TT (Gate to Gate)


Distance 1,799.4mi
Time 124h 31m
Elevation Gain 60,194ft
Rides 49


Total Distance 13,835.6mi
Total Time 950h 28m
Total Elev Gain 490,909ft
Total Rides 377

Recent Photos

  • Fu biking Ballona
  • Street taco break during our ride.
  • Gorgeous day for riding along the San Gabriel River.
  • Perfect biking weather finally.
  • Quads fully cramped up and seized. Guess I could be stopped in worse places.
  • Decided to join in this section of #CicLAvia. First time.
  • Golden.
  • Where my buddy Ken finds a cyclist on his sushi.
  • Breakfast Panini on a coffee ride goodness.
  • Reward for my first ride in over a month.
  • Beautiful day for cycling.
  • Decided to take out one of our company tanks for a lunch ride.
  • Breakfast finally after 40 miles.
  • Lining up for early, 6:30 start of the Tour of Long Beach Century Ride
  • I think these are a staple for the Long Beach Fondo. My 75 mile marker reward.
  • Ugh. Second flat tire. Waiting at Neptunes Nest for SAG pick up.
  • Boy, it's hella windy out. 嵐 level.
  • When you have a mechanical and you're by yourself, enjoy the scenery.
  • Made to Big Rock. Halfway
  • Climbing Day.
  • Yellow line = end of the climb at 2000 ft. Whew!
  • Refueling in style.
  • Better get in a lot of miles today
  • Extended coffee ride means another coffee stop.
  • Perfect.
  • Not feeling well today, but decided to go up into PV anyway today cuz I need it.
  • Foggy PV.
  • Sandwich and a pourover.
  • Nice decor
  • Became a great ride day.
  • A little hazy out today.
  • I see red.
  • Reward for 47 miles (so far) in street shoes.
  • Very cold out.
  • A bit chilly but still a great day for riding.
  • Uh. I may not have biked enough to burn this off…
  • Beautiful day out for a ride to Camarillo.
  • …or not. Told this section of PCH will be closed for a week. Unplanned solo century ride for me today.
  • Well, at least it's pretty out.
  • First proper meal of the day. Turkey and Brie.
  • If you're going to be working out some cramps, may as well be here.
  • @bela_ruiva Yep. Pretty dark.
  • Been a while. Another fine morning for a ride.
  • Breakfast of champions
  • What they've done to Thrall is pretty awesome.
  • Mid-ride breakfast
  • Drafting @mergatroid1173
  • The skies couldn't be bluer today.
  • Another great cycling-coffee combo.
  • Blizz folk getting ready to run.
  • Nice having Vista del Mar all to oneself.
  • Looks pretty good out there.
  • Nice out today. Ducks and everything.
  • Almost to the top of the first insane climb.
  • Mile 78 after doing 7700 ft of climbing. The Coleman Death March. I will fucking beat you!
  • Stunning views are the reward
  • Slogging up Piuma
  • Recovering.
  • Getting an early start to hopefully avoid the worst of the heat.
  • Cycling
  • Breather at 1900 ft.
  • Got to the beach, but 60 miles may be all I have left in the tank today.
  • This "two weeks off the bike followed by heavy climbing"-business is getting old fast. But at least the view is very nice up here.
  • Made it up. Now mostly downhills.
  • Hazy heights.
  • Ben stopping for a photo op.
  • Pretty bike.
  • Pretty high up now. Piuma.
  • Bar9 also has perfect bike stands.
  • Chrome-y espresso
  • Coffee break.
  • Savory toast.
  • The long and scenic way back to my car.
  • Sunset in the Back Bay. #amazingcommutes
  • Trying out a new place. Rest stop.
  • Chemex-ing
  • Now this is what I call a food break.
  • Coffee shop hibiscus.
  • Pretty much riding alone in this section of Griffith Park. I think most of the reverse century rider have either dispersed or more likely gotten lost.
  • This Sears in Boyle Heights/Whittier is the one I went to as a kid. Many a Toughskin was bought here.
  • Another Sunday morning.
  • No expert, but looks like decent waves for El Segundo. @annchoivy ?
  • Caffeine doping.
  • Whew. The Rock at Point Mugu. Only 10 miles to go.
  • The usual Sunday morning in MDR.
  • Well, that'll cause a flat.
  • A lot worse than I thought.
  • Beautiful day out for riding.
  • Biking past the Buffy House
  • 26 miles in. First stop.
  • Well, this is a cool trail in Irvine.
  • All the times I've biked passed here, I never stopped to take a look.
  • At some point yesterday, I hit the 2000 mile mark on my new bike.
  • Had to get off my bike because of a classic auto show in Long Beach.
  • Bad ass! Every park along a bike path could use one of these.
  • The Soup.
  • Capistrano and still foggy. Not yet halfway.
  • Lunch Stop
  • City of Oceanside. Getting there…
  • Carlsbad.
  • Appropriate street art for my last rest stop at Solana Beach.
  • 101 miles covered. Now to get up and over this big ol' rock.
  • Mission Bay. Lovely. Almost there
  • Beautiful day out for a ride.
  • Hot, but beautiful out.
  • Cortado made with Heart Espresso
  • My espresso.
  • Ride view for today.
  • Grilled beef tongue from Sendai, Japan.
  • Yet another foggy day.
  • Intently watching the Blizzard Costume Contest.
  • Vineyard bike
  • Ben trying to get the perfect shot.
  • Yet another great day to be cycling on PCH.
  • Ride day along PV.
  • Good after Thanksgiving ride. Way up into the hills.
  • Pretty high up now
  • Finally made it to the Rock. Been really slow going because of the strong headwind. I'm not even doing 10 miles an hour.
  • Riding to the last sunset of 2013.
  • Ippudo for the home.
  • A little windy, but nice weather for riding in PV. I thought the cars are all supposed to be gone because of the Super Bowl thing?
  • Optional biking equipment. French Roast Guatemalan.
  • Great day for a ride. Little windy though.
  • HB Pier in the distance.
  • Morning in MDR. Only 50 miles to go.
  • Whole lotta nothing out here. Well, celery and kale.
  • Another morning at the Marina.
  • Cramping legs, but a spectacular view.
  • One of my hardest rides ever. It was windy for pretty much the entire ride. But, we made it to Santa Barbara.
  • If it weren't for the crazy-ass wind, it was rather nice out.
  • Second rest stop. We are moving today.
  • Two Wiliers
  • Appropriate for today
  • Sunday bike ride ritual.
  • Tustin Ranch uphill sprint portion of my commute. Not much, but still painful.
  • Hell of a climb but great view. Somewhere around Newport and 50 miles in.
  • On the final leg.
  • Another 102 miles in the can. Enjoying the recovery food of champions. @grlldcheesetruk
  • Another morning in Marina del Rey.
  • Hi guess I picked the right day to take the very long bike ride into work. It's a little windy though.
  • A much better vantage point.
  • Wedding dress in the balcony.
  • Wonder if they serve breakfast.